Experimental Circuits - 02/12/98

The following are a list of diagrams from the KeelyNet BBS. Because of the formatting of the .gifs, I chose to NOT post them as HTML files. They are instead zipped to let you download for study as you will.

No claims are being made for any of these circuits or files, each simply represents an experimental circuit or design which the poster believed to be providing anomalous results, most of which have been built.

Some have conflicting reports as to verification, so rather than KeelyNet presuming to make any judgement, the information is simply being provided 'as is'. You are invited to make up your own mind, preferably by building and testing it for yourself.

Good luck and please report back if your experiments lead to improvements. Thanks.

All files are zipped and will include the diagrams and associated text documents if applicable.

Some browsers might have problems so I have it configured for ftp: or www downloads, both work on my Netscape 3.0, if you have problems, please let me know your browser type, thanks!