Interdimensional Power System
by Robert Meyers & George Perry
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This article was published in the now defunct International Tesla Societys' Extraordinary Science Journal in the Apr/May/Jun 1993 issue.

At the May meeting of the Rhode Island Chapter of the International Tesla Society, George Perry, a local inventor of monitoring and control systems for the machine tool and security industries, presented a device based on Tesla technology.

The unit outputs electrical power in quantities greater than required to operate the apparatus. The device also incorporates other concepts. Although Tesla understood these concepts, he did not employ them in the types of systems he worked on.

However, Dr. Henry Moray used a similar system, only it was a bit more elaborate and cost substantially more money to develop. By contrast, the apparatus exhibited by George, cost a few thousand dollars to design.

Essentially, he is using a Tesla Coil that has been specially designed to limit its radiation of the Hertzian Wave. What he is more interested in producing is a 'Longitudinal Wave.'

A Longitudinal Wave is a concept Tesla came up with that has very much to do with gravity production. Two copper plates are located above the coil and are free to rotate. They are connected to separate motors by drive belts which bring the plates up to a speed approaching 20 thousand rpm.

On the other side of the plates, magnets have been mounted and shielded by bulletproof plastic for protection should the unit undergo catastrophic mechanical failure. They are not very powerful magnets, they only serve to produce an effect, the effect being to shape the field which will be produced as these plates spin within the field of the Tesla Coil.

(all objects acquire a magnetic field as they rotate)

Robert Meyers (left) and George Perry (right)
standing next to George's Interdimensional generator

In this case the plates will acquire a very intense magnetic field of a very special nature and in so doing they induce this field into a flat coil of wire located between the rotating plates.

The theory is that there is a charge carrier known as the Tachyon. It is this particular field which is of interest to influence. The Tachyon Field, is primarily a charge carrier which carries the negative electron that we are all familiar with in our AC and DC generator systems.

The negative electron is what does all the work, its the energy producer. What people fail to realize is that the field of these charge carriers, the Tachyon, is all around us, we live in a 'Sea of Radiant Energy.'

You may ask why can't we utilize this energy? This energy is locked up in a specific field. Normally the work doers, the negative electrons, are wrapped up or shielded in these charge carriers which in turn does not permit them to be used. So in essence we have to develop a technique to force the Tachyon to release the negative electrons.

What has been developed is a system to show essentially what is taking place. The entire device consumes approximately 100 watts of energy to open the field to draw off the negative electrons energy. What is produced in this process is something in excess of 350 watts.

Now it doesn't take a genius to figure out if I put in 100 watts and get out 350 watts I am getting a lot of free energy.

That really isn't what we are doing here. This is not a perpetual motion device. We're not talking about energy from nowhere. We're merely converting the energy that's locked up in another form into something we're using in conventional electrical systems. But in so doing, we release a lot more energy than it takes us to access that field.

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The Mysterious death of George Perry

While reorganizing paperwork, I found an article that triggered memory about a guy named George Perry. Perry claimed to have discovered a free energy technique using a Tesla coil, an inverter and two batteries, one to charge the depleted battery. I was informed recently that Perry died 'under mysterious circumstances' a few years ago.

I'm not reporting it to add fuel to conspiracies though it is ODD, but for his claim of electrostatics and tachyons as the key to producing free energy and how it affects TIME and GRAVITY also.... Well, here is what I found in my papers which I typed in for the list and which came from the 1994 winter/spring of Electrifying Times, which by the way is located on the web at;

Electrifying Times

The article states; Interdimensional Power System by George Perry - Winter/Spring 1994

In February of 1993, I brought to the attention of the general public the culmination of the past 30 years of my work in electrical energetics. This consisted of demonstrations of a device I have developed, and call, the Interdimensional Power Generator. It outputs electrical power in quantities greater than requited to operate it. From this research I envision a system that would server individual households, at last freeing them from the energy controllers and people controllers.

The Interdimensional Power Generator is a device which utilizes energy existing in one form and converts that energy by a high speed pumping action to a form we can utilize in conventional electrical systems. Essentially, it is a high speed resonant turbine. In present day physics it is stated that space or the vacuum has no electrostatic potential, but in fact this has no legitimate basis.

What is called the vacuum is filled with enormous charge fluctuations. The multitudes of stars visible any night are in reality nuclear furnaces continuously converting matter to energy. This energy represents a great disturbance in the etheric field of a very high order of frequency, wavelets, if you will, traveling at speeds far beyond that of what is generally stated as the speed of light. Tachyons are essentially these wavelets.

In 1967 Professor Gerald Fineberg (I think he meand Feinberg), a theoretical physicist at Columbia University, published mathematical proof that the tachyon moves infinitely fast. Dr. Nikola Tesla realized quite well this field has a great deal to do with what we perceive as gravity, gravity being a form of electrical energetics.

