Johan Roland's Report - 03/01/97

Date: Sun, 2 Mar 1997 21:26:53 +0100 (MET)
From: J Roland
Subject: Hamel-spinner

Johan P.M. Roland
Karnstraat 27
1445 KV Purmerend
The Netherlands
Purmerend, 2 March 1997

Dear Jerry,

After reading your newest addition to your Keelynet-pages about the David Hamel "spinner", I did try the same test, using some loudspeaker magnets and a steel ball.

Well; it WORKS..!!

The little ring magnet is spinning with a speed of 10 times per second on the steel ball. What surprises me was that in contrary with what you wrote, it is not difficult at all to create the spinning...

I did not use magnets with the dimensions John Bedini recommended!

It was not necessary to search for those magnets; a friend of mine did have some ring magnets and we were successfull immediately.

Within five seconds the little magnet was spinning.

So, here we are; with -of course- a lot of ideas to "upscale" and perfect this experiment...

I am thinking about using an old disc driver from a hard disc; such a thing almost doesn't have any resistance.

So; glue the little ring magnet exactly in the middle of that disc drive; in that way replacing the steel ball.

On the disc drive we can glue some little magnets. When they are spinning, we can let them go through a coil, in that way creating current.

My friend advises me to create some counter-EMF by using a second coil, to make sure the whole disc is continuing spinning.

If that works, we can make a multi-stage device, creating more current.

Well, these are only thoughts; but we do want to do some tests with it.

If there are ideas coming to you, please let us know. When we all work together, things CAN and WIll happen...

So please, put our information on the Net, if you think it is useful for other searchers...!

Thank you for your time, all the best to you and let me know if there is some progress, will you?

Johan Roland
Please share the results of your experiments with this phenomenon as it has been been freely shared with you...thanks!