David Hamel & his Story - 02/08/97

Courtesy of Dr. Patrick G. Bailey - President, Institute for New Energy


Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 14:57:56 - 0800

From: pgb@padrak.com (Patrick Bailey)

Subject: Hamel, David, His Story

This is an unbelievable story about the UFO, Paranormal, Extra-Terrestrial contact, Aliens, Teleportation, Alien Physics: these ET's would show David the principles of Free Energy, Perpetual Motion, Anti-Gravity, Alternate Realities, and Saucer Construction. Based on Davids 20 years of contact, he will also set straight Ancient Architecture and Early Religious distortions regarding the Bible, the Book of the Dead, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Atlantis, the Pyramids, Stone hinge, and many other ET artifacts left behind during the first two evolution's of planet Earth.

Three years after posting this, I received an email from Rudy about using his material without permission. His information has now been removed as of 12/01/99, please refer to Patrick Baileys website where I got the brief quote about 'The Amazing True Story of David Hamel'.

I extracted the following from Manning/Sinclairs book 'The Granite Man and the Butterfly' with Pierre Sinclairs permission.

David Hamels demonstrates perpetual motion Amazing:

Perpetual Motion ... using $5.00 magnets !!!

One of his favorite simple perpetual motion demonstrations is where David takes two ring magnets about 4 inches in diameter and a ball bearing about 3 inches in diameter (as shown left), all of which are in the proper physical dimensions.

** Note from Vanguard Sciences - the picture is an enlargement from the book 'The Granite Man and the Butterfly' by Jeanne Manning and Pierre Sinclair and seems at odds with the description because the top magnet is more like a cylinder that looks to be at least 5 inches in diameter. If someone else doesn't do it and send it in, I can superimpose a grid to get the correct dimensions. Wes Crosiar suggests acquiring microwave oven magnets since they are about 4 inch discs which project an intense beam from the center hole. Wes says this beam can affect the screen of a TV from more than one foot!! Try an appliance repair shop to get them. **

Update from Terry Bastian - http://www.bdsnet.com/~tabastian

Despite the claims in the text, of the disc magnet being 4 inches in diameter, I think Terry's measurements are much closer to the reality because of the dimensions of the human hand...the following image has been redimensioned to illustrate Terry's approximations. JWD

Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 12:50:00 - 0500
To: Jerry
From: Terry Bastian
Subject: Hammel Picture Measurements!!!!!

Here are the measurements from your picture.

Hammel Rotating Magnet Measurements

These are approximations from HAM1C.GIF

Upper Cylinder Magnet:

4.25 inches Outer diameter
3.25 inches Inner diameter
1.25 inches tall (length)

Lower Disc Magnet:

2.5 inches Outer diameter
1.5 Inches Inner diameter
.5 inches thick

Magnet rests on top of Steel Ball

Steel Ball 1.75 inches diameter and rests on table

Upper Cyl Mag is positioned approx: 1.0 inch above Disc Mag

24.5 degrees tilted toward viewer
.4 inches off center line to viewers left

the following was Posted September 1st, 1996

The Hamel Flying Disc

this is a whole 'nother approach to energy and flight, BUY SOME BOOKS and help Pierre to finance and complete the Project Magnet!

(by the way, the picture to the left is NOT Hamels' machine!)

Thank you Pierre Sinclaire for allowing KeelyNet to post this file.

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