This is a HOAX page from April 99, with hundreds falling for it, sorry, but the purpose was to test gullibility and show us how we WANT TO BELIEVE so badly that common sense goes out the window...we can do better! - 07/10/99 - Jerry

Free Energy has been DISCOVERED!


Three months ago, we began discussions with a couple of free energy researchers as to best approaches to achieve a working free energy device. Last month, we received a (for now) anonymous email providing what was claimed to be plans for a working free energy device which we have now duplicated and tested in self-running mode for a continuous two weeks!!!!!

The load was a 12VDC incandescent RV lamp normally pulling 350ma...

The device consists of an electronic circuit, constructed from Radio Shack parts and tuned to a specific resonant frequency which resonates with the the sum total of all the components, load, wiring and power supply of the circuit.

Our two anonymous inventors are at this time working on a shareware document which will provide full details on how to build this and test it for yourself. They have not attempted to scale it up, though they are fully confident it can be scaled up and still be self-running.

Now that we have duplicated it and proven that it self-runs and drives a small load, they have given us permission to publish a baseline report before the shareware release on 04/01/99. We will include photos of our circuit, though not as finely done as Naudin, it WORKS!

The main caveat we must state is that you must be well grounded in electronics and use of lab equipment to understand how this circuit works and to tune your circuit to the point of success. Please read the details carefully and look up what you don't understand. The inventors assure us they are moving at flank speed to get the full shareware document ready for posting on 04/01/99. If you are unfamiliar with electronics, show this page to a friend trained in electronics and let them build one for you!

The inventors say the solution came about after studying the Pythagorean Mathematics system as proposed by the late Ben Iverson who found that the purity of the wave would make all the difference when attempting to produce phenomena, from free energy production to gravity control. Copies of Ben's books can be purchased from Dale Pond at the SVP website. along with other books on Keely's ideas of 'graduation' which involves the precise tuning of mass aggregates as used in this scheme.

To date, the discovery has only been applied to free energy but with the success we have achieved in this initial test, we are fully expectant that practical gravity control is well within our grasp using similar resonant precision, exactly as we have always suspected.

The resonant frequency of the circuit must be so tuned and controlled as to maintain a resolution of .0001 cps accuracy per cycle. It was found that the purity of the wave, when maintained to this resolution, will unfailingly evoke profound power production in the xenon tube. Power which can be tapped for practical use.

We happened to have several of the parts handy, so our cash outlay for parts was minimal. We intend to build another working circuit from scratch, directly from parts purchased at Radio Shack in order to get a better fix on actual construction prices. The circuit costs based on the initial prototype we built did not exceed $20.00.

There are many out there who will attempt to capitalize on this by either selling the circuit or claiming it as their own, however, you read it here first.

Again, we hope to have the complete shareware document available by 04/01/99, depending on how fast our two generous inventors can get it together.

Don't be fooled by other claimants, this is the real and original thing!

The most important questions are of course;

First, let me preface the construction with what the email said inspired them to build it. The circuit is based on a hybrid of concepts as posted on KeelyNet ( for several years now. The two men who constructed it said they were frustrated with the lack of reports of success for so long and so decided to expend some serious time and thought towards coming up with a probable circuit, then to build it and see what happened.

They set themselves to a completion deadline of one month, by devoting most of their waking hours during the month of March to this project, hoping to get it working, independently verified and released publicly as soon after the month of March as possible....

The email says they used the one wire transmission system as afforded by the Avramenko plug. This is how the entire circuit, generator and load are tuned to one single frequency at high purity, being driven as a single tuned circuit for maximum power transfer with no appreciable resistance.

They also extracted information from other files as posted on the Energy page at

The inventors said the key to the entire project came from the file on the Chernetskii plasma tube which offered the best option for actual power generation since it is similar to other claims of success ranging from Moray to Correa. They used an off the shelf xenon tube as the plasma source, with the output wires serving as their power taps for positive and negative polarity current flow.

A coil was wrapped around the xenon tube, using #28 gauge solid copper transformer wire (varnished). It consisted of 300 turns in a solenoidal shaped cylinder which slid over the xenon tube.

The idea was to produce the high density magnetic pulses which Chernetskii said would bias the random electrons to move into an inertially directed power beam. This beamed ion stream is siphoned off by the internal electrodes leading out of the tube for dissipation in the load.

