Synopsis of PBS documentary - 09/13/00
'What's Wrong with the Weather?'

It is difficult to deny the accumulated data in these charts showing the impact of human technology on the earth's environment.

Wind, solar and biomass to provide the 10 trillion watts currently used by the world (1/4th by the United States alone) is impractical because all require excessive surface area with low output power.

Nuclear power with current known reserves would last 100 years, possibly extended to 200 or 300 years using breeder reactors.


there are currently
no viable power generation alternatives
to that of fossil fuels.

Should we fail to come up with alternative, non combusting, non polluting energy sources, we risk drought, famine and heat death as the climate progressively worsens, accelerated by human population growth.

The more unpleasant alternatives involve reduction of the human population by war, disease, pestilence, famine and/or a planetary or cosmological event.

Stop-gap ameliorating conditions can take the form of higher efficiency electrical equipment to reduce power consumption, emission controls to reduce additional pollutants, population control and using alternative energy generation methods such as the less energy productive wind/solar/biomass wherever possible.

Either of these two solutions would be temporary because we would still be primarily reliant on fossil fuels and as the human population again increased, so too would the pollution.

The final solution must be a non polluting, non combustible source of power that will not impact our environment no matter how many are in use.


Graph showing one degree Fahrenheit rise in the temperature record of the entire earth's surface during the 20th Century.


Graph showing roughly 1000 years of temperature in the northern hemisphere. It is based on combined data from ice layers, corals, trees, etc. The 20th Century's one degree Fahrenheit warming stands out dramatically.


Over a 40 year period, scientist Charles Keeling measured the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. The above "Keeling Curve" shows the increase in total concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere from 1957-1997. This unbroken record of the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere shows how it's gone up, in round numbers, from around 315 parts per million to around 370 parts per million on average today. This data is widely accepted by everyone.


Graph showing a 450,000 year record of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the earth's atmosphere. This record was compiled from analyzing bubbles of fossilized air trapped in ice cores. The fossilized air shows the levels of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere throughout this 450,000 period. The last 100-150 years of the 20th Century show a significant rise in CO2.

Of course, from a KeelyNet perspective, we could best serve by actively seeking out and experimenting with anomalies which offer the possibility of scaleable energy generators. Devices that would not require combustion, but would convert ambient forces which drive the planets to orbit, electrons to revolve and matter to jitter from the 'zitterbewegung' of the zero point energy quantum foam.

As tempting as it is to want to seek funding from investors whose sole interest is profit or control, it CANNOT BE since free energy sources must be freely shared with no chance of suppression or control. The research must be funded from donations and open sharing by all experimenters.

If you might like to contribute either cash or working circuits that others can experiment with and verify, to help achieve these goals of free energy and gravity control, you can EMAIL ME or FAX circuits/plans to the address below. Money contributions can take the form of either cash, money order, check or send through PAYPAL (to or sent to our mailing address at:

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Your contributions, information and ideas are always much appreciated!

Circuits and URLs will be posted on KeelyNet, to the discussion list as well as shared and networked with other researchers.

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