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For those interested in hydrolysis or 'Brown's Gas,' here is William Rhodes' original contribution to this field. Dr. Rhodes is still active in this field and those interested in more info should contact him directly as he in not on this list.

William A. Rhodes - Email: William A. Rhodes

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Proof Of Discovery:
Precedence established for
Generation and Single Ducted Use of
Mixed Atomic Hydrogen and Oxygen

Was the second man on the moon entitled to the distinction of being the first?

The information below relates to my U.S. Patent 3,262,872 issued 26 July 1966, titled, "Apparatus For The Electrolytic Production Of Hydrogen And Oxygen And For The Safe Consumption Thereof."

Of the 10 claims allowed, 9 read variously - beginning in claim 2 through claim 10; "...outlet in said cover for hydrogen and oxygen produced in said generator," to," and an outlet for said generator to conduct a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen from said electrodes and said casing."

The nine claim references cited by the examiner are relevant to the fact that this was the first issued patent using a common delivery duct for both gases.

The "et al" designates the financier of the project who included the outboard alcohol booster tank, Figs. 11, 12, qualifying him as co-inventor.

Prior patents relating to generation of hydrogen and oxygen from water are separately collected and ducted out of the generator for delivery of H2 and O2.

Perhaps the only reason such mixed gases were not discovered and used before was fear of explosion. Exhaustive tests at my laboratory revealed they were harmless compared with tank gases.

NIST and the literature contained no references on such atomic mixtures. My instrumentation using the NIST WWV clock signal proved flame propagation (velocity) rate is 8160 ft/sec -- mach 7.5, as compared to tank H2 and O2 being 680 ft/sec.

Make no mistake about it, mach 7.5 is not an attribute of burning H2 and O2. Other stoichiometrically mixed gases revealing flame propagation rates were Butane 60 ft/sec, and acetylene 330 ft/sec.

(Details of the setup for running such tests is available upon request.)

At this writing, maximum flame temperature is unknown. NIST again said they had no data, and research into that is proceeding. Already known is that tungsten melts instantly.

This confirms the temperature is significantly higher than 3,410 C. / 6,170 F. Mixed atomic gas volume vs stoichiometric tank gases will be determined.

One day, an article from the Internet was discovered by a friend and forwarded to me. It mentioned my second patent 3,310,483 of 21 March 1967 titled, "MULTICELL OXYHYDROGEN GENERATOR", another single ducted mixed gas generator.

The text included the name of a Dr. Yull Brown of Australia, whose U.S.Patent copy was obtained from the U.S. Patent Office. His patent #4,014,777 was issued 29 March 1977, eleven years after my first patent 3,262,872 of 26 July 1966. My patent is one of the references cited in his patent. He publicly has been claiming discovery of a new gas called "BG" for Brown's Gas.

Inspection of his patent revealed single ducted atomic gases, the same as mine.

I went ballistic. In the early days, I lost a lot through ignorance. But this? After regaining composure, I reasoned there must be a logical answer.

Since I generally ignored patent references cited against my many patent applications, reserving them for my patent attorney to study; on a few occasions I was guilty of such negligence which induces me to forgive Dr. Brown.

He might have committed the same oversight in claiming to be the discoverer of a new gas.

Regardless of claims to the contrary,

my patent 3,262,872 of 1966
(NOTE: IBM server only goes to 1971)
stands as the original discovery,
unless an earlier reference is found.
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Email: William A. Rhodes

Superhot Atomic Flame by Dr. W.A. Rhodes - 03/18/00

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