Controlling Field Density for Electrical Flight - 12/09/15
written for KeelyNet by Jerry W. Decker - free to copy/reprint


KeelyNetBefore I get into specifics, we need to come to an understanding about proper use of the term, 'antigravity'. In my view, true antigravity is a direct interaction with the aether/zpe to allow control since it is the aether/zpe influx which creates, sustains, disintegrates (down converts) and recycles the universe.

Even with those who actually think about such matters, most incorrectly use the term 'antigravity' when describing the purely 'like' pole repulsive properties of magnetic, electrostatic or electrical repulsion through control of gradients of the field density.

Also, they think only of mass density and yet for our purposes, we will consider field densities of intense 'like' polarity such as electric (electron repelling electron) or magnetic poles (North repelling North or South repelling South) and can be used as a lifting force and by extension, adapted for possible over unity devices.

So in this paper, I will be explaining purely electrical repulsion as a result of high density, 'like' charges. Got it? As always, I stand ready to be corrected if you can prove your point without babbling. Life is too short...


An amazing invention from 1915 was Professor Louis Rota Aero Radio Balistique - invented an apparatus which triumphs over the law of gravitation and is able to hold immobile in the air at a height of five hundred, six hundred, indeed 1000 metres, a considerable weight. It is possible to move this apparatus at a prodigious velocity in any direction and it may be stopped at any point all that, it is understood, without a mechanical motor of any sort, simply by using Hertzian waves.

The principle of this invention rests on the special partitioning of electrostatic and magnetic forces enabling forces of attraction and repulsion sufficient to maintain the apparatus suspended , immobile at a variable height of 400 to 1000 metres for many hours, forty or more. If the wind speed is less than 14 Km/second, the apparatus remains at the same point. In the case that the wind is stronger, the apparatus can rise higher above the wind and remain immobile.

Experiments have already been made which have already given results. The other has been made at Marseille with an apparatus in the form of a cigar 4 metres long and 75 cm diameter weighing 95 kilos. It can lift 45 Kilos and remain 24 hours in the air. It moved 200 Kilometres from its point of departure, and could go from Marseille to Paris (653 kilometres in a direct line) in 3 hours and Paris to Turin (585 Kilometres) in two and a quarter hours.


A high voltage plasma should glow and vary in brightness and lifting strength depending on weight lifted. Which is similar to the guardian ships used in the Matrix movies.


I make it known furthermore, that the attraction of the earth is due to the action of a certain natural force which it has been possible equally to control and utilize. This is the force that keeps in equilibrium the molecules of different bodies. Its action along with that of many other natural forces assures their cohesion.

If therefore a metallic mass is treated in a suitable manner with the aid of the natural force which we will call “attraction of the earth”, it is possible to neutralize the above mentioned action which the metallic mass experiences, in such a manner that the mass rests in equilibrium in the air. If one applies to said mass a force greater than the attraction of the earth in the opposite direction, the mass will rise in the air. If by means of a special apparatus one diminishes the intensity of said force, the mass will descend more or less rapidly.

Such are the principles which allow the realization of a flying device insensible to the action of the earth and also presents certain number of other advantages.

The apparatus is composed essentially of a closed metallic capsule containing a motor and passengers. The capsule can have any convenient shape, according to the use for which it is required. The form does not have to be aerodynamic, this is of no importance. This capsule is neutral, that is to say the metallic parts of it are not subject to particular treatment. It rests on the ground by means of four wheels and has on the lower part a type of multi-metallic platform carrying four feet which can enter into the ground.

The conjugate action of the platform connected to earth and the block B in contact with the capsule cause the apparatus to lift-off . This operation is assisted by rolling a few metres along the ground. It is slow or rapid depending on the choice of the pilot.

When the apparatus has risen some metres the platform is pulled up against the capsule, the contact with the block B is cut and remade to block B’. From this moment the apparatus rises vertically rapidly or not depending on the pilot balancing the action of block B against block B’ because the action of B’ makes the apparatus rise while that of B brakes the descent as well as the speed of the apparatus.

The capsule can rise or fall, but it still requires a means of producing forward motion. This is done by a motor. A petrol engine and airscrew as in an ordinary aircraft can be used. In this case the aircraft will be weightless but the risk of fire is the same as in ordinary aircraft.

