Gyroscopic Weight Loss - 11/11/97
Anti-Gravity Device (AGD)

From: Smart1234
Subject: Anti-Gravity Device (AGD)
Date: 9 Nov 1997 14:23:10 GMT

Like I said before, I was going to put on my home page the actual working small scale model of my AGD. I scanned a photo of it and put it at :

I can position the gyro's in any position. In the position shown, it produces about 1/2 lb lift.

The gyros spin at an angular speed of about 5000 rpm. The weight of each disk, fastened to the motors, is about 1/2 lb. The direction of angular speed clockwise (cw), or counterclockwise (ccw), also will determine which direction the lift will be.

To produce upward lift in the actual model shown on my Home Page, all the gyro's spin in a ccw direction. If you use the "right hand rule" you can quickly see that your "thumb" will point in the direction of the generated gyro force. The bracket set up on the AGD also helps in appling a lever effect to give added lift.

When the gyro's all spin cw, then my AGD produces a downward force. When one looks at the AGD while moving, one can visibly see the gyro's begin to lift (upward or downward), depending on the spin angular momentum of the AGD.

If one positions the gyro's pointing to each other, the AGD starts to spin circular by itself as a function of how fast the independent gyro's spin.

It works. My theories said it would work. And since this works, the basic structure of my atom must be close to correct.

" Believe it or not...."
From: (Smart1234)
Subject: AGD weight correction
Date: 9 Nov 1997 15:35:20 GMT

The total weight of the AGD is 10 lbs. On the other post, I think I said it's total weight was 5 lbs (careless mistake).
From: (Smart1234)
Subject: Anti-Gravity Device fans (from the "Ball Park to Home Base")
Date: 11 Nov 1997 04:02:49 GMT

Now my G(lift) equation predicts almost exactly, the amount of lift produced on my small scale AGD.

The amount of lift force predicted by my equation was just calculated to be .508 lbs..

The amount of actual measured lift shown on a weight scale (visibly seen), when the AGD was turned on, was between .5 lbs to 1.0 lbs..

This can be expected because I had to manually regulate the optimum effect of all the gyro motors to produce the maximum lift force that counters the effects of gravity.

Now I will be able to better predict the Atomic Spin Angular Momentum of an Atom, and it's internal structure shown by my theories. This should lead to calculations that show that Einsteins equation E= mc^2 is correct, because of the Strong Nuclear forces shown by my theories.

Now "Space Travel" to the Stars is possible. My AGD can maintain a constant force and acceleration, for about one year in outer space, and this is enough to reach FTL..

I will try to put up the, almost Physics Journal ready manuscript, showing the details, tomorrow on my Home Page. My Home Page is : be continued
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 15:44:09 -0500 (EST)
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: Re: Photo of AGD?

In a message dated 97-11-11 01:45:38 EST, writes:

JD   :  Hi!  I saw your post to about your AGD and was         
intrigued...the URL with the photo only had a guestbook.  

SM   :  Just log on the Guest Book, then it will take you to my Home 

JD   :  As I read it that is a 50% weight loss when the thing is running?         
Quite an amazing claim....I would like to post a correct URL on         
KeelyNet for the photo and theory behind why you believe this         
phenomenon occurs...has anyone else reproduced it?  This is the         
best results I've heard of to date.  

SM   :  The small scale AGD I built has more like about a 5% weight loss.         
But, this is 5% Anti-Gravity weight loss. This is different than         
just a weight loss.         

Anti-Gravity Weight loss means in zero gravity, the AGD will         
produce a constant force of about 105% of it's original weight on         

I wrote a computer program that simulated different situations the         
AGD could go through, and one of them was weightlessness. The         
computer showed a constant acceleration and constant force heavier         
than the AGD itself would be produced.         

But at the same time if you assume you live on Jupiter, the AGD         
produces a negative Anti-Gravity Force, which shows, it could not         
overcome gravity with the present set up.         

But on Earth, the AGD overcomes the gravity of the Earth by about         
1/2 lb force.  A constant 105% constant force could propel any         
sized object in space at zero momentum (still in space) and make it         
reach FTL in about a month.         

You can move a train with one finger in outer space because it is         
weightless. My AGD could move a building in outer space with just         
.5 lb force.  

JD   :  Does the effect sustain over time, I mean, it is not a periodic         
loss, then (moving to) near normal weight, as if in oscillation?  

SM   :  The AGD maintains constant force and acceleration, as long as there         
is electricity, and the motors turn. The AGD could run for a year         
straight, if the motors don't burn up.  

JD   :  When placed on a scale, does the weight read out remain constant?  

SM   :  The weight loss remains constant. A constant .5 lb force is shown         
as long as the AGD is on.  

JD   :  Do you think it also produces a column of lesser gravity in objects         
weighed above it as with Podletkov and Schnurer??  

SM   :  My AGD works on the basic standard principles already known using         
gyro's.  It's just that, I put the gyro's in a unique position and         
studied this in detail for about 10 years.  

JD   :  Thanks for any information you can provide about your         
experiment...I saved your email and would love to know more so I         
can try to duplicate the effect....seeya!  

SM   :  Thank you for your kindness, and interest in the AGD. I will         
hopefully put more information on the AGD on my Home Page later.