Minato Demo and Update

Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 20:33:10 -0800 (PST)
To: freenrg-l@eskimo.com
From: Michael Randall
Subject: Minato Update 3/98
Cc: vortex-l@eskimo.com

Here is an 3/4/98 update on Kohei Minato's over-unity permanent magnet inventions from his USA sales representative's Bob Vermillion and John Kenworthy.

Mr. Minato demonstrated at the Japanese "Energy Expo '98" his large unit, (4) connected 10 foot long units that can power 30 homes, and several smaller table top units.

CNN, NHK and other TV networks took video's of his devices, and of the whole Expo, but he did not know when it was re-broadcasted. Minato's staff had their own video on for the four day event and Bob is making copies of a typical single day video coverage.

There were not any instruments connected to the large unit to measure energy input to output but his table top unit was connected and it showed 48 Watts input to 550 Watts output.

Minato's demonstration attracted a lot of public attention by the large daily crowds and also from a number of interested Japanese corporations.

Bob said he received all of your e-mail's and took them back with him to Japan and gave a copy to Mr. Minato and his staff to show the interest here in the USA and the world.

He has not replied to all of your e-mail's due to there is nothing to report about just yet and he will answer all of your e-mail's when he has at least a demonstration unit to show. They are still waiting for a table top power demonstration unit for their Los Angeles office but the Japanese engineer's want to perfect it first.

Bob is looking forward to receiving a magnetic "bicycle wheel" unit in April and interested parties can then schedule an appointment to see the wheel spinning by itself without any energy input! :-)

Regards, Michael Randall

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