Unfortunately, at this stage, it is still a plug and pray system requiring precise adjustment to find the resonant frequency for each particular system, where that frequency is determined again by the circuit, the transmission wire and the load functioning as a single large tuned circuit.

Because of this extreme resonant frequency precision, it took us two days of fiddling and tuning to find the fundamental resonant frequency for our circuit.

The frequency for our circuit as shown in the attached photograph is 1,472.8726 cps.

The basic design provided to us was for a 12VDC system so we copied it as faithfully as possible. Both inventors have requested that we not publish or post the very crude hand drawn copy that was faxed to us, preferring to post a cleaned up and very clear version in the shareware format on 04/01/99. Their main purpose was to ensure that we were satisfied that their claims were INDEED TRUE, as fantastic as F/E claims always sound.

It was designed to operate and produce 12 volts DC which we 'kick started' from a bench power supply set at 12VDC drawing 350 milliamps to initiate the circuit and get our 12VDC lamp to light up, very brightly I might add. We did not have a lux meter to get a reading of light intensity though that will be our next step. The original inventors have not done this either.

In communication with the inventors in the early stages, we expressed concerns about a filament load based on Win Lambertsens observations that fluctuations in the aether/zpe produced high voltage spikes which fractured the tungsten filament and destroyed the bulb. They figured what the hell, how will you know until you try for yourself (I love redneck engineering!) so they used a 12VDC RV bulb and have had no problems with it, believing it is the extraordinary purity of their resonant frequency which quells the spikes.

Once the lamp was operating at full intensity, we used a DPDT relay to switch OUT the 12VDC bench supply and at the same time to switch IN the additional power that was almost burning the lamp out from the unusual brightness.

We at first thought the lamp would die out even for the few milliseconds it would take to switch the relay, however, the capacitors and other components held sufficient energy to keep the lamp and circuit partially operational.

The other concern was that with the momentary power reduction during this transfer, the resonant frequency will change sufficiently to quench the circuit, however, our test showed only a diminution in power, not a change in frequency, resulting in the circuit continuing to oscillate and produce power, completely unpowered from the now removed bench power supply.

We placed the entire circuit on a particle board table (the video we are now working on will show it operating on a glass table) with only test leads connecting the battery to the DPDT relay.

When the bench power supply source was removed, the circuit voltage dropped down to 11.86VDC and was producing a constant 311 milliamps to power the lamp when the circuit was self-running at a precise resonant frequency of 1,472.8726 cps.

The xenon tube coil was pumped from a 555 timer chip set up in astable mode with a crystal and using tantalum capacitors for purity of oscillation. The entire oscillator circuit was placed in a small electric oven to maintain a constant temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The inventors stated that early attempts at achieving precise and stable frequencies had failed because of room temperature variations of as little as 3 degrees F. and only when they used the oven at a fixed 100 degrees F. were they able to maintain the necessary resonant frequency to sustain the circuit in self-running mode.

At this point, we are so excited that we want to get this posted as quickly as possible to minimize any chance of 'suppression'.

To that end, we HAD intended to add photos of our circuit but feel it might be a mistake to wait, so we are posting it tonight.

The two inventors have agreed they want to release sufficient details to allow anyone to duplicate this basic circuit for themselves, so they have tentatively agreed to have it all drawn up and photos sent in by 04/01/99.

At that time, we will create the full document, post it at the website and share it with everyone in the discussion lists and our other Internet contacts. We will also mail out hard copies to our snailmail contacts.

That will include an urgent plea to copy and republish it as widely as possible so that it cannot be in any way restricted or suppressed. Things are definitely going to change over the next few months!

Timely Addendum

Though the project has been in successful self-sustained operation for the past two weeks, this document has been in preparation only over this past weekend, however, in a telephone conversation with the two inventors Saturday night, we were given permission to post the ACTUAL HAND DRAWN CIRCUIT with the instructions they sent to us, so that has now been included with this document.

If you choose to build this circuit, we would as always appreciate any feedback as to your successes (or failures) in making it work. The inventors have offered to assist anyone with an electronics background who has problems duplicating what we have managed to duplicate here at KeelyNet. We will also answer any questions which might arise and defer to the inventors those we cannot answer. Good Luck!

Click HERE for
the hand drawn faxed F/E circuit and instructions!