Nevertheless the energy liberated by blocks B and B’ create about the apparatus a zone in which the air is rarefied, such that the apparatus will not have to act against air resistance. It will be equally insensitive to wind or storms so that the petrol engine used can be of very much reduced power.


Now as I read this, the "four wheels and has on the lower part a type of multi-metallic platform carrying four feet which can enter into the ground" provides contact with the repelling, electro-negative potential of the earth.

So his circuit produces a much denser, higher potential electro-negative charge around the craft which causes the device to be repelled from the earth.

Once the device begins to rise, he switches over to an electro-positive high potential to repel against the atmospheric electro-positive ocean of electric force, causing the device to 'float' as high as you wish.

His machine used batteries and a circuit to produce high potential of either negative or positive charge and, I suspect to spook it up and confuse people, he claims some 'specially treated' metallic strips to produce the lifting force. Of course, he does not go into detail about this method of treatment.

Nonetheless the lifting effect is due to the natural repulsion due to 'like' charges of sufficient intensity. Interesting that he maintains a negative charge until he lifts from the earth a few feet, then repidly switched to a high density/potential positive charge to provide buoyancy in the air.

KeelyNet We see similar claims of possible UFO propulsion methods and the claims of Searl and Hamel who produced rapid rotation of high intensity electrostatic fields to produce lift.

As well, DeSeversky and T.T. Brown with his electrokinetic devices using high voltage DC charges to provide a very weak lift since everything seeks it own 'density' level.

I have been told when Brown carried out his experiments in France, in a large vacuum chamber, that when he spun his device, it produced incredible lift due, I think, to vortex compression of the electric field. And that is when it went off the radar possibly due to government becoming involved.


The question arises, if like charges repel, how do we increase the field density sufficient to provide this ungrounded lifting effect?

KeelyNetBefore I get into specifics, we need to come Our late friend Ken Shoulders offers a possible clue with his charge cluster discovery - " The basic idea of a charge cluster is rather simple. It is a tightly packed cluster of about 100 million electrons, an electron being the part of an atom that revolves around the nucleus. Ken Shoulders has been able to create conditions under which electrons break free from their nuclei and join together into remarkably stable little ring-shaped clusters, like tiny donuts. "It is the wildest electronic effect you will ever see," Shoulders says, calling his creations "little engines of vast complexity that just don't die!"

As simple as the charge cluster is, conventional science has a hard time accepting its existence. That's because it violates a law of physics: "Like electrical charges, either negative or positive, repel." Since all electrons carry a negative charge, conventional science says that they should not cluster.

Shoulders pinchs a cold plasma, a special form of gas that conducts electricity to create heat and charge clusters. The electricity he uses is static electricity, the electricity in the spark that snaps from a doorknob if you drag your feet across a carpet. In Shoulders's system, this electricity provides the electrons that make up the cluster. It is, essentially, an electric charge compressed into a visible form.

Shoulders discovered the link between charge clusters and energy when he tried to find out what could supply the large amounts of energy needed to make electrons overcome their tendency to repel one another and join into tightly packed clusters. Their high energy makes charge clusters very powerful; they can bore holes through ceramic tile without losing strength."


KeelyNet Fascinating as the work of Ken Shoulders is, I think a closer correlation is the Joseph Hiddink One Terminal Capacitor which is patented at 4,095,162 - "The Vandegraaff is a monopole high voltage generator, to a degree. Vandegraaff thought, that if he put his sphere to ground,and charged it up to five million volts positive, the sphere would be positive, the ground would be positive, and plus repels plus, ergo: Liftoff.

So he was invited to come to Germany to do it. But when the sphere was on the ground, it only went to 3000 volts, and that did not do a thing. So in 1937 they switched to magnetics. And yes, by 1941, the day before Hitler invaded Germany, they had reached a weight reduction of their Flying Machine of 120 pounds.

The potential on this sphere is C/c x V. If C+ 1 microfarad, and c = 50 micromicrofarad, and V = 1000 volts, we get a momentarily pulse of 20 million volts. And that is positive all alone, or negative all alone. Of course that is difficult to do with these spheres, so the books caution that it was "Just a theoretical problem".

But what if we can make a 2-terminal capacitor that can be charged up, and then can be changed into a 1-terminal capacitor? That is what I invented 30 seconds after thinking about it.. This type of capacitor is inside every sphere, with the 1-terminal part connected to the sphere. As no charge can exist inside the sphere, it flows to the outside.

