Coherent Field and Energy Resonance System

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STARGAT1.ASC on 12/09/95.
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This file is the method of determining a destination from a symbol as described in the EXCELLENT movie STARGATE. If you haven't seen it, you are missing one of the most stimulating movies in several years.

Seven points can be used to outline a course to any position. To find the DESTINATION within any three dimensional space, we need six points to determine the EXACT location.

Numbers 1 through 6 are the centered faces of a cube. Draw a line between 1 & 3, 2 & 4 and 5 & 6 which will create a six pointed star.

To chart a COURSE, you need a point of origin (the 7th point).

This 7th point represents the point from which the cube is being viewed.

The cube is an idealized condition used to demonstrate the concept.

There most likely won't be a pattern of stars which form a perfect cube using the six points as viewed from an earth perspective. Since each star system is centered by a sun, by looking out into space, we see various patterns which are made up by the location of the other solar systems.

Each pattern is referred to as a chevron.

The pyramid shape, topped by a disc representing the sun, indicates what a constellation of star systems would look like at high noon if viewed from the tip of the pyramid.

The premise of the movie is that an alien entity uses some kind of resonant ring to allow teleportation between star systems. Each system has one of these resonant rings with custom 'chevrons' which reflect the pattern as seen from atop a pyramid on the planet on which the ring is found.

The movie shows 7 chevrons having to be made which to my mind seems to indicate a hopping from one star system to another. This is because the star system to which the characters teleported was not visible from Earth, yet by drawing a line (the 7th point) from an Earth pyramid at high noon, outwards into space, it must eventually intersect a target planet in a target solar system.

When the computer guided tracking arm was showing the motion of the remote crawler robot, it appeared to jump from one star system to another, because it required 6 different chevrons, finally reaching the destination planet.

What makes this movie so intriguing is the realization that our sun must be linked with other suns throughout the universe. The nature of the energy could well be gravitation but the subject is open to debate.

However, there is research being done which indicates many 'corridors' of energy believed to extend outwards from our sun to connect with other suns all over our section of the universe. Some of us joke because many times, we have seen new TV shows, movies or other information which indirectly reflects various projects which are being done in private, or discussed in limited groups, with the intention being to openly post the results on successful completion.

It raises questions about phone taps, etc., when more probably it is the same ideas coming to many people at the same time, especially writers and media producers.

When the earth crosses one of these 'corridors', the character of the energy produces effects which are best classed as subtle influences. It is interesting to note, that the crossing of these various 'corridors' is marked historically by holidays such as Halloween (Samhain), Easter (a rejuvenating influence known LONG before Christ), Christmas and other holidays with ancient metaphysical links.

So what does this mean in a practical sense?

There have been experiments done where water and other fluids have been used to capture the quality of the star system or planetary energy as it impinges itself on the earth when the earth traverses one of these corridors. That water then becomes 'structured' with those influences and when taken, can transmit them into ones' body or experiment.

There are ongoing experiments which are picking up perturbations in the gravity wave (aether flows into the earth) when the earth approaches, is immersed in, and departs out of one of these corridors.

The Druids and other ancient religious orders seemed to understand how standing stones (menhirs), in their capacity (no pun intended) as very large dielectrics, could be used to intercept gravity perturbations.

A more advanced understanding led to an ability to reduce the weight of these stones to the point they could be lifted or 'floated/flown' as aerial craft. The resonant cavity of a pyramid or other geometric form can possibly be excited to such a degree that a resonance can be established with a similar cavity in another location (distance is irrelevant).

Such a coupling would produce an artificial 'corridor' which can be used for practical teleportation, among other things. The INCUNAB1 and INCUNAB2 files show how this principle can be used to shift between 'quantum realities', where there are an infinite number of other Earth's, each with their own 'quantum signature'.

This signature can be represented in two dimensions (X,Y) as a mandala and in three dimensions (X,Y,Z) as a mantra (a spatial - structured - energy projection).

Once you have a catalog of signatures which represent destinations or targets to project TO, production of a nested soliton signature will resonate with its mate, creating a corridor of energy, which might allow for practical transfer of matter from one physical location (or dimension) to another. We will know more of this in future as experiments are carried out.

Additional files of interest are Holt1, Holt2, Dimshift and the Spider.