From my earliest childhood, I was fascinated with the concept of communication by wire and radio waves. Nikola Tesla has been my mentor since those childhood days, and I have pursued his technology up to the present time. Much has been said concerning Dr. Tesla declaring he could broadcast electrical power at a distance without the use of wires and without loss of energy over distance. It's been said that Dr. Tesla's discovery of what he termed a longitudinal wave was responsible for this ability to broadcast power over distance and there has been much controversy as to what exactly this longitudinal wave represents.

Through my research I have come to understand and demonstrate that Tesla's longitudinal wave is not a hertzian wave nor is it a low-frequency sound wave as many have purported it to be. This energy is not merely an adaptation of electrical power we are already familiar with, but is radically different in its very nature and has some extremely interesting characteristics. This longitudinal wave or Tesla wave can effect the rate of flow of time itself. In so doing, it can effect every other field including the gravitational field.

Due to this discovery, it has become apparent whereas this equipment was originally intended to be utilized as a source of energy for individual households, it will require further research to insure it can be made to supply energy in a neighborhood environment without causing extraordinary phenomena to be manifested. I have demonstrated this technology a number of times in the past year before groups of physicists and electrical engineers where it was eagerly received and much appreciated.

Statements by professionl observers to the effect this device represents ground breaking work in the field of energy production. It is my belief that with the full implementation of this technology, mankind could realize the powering of their homes, the health of their bodies, and the clearing of their minds, even the blooming of the deserts would not be farfetched. And now concerning the negative side of attempting to raise the consciousness of the public concerning such technology.

During 1993 I held a number of public demonstrations featuring this equipment and in that time I was approached by many individuals whose purported interests would be of making this technology available to the public. However, by the summer of '93 I began to realize alarming situations had developed concerning those I had taken into my confidence. As it turned out, they were primarily interested in greed and self-grandiosement.

Along with this, I began to notice an increasing amount of helicopter activity over and around my property. Beginning about the same time, I became aware my phone lines were emanating beeps and pops and other strange noises that have continued to the present day. On Sunday morning this past July, I was greeted at the back door to my facility by two government types that attempted to persuade me to allow them access that they may view what I am up to in my laboratory and discuss my projects.

At that time, no one could arrive at my back door without first entering a fence which was latched from the inside and you would have to reach over the fence to unlatch it. Only my trusted associates were aware of this. I never considered a stranger would be so bold as to open that gate and come through it.

Sometime later, I learned that earlier in the week someone had presented a video of my work, which I produced, at the yearly Extraordinary Sciences Conference by the International Tesla Society in Colorado. It's been said paranoia is only a heightened sense of awareness. I have come to realize there is more truth than poetry in that statement. Since the incident with my visitors, I have installed security fencing with electric locks around my property and also have taken other security measures to insure any more surprises of that nature are highly unlikely.

Since that incident, I have become much more selective in my associates, protecting myself and my family. If you would like more information concering my research, you may write me at PO BOX 40999, Providence, RI 02940

George Perry found dead


On Tuesday, June 3, 1997, at about 3 p.m., investigating state police officers found the bodies of two prominent ufologists in a campground in northern New Hampshire (N.H.).

The bodies of George W. Perry, 50, of East Providence, Rhode Island and Keith Begnoche, 22, of Blackstone, Massachusetts were found in a tent at the Dolly Copp Campground, located off Route 16 in Pinkham's Grant, N.H. Relatives of the dead men called the police on Monday after Perry and Begnoche failed to return from their weekend camping trip to Mount Washington.

Perry, born in Pawtucket, R.I., was an electrical engineer and inventor and the owner of Alpha Scientific Associates. He was also assistant director of the Rhode Island chapter of MUFON. Begnoche was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Begnoche of Blackstone, Mass. and was a freshman at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Mass.

According to Sgt. John K. Scarinza of the New Hampshire state police, investigating officers found a sales slip in the tent. As a result of this find, the "troopers surmised that the friends died either Saturday night (May 31) or Sunday morning (June 1)." "One of Perry's two sisters, Claire Bussiere, of Cumberland, R.I. said his death was puzzling because 'He was so methodical about things. Something just went wrong.'"

"She speculated that he might have altered his routine after buying a new tent. Ordinarily, he would turn on a heater to remove the chill, then place the device outside. For some reason, the heater was still inside when the troopers arrived." "The device was tethered to a 20-pound propane tank. The controls were on and the tank was empty.

Medical tests found carbon monoxide in both men's bodies. Apparently, the friends fell asleep before they were poisoned, police said." (See the Providence R.I. Journal-Bulletin for June 6, 1997, pages B1 and B4) Perry and Begnoche had told friends before the trip that they were going to Mount Washington (elevation 6,288 feet) to do some skywatching. "David Rannacher, a friend of Perry...said he doesn't think the two campers who set out on their camping trip Friday (May 30) ever made it to Mount Washington, although no one can say for sure." (Providence, R.I. Journal Bulletin, June 6, 1997, page B4)

A memorial service for Perry was held at 2 p.m. today at the American Legion Hall, Post 311, in Seekonk, Mass.

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