High Voltage & Free Energy Devices - 03/30/01

Updated 09/01/06 - Updated 01/07/11 - This book has now been converted to an eBook,
expanded with many pages of additional information and is
available to download for $15.00 from Vanguard Sciences.

Here is a letter that George recently received pertaining to his book, 'High Voltage and Free Energy Devices'.

'George, I must comment, this publication is excellent! I am ordering another [copy of your] book for my grandfather.' Clyde T. L. - Tulsa, OK

This book, written by experimenter George Moonhie, shows the absolute simplicity of free energy production. The book includes a complete explanation of some simple electrical principles.

VERY SIMPLE electrical circuits proving these principles are provided. The circuits are:

1. Easy to understand!
2. Easy to construct! (just a few common parts)
3. Easy to measure!

The first experiments are all LOW VOLTAGE so that even a child can perform them safely. (great science fair stuff!) These experiments will show how to take a fixed amount of charge from a battery or other power supply and use it to produce more work than what is conventionally believed possible.

Nothing in this book defies the laws of physics. The information presented simply combines a few bits of "conventional" theory together in a unique way.

This allows anyone to produce on demand what would normally be considered an anomolous excess of energy. This is not some sort of "cold fusion" process and requires no bizarre or expensive components.

These principles can be easily applied using high voltage methods to produce more powerful results. George has provided a simple design for a high voltage motor that anyone with a moderate amount of shop skill should be able to produce.

Once someone builds and understands the simple model it shouldn't be very difficult to scale it up to build more powerful machines. Component designs and suggestions are included in the book.

This motor design is based on the "Gray Motor" patent. A full copy of the patent, including all the diagrams, has been included with the book for you to examine.

Usually a patent text indicates that anyone "skilled in the art" could reproduce a device from the designs in a patent. This is just a fancy way of saying that they left some critical information out of the patent text so that they can maintain an "edge" over anyone else that may try to duplicate the technology.

Since the Ed Gray patent has expired, anyone can now make use of this information, if they can figure out what critical parts are missing. George managed to fill in the blanks! Now you can get all that info too!

Others have sold what amounts to mediocre copies of Ed Gray's ideas without providing the missing information or fully explaining the processes taking place in the motor. George became a little upset over this and decided to right that wrong as best he could.

You now have the opportunity to be on the receiving end of his efforts. Anyone seriously interested in electricity and magnetism and especially free- energy design should get a copy of this book.

"High Voltage and Free Energy Devices"

by George Moonhie.

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Comment from Jerry Decker at KeelyNet

I bought a copy of this book when Jon (aka George) first started selling it about 5 years ago and was VERY PLEASED with the quality of the information and the quantity of it.

The book tells you how to build high voltage coils, high voltage solenoids, how to do water arc experiments (which can be modified to do magnetic pinch tests) and other useful plans.

It has circuits and hands on material, not just theories and will give you many new insights into EVGray's high voltage motor. Spend the money, you won't regret it!

Update as of 03/30/01 : Jon decided to stop selling the book a year ago and people kept emailing me to try to get a copy. I discussed it with Jon and offered to sell it through KeelyNet and we could split any profits.

It is particularly timely since the rediscovery of the original EVGray motors and Peter Lindemanns insights on Grays power conversion tube which was presented at the

June 16/17 KeelyNet Convergence 2001 conference in Dallas

Videotapes of the conference are available here

If you are interested in using exceptionally high efficiency, some claim overunity, high voltage, short duration pulses to produce power or torque, you should consider attending this conference to see the actual EV Gray motors and hear the current state of the art information available. There are several other fascinating topics which will also be presented at the conference.

Jon agreed to let us sell the book and so this page has been updated and added to the products page as some radical changes are coming up and any income would help to ensure their success...stay tuned...and THANKS for your support!

Updated 05/04/01

A word, in all candor and honesty, this is NOT a hard copy book, it is an 8.5 X 11 reprint with spiral binding and plastic covers. I decided to add this because one loser complained it was not a nice hardbound book with glossy color photos and covers. If you are looking for a nice book to sit on your library shelf and never be USED, this isn't for you.

This book is for EXPERIMENTERS designed to provide useful CONTENT - THANKS!!

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