If a sphere sits on the ground, and gives such a pulse, the first pulse may not do much, but the succeeding ones do. Earth will repel that sphere. And once off the ground, the electrical field off the sphere (with succeeding pulses) "sees" the earth's magnetic field as "ground" and tries to get away from it.

And that is how it works. The saucer shape is nothing but a reflector. Steering is accomplished by applying the proper amount of power to each sphere with a joy stick. A sixteen year old girl with heavy glasses and normal IQ could fly it.

"But the capacity is now the capacity of the sphere. And that sphere, if it is a little bit bigger than three feet in diameter, has a capacity of about 50 micromicrofarad., That is 1,000,000 / 50 =3D 20,000 times smaller. But the voltage goes up 20,000 times. You get momentarily 240,000 volts. and that is negative in nature, like the solid line of your capacitor. And it carries the whole charge of the 2-terminal capacitor. This part is connected to the sphere.

If that sphere rests on the ground, the ground will try to absorb that voltage. But we, very cunningly, repeat the process, fast. And the ground gets another mouthful. But after a few mouthfuls, that part of Mother Earth gets fed up, and rejects the next appetizer.

The sphere comes off the ground. Sure, the ground will then become obstinate and eventually become positive right under the hovering sphere, which would attract the negative sphere, and as positive attracts negative, crash it, accompanied by a short-distance lightning stroke, but the idea is to get away from it all, and after 'rejection' use the earth's magnetic field to take off to higher realms."

Found 1200 applications, from "Star Wars" cars that float, electrical engines that need only a battery to start, airplanes that reach any place on earth in two hours, all VTOL, no airports needed, to inexpensive power generators, weather control, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes etc... Oil as an energy source will be out. No pollution and no noise. "


Not intending to distract from the purpose of this paper, but I should add that in communications with Joseph Hiddink, he says it was actually he who invented the Hurwich device that so captivated the press back in the day. "The article claims the invention;

"sends out electronic rays to ALTER the NATURAL COMPOSITION of MAGNETIC FIELDS and CENTRES OF GRAVITY of weapons, instrument dials and mechanical devices.

On the Hurwich principle there was no reason why the new BEAMS could not reach and DISABLE tanks, ground-to-ground missiles and complete radar systems.

The beams could also be TACKED TOGETHER to form a SCREEN that would make WHOLE ZONES SAFE from bombs or missiles.

The Israeli's will NOT divulge what tests have been run, or how the Hurwich RAY has been developed." (Does this not sound like the mysterious Tesla Shield?)

The idea for the Hurwich ray came to him one evening in 1969 as he read about a rash of robberies from bank night-deposit vaults. "It just clicked what to do," Hurwich says. Inspector Bill Bolton, then head of the police hold-up squad, assembled police and bank security officials at Hurwich's home.

"All I can recall," says Bolton "is that it was under the table - the device, whatever it was - and there was a bedspread over the table. He FROZE MY SERVICE REVOLVER! You COULDN'T PULL THE TRIGGER, you COULDN'T LIFT IT UP OFF THE TABLE and even on the table, you COULDN'T PULL THE TRIGGER."

Hurwich continues: "And then I said 'Now take a look at your watches.'" I remember one of them said, "When did this happen?" and I said, "The minute you walked through that door. You walked in there about 25 minutes ago. Now look at your watches. You're late about 25 minutes."


Of course, the Hurwich device didn't affect time itself, but possibly inertia to slow the motion of mass through space. Though in my view of the universe, time, gravity and inertia are interconnected which comes from a statement made by John Keely who said “Time is Gravity”, meaning the influx of aether/zpe into the neutral centers of mass produce the effect of gravity to produce weight, the ‘flow’ of time and the grip of inertia.

The further you get from earth, the less gravity, the slower the speed of time and the less inertia. As Keely showed us with his push, pull or balance concepts, we should be able to reduce or increase gravity or produce equilibrium between the push and pull forces so a mass would float in air like a buoyancy compensator underwater at a chosen depth.

The faster the influx of aether/zpe, the greater the gravity, the faster the speed of time and the more intense the effects of inertia. Conversely the slower the influx of aether/zpe into the mass neutral centers, the less the gravity, the slower the speed of time and the less intense the effects of inertia.

