Response from STAG group on Minato Wheel - 12/04/97

Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 15:59:38 +0900
To: Jerry
From: David Heard
Subject: Re: Howdy!

Thanks for your mail regarding Minato's Rotation Aparatus. My apologies for the slight delay in replying. Yes, please feel free to put up a link to our site and the photos.

I should explain that our group is not in any way conected with Mr. Minato himself. The group STAG is run by foreign scientists who are living in Japan with the aim of distrubuting information between themselves, improving links between Japan and the UK (and elsewhere) and of course to have the odd beer or two.

We hold meetings every couple of months and invite speakers to speak on interesting or topical subjects. Mr. Minato was one of the speakers who gave a presentation at one of our meetings.

Hence the pictures.

I also heard about the Korean conference, and saw a significant report written about it in the conference proceedings (albeit in Korean!). I think it would be really good if other people did produce similar devices.

I will pass your comments on to Mr. Minato. He did have a Web page, (in Japanese) with information on it, but I haven't been able to connect to it recently.

Thanks again for your mail.

David Heard
Vice Chairman, STAG
At 02:46 21/11/97 -0800, you wrote:

Hello from Texas! 

A friend told me he saw the bicycle wheel version at a Korean conference so 
I posted all the details at of our readers found your site 
and informed me, so I will put up a link to your photos.... 

Do you think there will be full details on how to build the simple self-running 
bicycle version posted so that others can duplicate it....this would really 
set it off if these things were being shown all over the world.... 

I got copies of the three patents (two by Minato, one by Gavaletz) and 
have their locations posted on my page....thanks for providing the pictures....

I don't think it go bigtime until at least a simplified version that 
self-runs has beend duplicated by many others....this will set the 
fire that will draw attention to the rest.....

Good luck, I and a lot of others will be watching....and please 
congratulate Mr. Minato on his achievement....if you would like to 
check out our site;  (the device file) 

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