Prentice Earth Energy Tap - 01/26/98

This file was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS as PRENTICE.ASC on 07/14/94, courtesy of Louis Roy.
June 10th, 1994.

Below is the patent of Frank Wyatt Prentice. This patent is similar to the "one mile wire experiment" (see AETHRTAP.ASC file on Keelynet BBS). Apparently, the number of the patent seems to be wrong. Sorry for this; the first page of my copy in front of me refers to this number (US patent). Where is the bug?...

Anyway, here is the transcript of this patent. You will find the drawings in the PRENTICE.GIF file. If you experiment something with these informations, let me know your results! (on Keelynet BBS).

Louis Roy (Canada).
PATENT US #253,765
(The patent number seems to be wrong?)

Frank Wyatt Prentice
September 18th, 1923

(Supplied by Louis Roy, Canada, June 10th, 1994)


Be it know that I, FRANK WYATT PRENTICE, of the City of Meadville, County of Crawford, State of Pennsylvania, Electrical Engineer, having invented new and useful improvements in ELECTRICAL POWER ACCUMULATORS do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear and exact description of the same;

My invention relates to improvements in ELECTRICAL POWER ACCUMULATORS and like, wherein the earth acting as rotor and the surrounding air as a stator, collects the energy thus generated by the earth rotating on its axis, utilises the same for power and other purposes.

In the development of my WIRELESS TRAIN CONTROL SYSTEM for railways, covered by my United States Letters Patent Number 843,550, I discovered that with an antennae consisting of one wire of suitable diameter supported by insulating means three to six inches above the ground and extending one half mile, more or less in length, the said antennae being grounded at one end through a spark gap and energized at the other end by a high frequency generator of 500 WATTS INPUT and having a secondary frequency of 500,000 would produce in said antennae oscillatory frequency the same as that of the earth currents and thus electrical power


was accumulated along the length of the transmission antennae and with a closed oscillatory loop antennae 18 feet in length run parallel with the transmission antennae at a distance of approximately 20 feet it was possible to obtain by tuning the loop antennae,


Lowering or raising the frequency of 500,000 cps resulted in diminishing the amount of power received on the 18 foot antennae. Like-wise the raising of the transmission antennae resulted in a proportionate decrease of power picked up on the receiving antennae and at 6 feet above the earth no power what-ever was obtainable without a change of potential and frequency.

It is the objective of my generic invention to utilize the power generated by the earth by means herein described and illustrated in the drawings. The two figures in the drawings illustrate simple and preferred forms of this invention, but I wish in understood that no limitation is necessarily made as to the exact and precise circuits, shapes, positions, and structural details therein shown, exhibited and herein described in combination or otherwise and that changes, alterations and modifications may be made when desired within the scope of my invention and as specifically pointed out in the claims.

Prentice Patent - Figure 1

Referring particularlly to Figure 1:

Prentice Patent - Figure 2

In figure 2:


Having described the drawings will now describe the operation of my invention.

Throw switch 3 connecting feed wires 1 and 2 with transformer leads 6 and 7, adjust spark gap 10 and condensr 11 so that a frequency of 500,000 and 100,000 volts is delivered from secondary leads 14 and 15 of step up transformer 8 of Figure 1.

Next adjust spark gap 21 of transmission antennae 14 so that all nodes and peaks are eliminated in the transmission of the 100,000 volts and 500,000 frequency along said antennae 14, by the surges occurring pass over the gap 21 to lead 22 to adjustable condenser 23 to lead 24 to ground 24' thence the high frequency current of 500,000 passes in return through ground to ground 18 tence up lead 17 to adjustable condenser 16 to lead 15 to secondary winding 13 of transformer 8.

The oscillatory current of 100,000 and frequency of 500,000 being of the same frequency as the earth generated currents and thus in tune with same it naturally follows that accumulation of the earth currents will ASSIMILATE WITH THE SAME TUNED CIRCUITS and frequency with those of the output from transformer 8 along wires 14 affording a reservoir of high frequency currents to be drawn upon by a tuned circuit HAVING THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS of 500,000 frequency capacity which is shown in Figure 2.

The antennae 25 is tuned fundamentally to receive a frequency of 500,000 which current passes to lead 26 through winidng 27' of transformer 27 thence to lead wire 28 through adjustable condenser 29 to lead wire 30 to ground 31.

The high frequency currents of 500,000 and voltae of 100,000 passes through to winding 32 and by adjustable condenser 33 and windings 34 and 35 of the frequency transformer 27 is stepped down to a voltage and frequency suitable to operate motor 38 receiving current from leads 36 and 37. This makes available a current supply for any purpose what ever, such as operation of areoplanes, automobiles, railway trains and current for industrial plants, lighting, heating and etc...

The return of current through the earth from transmission antennae 14 is preferable to a metallic return as a higher percentage of accumulation of earth currents is noticeable on receiving antennae of Figure 2 than from a metallic return accountable for because of the condenser effect the grounded circuit affords. I also prefer under certain conditions to use a single antennae receiving wire in place of the closed loop shown in Figure 2.

Under certain operation requirements I have found it expedient to have the transmission antennae elevated and carried on poles many feet above the earth and in that case a DIFFERENT voltage and frequency WAS NECESSARY to accumulate earth currents along the transmission antennae 14.

Meadville, Penna, Sept 18, 1923,
Signed Frank Wyatt Prentice, inventor.

Vanguard Note

We should all applaud Louis for this magnificent file. At the last ISNE conference, a private conversation with an old friend brought up this story which is related in the file AETHRTAP.ASC. Louis took the file down, made the correlation with Prentice out of his library, typed it up, drew in the diagram and sent it to us to share with everyone here.

This is the kind of effort and thoughtfulness that we really must all appreciate and copy wherever we can. Once it is in digital form, it benefits UNTOLD other researchers who might not have ever heard of it.