Annihilation of Energy to produce Over-Unity

This file was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS as PEARSON.ASC on 11/22/95, courtesy of Dan Davidson. The following is extracted from the KeelyNet message base and pertains to a means of extracting useable electrical energy from the vacuum. Refer FROLOV1 and PLASMAFE for additional info.

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DATE/TIME: 11/22/95 16:56
Subject: Pearson
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Hi Rick! Have you ever heard of a fellow named Pearson from England?

It seems he has done some major investigation of how free energy devices can be developed using the same interference techniques as Bearden talks about.....Dan sent me a copy of a couple of papers this guy wrote and I plan to order the books......there seem to be several but the pamphlet 'Free Energy from the Vacuum' spells it out very well...

This guy is Ronald D. Pearson and his material is available from Michael Roll, 28 Westerleigh Road, Downend, Bristol BS16 6AH...

The books are;

'Origin of Mind' - 3 pounds
'Free Energy from the Vacuum' - 2 pounds
'Intelligence Behind the Universe' - 10 pounds
'Quantum Gravitation & Grand Unification' - 5 pounds
'The Colossus' - 5 pounds
'The Physics of Healing' - 1.50 pounds

There is no date on the material I have so I don't know if the address is still valid, but its worth an enquiring postcard which I plan to send for current prices, etc...

Anyway, this guy says two unlike polarities (positive against negative) can be thrown against each other and instead of annihilating, the primaries will increase in number, by as much as 18% more than the original energies....from EACH collision of opposites. To clarify with a direct quote;

...with the vacuum underpinned by a compound medium of opposites we can call the 'ether', a whole new vista appears. Now energy CAN be created or destroyed - provided negative and positive energies change TOGETHER in EXACTLY balanced amounts! (can you say scalar???)

...At first this seemed to present a difficulty. Would not the two halves of ether MUTUALLY ANNIHILATE as primaries of opposite energy collided at high speed? turned out that the need to conserve momentum prevented MUTUAL annihilation of energies from occurring during collisions. Indeed the two conservation laws of energy AND momentum, which had to be applied SIMULTANEOUSLY, led to a totally different result.

...Instead of annihilating, primaries INCREASED in number! In fact, 18% MORE of BOTH kinds appeared, on average, from EACH collision of opposites.

...When primaries collide by approaching one another from any other direction, so that their trajectories intersect at some ARBITRARY ANGLE, the analysis is only made slightly more complicated. Note it is necessary to consider RELATIVE velocities of approach. From such vantage points some collisions will also APPEAR to be HEAD-ON, so yielding THE SAME RESULT as the one previously described.

...However, for collisions NOT HEAD-ON, a sideway SCATTERING MOTION is imparted. And this applies equally to the general case just mentioned. Each primary GAINS extra momentum in this transverse direction, the positive one gaining positive momentum and the negative one gaining the negative variety. It follows that corresponding evaluation then yields the average gain ratio just quoted (18%).

However, the positive and negative gains of both momentum and energy could CANCEL under conditions of MULTIPLE COLLISIONS (noise). It therefore follows that everything that exists must ultimately have derived from the zero energy state of nothingness.

Amazing stuff!! The point here is that the energies must be balanced IN ALL RESPECTS, polarity, amplitude and velocity...

He also has a drawing of a circuit that is almost identical to the one Alex Frolov said Chernetskii used in his early experiments with the PLASMATRON...

I can't show it here easily but it shows a power source supplying >1000 volts DC where one lead connects to an electric motor terminal and the other lead goes to a switched capacitor and coil and into the other terminal of the motor. Their is a diagram of a spiky wave train which is continually increasing in amplitude as the motor continues to run.

I suspect as it achieves a resonant frequency, these spikes will stabilize and the motor will run very cool and with little if any energy input...guess I need to try to draw that picture...will do so and post it before the Thanksgiving mess is upon me.......

