Farrow Gravity Reduction -

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The following file has two fascinating images associated with it. They are FARROW1.GIF and FARROW2.GIF. I had seen this information when I bought Fords book a couple of years ago and meant to put them online. However, other interests took over and I forgot all about it. Thanks to Rod Fredlund for scanning in the images and sending it up to us to be shared with everyone.

This is taken from "Tesla Coil Secrets; Construction Notes and Novel Uses" by R. A. Ford, pages 69-71 entitled

"Reduction of Weight Using a Hertzian Wave Generator"

In 1911, New York engineer and inventor Edward S. Farrow publicly described his work with a "condensing dynamo".

When this electrical device was placed on weight scales and power applied, the dynamo and any small weight attached to it, proceeded to lose 1/6th of its weight (3 ounces),


Test Setup before Farrow device is energized

In the photo the total weight was 18 ounces before the power was on and it dropped down to 15 ounces while in operation.

Weight loss when Farrow device is in operation

In Farrow's explanation, he said that the dynamo acted to "intensify the vertical component" of the Hertzian waves which it generated. This intensifaction produced buoyancy in any object to which the unit was attached.

The unusual pattern of Hertzian waves fanned out in a thin horizontal plane of electromagnetic stress over a broad area.

The condensing dynamo employed either a horizontal row or a ring consisting of a series of interrupters or breaks (gaps) for producing this field.

The ring of electrical breaks extended in a horizontal line around the perimeter of the device. Power and frequency of the oscillators were not given.

The buoyant effect is similar to that produced by floating a sewing needle on water. Although the steel has a much higher density than the water below it, the surface tension permits the linkup of many surrounding water molecules in a thin film or sheet.

Similarly, the dynamo lifts against the strong gravitational field by REACTION against the weak geomagnetic field.

The interaction over a very wide area between this field and the Hertzian waves produces electrical buoyancy. No U.S. patent was received on the invention.

Norm Wootan tells us another version of this story from another book yet with additional information, essentially the same except for mentioning that Mr. Farrow had demonstrated his device at the 1926 World's Fair. We will pursue this angle and create another FARROW or append to this one when we get any new information. There are MANY correlations for this phenomenon, most of which use different types of force, geometry or motion. They include sonic (voice, tuning forks/bars, oscillators), spinning masses, gyroscopic precession, high voltage, etc..

If anyone has additional information regarding this intriguing research, we would appreciate hearing of it in the form of photocopies mailed to our address as above, or as an email or upload to KeelyNet. THANKS!