Inside the EVGRAY Electric Motor - 08/27/00

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Here are five pictures of the outer cylinder of the EVGRAY motor showing the placement of the inner repulsor coils.

Click on the first one below to see the full image of the very fine laminations used to intensify the field of the custom made high voltage repulsor coils on the rotor.

These five show the contactor/distributor plate that functions as a distributor cap to transfer the accumulated high voltage into the repulsor coils to produce high thrust.

Two additional photos showing the blue off the shelf generator that produced power to charge the batteries while the motor ran and the second photo shows disassembled motor components.

Original EVGray file from 02/24/00

EVGRAY #1 March 1990 article

EVGRAY #2 October, 1991 EV Gray article

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IBM - Ed Gray Patent - June 17, 1975

USPTO - McDonald related patent - April 25, 1978
USPTO - Gifford related patent - October 10, 1995
USPTO - Gossler related patent - May 7, 1996

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