I believe we could create an area where gravity is reduced for all matter inside the zone, so that the ‘speed’ of time was slower and gravity was less. There is only one caveat to that idea being the closer you get to no gravity and no time, the faster all mass including your body begins to dissociate back to the aether/zpe from which it came and whose flow into your neutral mass centers is what sustains mass and life.


KeelyNetMy absolute favorite gravity analogy was one of my late friend Walter Wrights arguments that gravity could not be an attractive force or else the the entire universe would all collapse into itself like a bunch of grapes with everything pulling on everything else.

Walter called it his 'bunch of grapes theory.' It makes far more sense that the force of gravity is actually a pushing effect holding mass together.

I first met Walter at a Global Sciences Congress where he convinced me that gravity is a push when I saw his Pushing Gravity video #13 showing his tide model. Though Walter passed away in 2011, you should really check out his ideas while they are still available.


There is an interesting theory that matter might be bubbles in space, as described in the fascinating paper 'Matter as Bubbles in the Aether by Chris Illert' - "The occultists labour the point that instead of matter being solid within an empty insubstantial aether, the aether itself is VERY DENSE (one thousand million times denser than platinum, according to Oliver Lodge's estimate), and matter is REALLY JUST BUBBLES - the ABSENCE OF AETHER."

KeelyNet"Even as recently as the 1920's, orthodox science believed in a STATIC cosmos,until Edwin Hubble demonstrated that it was actually EXPANDING and, therefore,must have originated long ago in some titanic 'Big Bang'.

Today, most scientists agree that the Universe is outwardly expanding and is of finite age, born from a dramatic 'phase transition' when the "aether" (quantum vacuum) jumped from one energy state to another, "sucking matter into physical existence" (water hammer effect) within our universe. (1)"

Once you realize this, you can easily envision blocking this force for all kinds of novel and very useful effects from antigravity to free energy devices or motor forces. We must understand that nature ahhors a vacuum and always seeks equilibrium between forces.

It is the separation (natural or forced) and recombining of forces produced by nature in order to restore equilibrium which we must learn to use.


Bill Beaty's website has a remarkable story about the Electrostatic Force Field generated in a Saran type wrap plant.

KeelyNetDavid Swenson of 3M Corporation describes an anomaly where workers encountered a strange "invisible wall" in the area under a fast-moving sheet of electrically charged polypropelene film in a factory. This "invisible wall" was strong enough to prevent humans from passing through. A person near this "wall" was unable to turn, and so had to walk backwards to retreat from it.

This occurred in late summer in South Carolina, August 1980, in extremely high humidity. Polypropelene (PP) film on 50K ft. rolls 20ft wide was being slit and transferred to multiple smaller spools. The film was taken off the main roll at high speed, flowed upwards 20ft to overhead rollers, passed horizontally 20ft and then downwards to the slitting device, where it was spooled onto shorter rolls.

The whole operation formed a cubical shaped tent, with two walls and a ceiling approximately 20ft square. The spools ran at 1000ft/min, or about 10MPH. The PP film had been manufactured with dissimilar surface structure on opposing faces. Contact electrification can occur even in similar materials if the surface textures or micro-structures are significantly different. The generation of a large imbalance of electrical surface-charge during unspooling was therefore not unexpected, and is a common problem in this industry. "Static cling" in the megavolt range!

On entering the factory floor and far from the equipment, Mr. Swenson's 200KV/ft handheld electrometer was found to slam to full scale. When he attempted to walk through the corridor formed by the moving film, he was stopped about half way through by an "invisible wall." He could lean all his weight forward but was unable to pass. He observed a fly get pulled into the charged, moving plastic, and speculates that the e-fields might have been strong enough to suck in birds!

The production manager did not believe Mr. Swenson's report of the strange phenomena. When they both returned to the factory floor, they found that the "wall" was no longer there. But the production workers had noticed the effect as occurring early in the morning when humidity was lower, so they agreed to try again another day. The second attempt was successful, and early in the morning the field underneath the "tent" was strong enough to raise even the short, curly hair of the production manager. The "invisible wall" effect had returned. He commented that he "didn't know whether to fix it or sell tickets."

KeelyNetI'm sure we can think of lots of uses for this. Reminds me of a chinese finger puzzle that tightens up when you resist, yet loosens when you move slow.

