Takahashi Update - 11/18/97

Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 06:30:33 -0500
From: Norman Horwood
Subject: Re: Takahashi scooter
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>> Sorry to hear of Takahashi's illness. The last conversation I had with Takahashi's UK representative Mr. Sawai back in Dec. 1995, he said that they were already building a manufacturing plant to make the supermagnets.

The plant output was booked for at least 5 years. The initial market applications were for putting the magnetic material in strips for the back of credit cards.

I asked when they would put the supermagnets for O/U motors (on the market) and Mr. Sawai said it would not occur for at least several years. It seemed there was outside little interest for funding such a venture. <<

I've just had a very interesting talk with Mr Sawai about Takahashi.

First - he is well and has not been sick, and he is back in Japan.

Second - he apparently has been defrauding investors all over the place.

Third - his magnificent magnets have been tested by an independent authority and found to be 48.3 NOT 140.

Fourth - Sawai has seen, but not measured, Takahashi's motor in Japan and confirms that it continues to run after switching off the battery. He was not allowed to examine it or measure any function.

The electric scooter was tested in San Francisco and its range on one charge was 50Km.

Apparently the original tests on his magnets were falsified by the test operator by reducing a critical dimension by 1mm.

Sawai is in contact with several 'inventors' all trying to build Adams type motors, most without any deep insight into the theory of magnetism and end up with laughable string and sealing-wax type structures.

I understand that one of Mr Sawai's Engineers is a subscriber to this list, and I am most grateful to Mr Sawai for his frankness and friendly discussion.