Guess I'll call it PEARSON.ASC and the .gif PEARSON.GIF unless I can do it in ASCII, hell maybe both...Dan did good on this one for sure...>>> Jerry

      volts              How could spikes grow bigger?

        |                                             /\
        |                                /\          /  \
        |                     /\        /  \        /    \
        |           /\       /  \      /    \      /      \
        |   /\     /  \     /    \    /      \    /        \

                          distance along coil --->

                                  long copper coil

   __        .___ /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  _____
   | \      .       \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/    |
   |   \   .                                    ______________________|
   |     \ switched capacitance             ____|____
   |  ___|___  for making spikes           /         \
   |  _______                            /             \
   |     |                              |   Electric    |
   |     |__________________________    |      Motor    |
   |                               |    |               |
   |                               |     \             /
   |____                           |       \_________/
      _|_ >1000 volt power source _|____________|
   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |

Some additional comments regarding Joe Newmans' machine;

Joseph Newman invented an electric motor which incorporated a rotating permanent-magnet as its armature. He claims it was able to produce many times the power taken from the batteries, of about 1,000 volts, used to supply "potential". The main feature seems to be a long copper coil, sometimes made from over fifty miles of wire, and leading from the battery to the motor.

Fast-acting switches, formed as a commutator on the motor shaft, enabled a succession of 'spikes' to be generated. These were waves of electric power which surged down the coil from the battery and were 'gated' to the motor.

This means the magnetic field changes of the coil, caused by switching, were so timed as to optimize the pushes and pulls it made on the magnetic poles of the armature. Newman then claims that spikes REFLECTED BACK along the coil were gated to the battery causing it to be recharged!

Indeed trials are fully attested and on record in which a start was made with only partly charged batteries. Then after driving a water pump for more than an hour the batteries were tested and found to be fully charged!

Now according to conventional theory no reflected spike could have a high enough voltage to recharge the battery even if the coil had NO electrical resistance. Taking resistance into account very little power would even TRICKLE OUT at the end of the coil.

A quote from April 1993 Extraordinary Science;

"There is a second kind of RF (radio frequency) produced which appears as a stair-step waveform. The frequency of this RF energy seems to be related to the time required for the energy pulse to travel through the entire length of the copper coil. The second kind of RF is somewhat mysterious and is, as yet, largely undefined.

According to oscilloscope measurements made by Dr. Hastings and Mr. Hartwell, the generation process appears to operate in a laser-like fashion in that the wave front of the energy produced seems to BOUNCE back and forth through the length of the coil winding, with the amplitude of the energy pulse GAINING additional energy with EACH BOUNCE through the coil."

Vanguard Notes

Bearden said a stair-step waveform was most efficient for charging capacitors in over-unity circuits. In Chernetskii's circuit, a plasma, being the 'bridge' between energy and matter, was best suited to extract energy from the vacuum. Bearden also says ionized gases were highly sensitive to scalar type perturbations.

Electronics generally indicates that if you can receive a signal or an energy, you can reverse the process, pump up the circuit and TRANSMIT that same signal or energy. So, if a plasma circuit can be used to detect scalar/ether perturbations, Chernetskii would be on the right track with the PLASMATRON.

He said an advanced version of his unit could power an entire city from a 9 volt transistor battery.

This ties in again with Farnsworth's FUSOR and MULTIPACTOR, where a very weak exciter current can yield high electron multiplication for power generating systems.

And finally, the use of Lenz law (back EMF) is often pointed out as a likely means of extracting normally wasted electrical energy. When a motor is spinning free, with no load, it uses the minimum energy. As the motor is loaded, slight reverse torques cause the shaft to jerk backwards. The armature induces reverse spikes which conflict with the forward moving currents.

This causes resistance, heating and loss of energy for lower efficiency. If you can extract these reverse currents, that energy can then be accumulated and used. Not only will the motor run cooler, but it will require less current for higher overall efficiency.

Perhaps a long wire coil or a very high capacity could serve as the 'well' or accumulator for this excess energy, even from this simpler energy extraction process. The possibilities are here, it just takes some experimentation and effort to prove or disprove it....>>> Jerry