In the Star Trek episode 'The Empath', the aliens used a similar forcefield to hold Kirk and Spock.

Knowing they were primitives who could not control their emotions, the aliens counted on the field to hold them tighter as they resisted harder.

Spock realized this and convinced Kirk to calm down and they were able to walk out of the field, to the surprise of the aliens.


I wasn't going to mention some of the strange effects with UFO encounters but decided I should since it ties in with the effects Joseph Hiddink noted with his one terminal capacitor experiments. That high intensity, short duration polarized spikes play havoc with electronics including engines that use sparkplugs. Both Hiddink and canadian researcher Hamel both commented on how the entire neighborhood would brown out or lose power, TVs and radios would go crazy as well as anything electrically powered when they operated their high density polarized field equipment.

If this subject is of interest to you, a very well done paper is available online as UFO Interference with Vehicles and self-starting engines - The proximate cause of engine interferences in the above categories is ionization of the atmosphere. (Reference 1) (Ionization is the process by which electrons become detached from their parent atoms, leaving as separate particles the electron itself and the positively charged remnant of the atom that is called an ion.

ENGINE DISRUPTION AND FAILURE - UFOs evidently ionize the atmosphere. Luminous, colored halos sometimes surrounding them must be produced by the recombination of free electrons with ions of the atmospheric gases. (Reference 2) At other times UFOs are reported to be buried inside a dazzling white cloud that is clearly a plasma, a highly dissociated state of electrons and ions. Beyond the luminous boundary one would expect that gases are also being ionized but to a lesser degree. Witnesses repeatedly tell of feeling electricity in the air, hair standing up, prickly sensations, or electrical shocks. Such expressions point directly to electrical phenomena. They are well enough understood, but investigators may have no mental framework into which the message can be fitted, so they may be ignored or forgotten.

There have also been experiments reported which resulted in unusual frequencies which would quench electron flow and shut down electronics. Of course EMP does this by inducing huge momentary currents in anything conductive, but usually burns out and destroys the conductor.


Another interesting correlation to repulsive electrical forces is the story of Simon Magus. But a bit more on atmospheric voltage gradients from Atmospheric Electricity

"In 'fine weather', the potential, aka 'voltage', increases with altitude at about 30 volts per foot (100 V/m), when climbing against the gradient of the electric field.[3] This electric field gradient continues up into the atmosphere to a point where the voltage reaches its maximum, in the neighborhood of 300,000 volts. This occurs at approximately 30-50 km (18.6-31 miles) above the Earth's surface.[4]

From that point in the atmosphere up to its outer limit, nearly 1,000 km, the electric field gradient produced in the lower atmosphere either ceases or has reversed."

KeelyNetSo higher negative charges close to the earth would cause the emitting body to be REPELLED FROM THE EARTH. What if you could temporarily impart a negative charge to a human body with a much higher NEGATIVE potential than the earth? Wouldn't they be able to jump very high into the air at the very least and maybe fly?

And wouldn't they be breathing positively charged air that would, probably in a very short time, cancel out the negative charge repulsion effect? So that the more positive they become, the more they will 'weigh' and bring them slowly (hopefully) back down to the earth. Yes, they are positive but its their physical weight FROM GRAVITY that now keeps them on the planet which is of course, negative.

In the bible you might recall the name Simon Magus, who was one of many competitors of Jesus, all claiming to be the Messiah, son of god. So Magus made a bet that he would fly over Rome to prove he was the messiah.

There are followers of Simon Magus to this day and I understand his gospels survive. Years ago, I read something about how he achieved levitation. I think it was in a Phd thesis about the life and times of Magus.

The claim was he went to a valley between very large mountains, dug a hole in the ground, laid face down at the bottom of the deep hole all night, breathing the air from the earth. This air was negatively charged.

When he arose that morning, his body had absorbed the negative electrical charge and since like charges repel, he weighed much less, sufficient to allow him to swim through the air with a pair of artificial wings. He circled Rome three times and flew out of the city, dropping lower as he flew. He then walks back in with his followers to glory in the appreciation and amazement of the crowd.


KeelyNet One of my current experiments is attempting to reduce the weight of an 8" limestone cube which sits on one end of an 8 foot beam balance. Learning to dim local gravity.

Quite simply, Gravity is NOT a pull, Gravity is a PUSH from the zero point energy field of space into mass. A pressure from space pushing mass together. Think of it as bubbles under water where the water is pressing on the bubble trying to implode it.

In the case of matter, zero point energy pushes into the neutral centers of mass to not only create it but also give it materiality by creating a standing wave in space.

We are held to the planet like wind pushing flies against a wirescreen. As zero point energy flows into the neutral centres of mass, the effect of gravity and weight are produced.

The aether/zpe has viscosity, acting as a dilatant medium that reacts to shockwaves. Also referred to as Non-Newtonian fluids.

You might recall an earlier statement by Hiddink, "You get momentarily 240,000 volts. and that is negative in nature..." showing that nature must have time to recover from sudden shockwaves, no matter how they are produced. High intensity, short duration impulses/spikes to momentarily and temporarily loosen the aether/zpe matrix which, trying to restore ambient equilibrium, rushes back in at tremendous force and with backsplatter which we can recover as power or thrust.

"This (aether/zpe dilatant) medium is granular, composed of uniform, spherical grains much smaller than subatomic particles and filling the entire universe. In fact, it is the universe. In matter-free space the grains are hexagonally arrayed and almost close-packed. Because they cannot exchange neighbors, they form a quasicrystalline matrix. The grains are in relative, vibratory, gas-like motion; but with a mean free path many orders of magnitude smaller than the diameter of the grains (unlike a gas). This jostling of the grains against one another produces a very high pressure in the medium.

KeelyNetBecause of the gearing of the grains and the pressure, the medium supports transverse disturbances (EM waves) whose local propagation rate depends on the local pressure and strains in the medium.

Unstrained; i.e., without matter, the aether is isotropic. Strained; i.e., with matter present, it is anisotropic.

Reynolds says matter is strained regions of misalignment of the grains or "singular surfaces", "negative inequalities", or simply, "holes". Matter, then, moves by means of displacement; much as a bubble moves upward by an equal amount of liquid being displaced downward. For holes to move through the medium, aether grains must move in the opposite direction.

To better illustrate dilatant fluid properties, here they filled a pool with a mix of cornstarch and water made on a concrete mixer truck. It becomes a non-newtonian fluid. When stress is applied to the liquid it exhibits properties of a solid.

There are many clues as to how we can extract energy or thrust from the aether/zpe influx.


KeelyNetIn closing, I'd ask that you remember that we all have mental blocks based on our training, education, peer pressure and personal skewed ideas.

So we should try to remain open to new ideas and new possibilities.

Just like a light dimmer, we can RESTRICT this aether/zpe influx using technology to reduce and even cancel 'weight'.

My approach is a bit more exotic than simple electrical propulsion as described above, but mine will show the connection of time to gravity to inertia and open up entirely new possibilities when we learn to control gravity, the speed of local time and the intensity of inertia.

Let's go beyond rockets and rediscover what is being shown to us in so many ways by the ancients.


KeelyNet Keely DID CLAIM FREE ENERGY by tapping into the aether/zpe as with his Globe motor/engine. John Worrell Keely was as far ahead of Tesla as Faraday was above Einstein but people don't comprehend it...yet...

As much as Tesla stole from Keely, he never figured out how to use the aether to produce unlimited free energy as Keely did.

The Greatest Inventions Nikola Tesla Never Created and Tesla's Plagiarism of Keely and Broadcast/Wireless Power claims - You will note, Keely developed and demonstrated his original 'vibratory engine' in 1884, then a multiple frequency (compound motor) sonic driven engine which Tesla also copied as his 'polyphase motor' years later, so Tesla had 3 years to work on his electrical copy of Keelys' technology to copy the initial vibratory engine in 1884 to Teslas demo in 1887. Fully 3 years after (1887-1888) Keelys earlier public demonstration (1884)

KeelyNetIn my opinion, I find the "pop and flash Tesla church crowd", being like crows attracted to 'sparklies.'

So they are totally fascinated with Tesla coils and big sparks, completely oblivious and uncomprehending of Keely's work, which has been before all of us for more than a century now and we are still distracted by myth and big sparks.

In Texas, we say 'All hat and no cattle.' If I'm wrong about any of this, please tell me where to find the facts derived from original writings at the time, not something on the net that someone made up or copied and pasted from ill-researched websites or articles. - Jerry @ Keelynet y mas



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