First Clues to the Orffyreus PPM - Updated 12/13/97
Written By Orqvav

The following clues are the beginning to an understanding of how the Orffyreus perpetual motion machine worked. More will be posted as they are determined.

A description of the forces operating in this machine will be useful.

1 - Gravity

It's already been explained that the machine uses GRAVITY with the falling WEIGHT'S.

2 - Kinetic Energy

That energy of a body which results from it's motion; it is equal to half the product of it's mass and the square of it's velocity. This is where the flywheel becomes important.

3 - CentriFUGAL

Moving or tending to move away from the center. This is where the weights become important as they fly through their piston-like tubes-within-tubes, "at the first apex", connected by strap, chain, rope. (The dog creeps out of the kennel just as far as his chain will stretch) behind the tubes are springs and the dog pins that a lever must release, then the SHOTGUN SHOOTS, the weights hit the rim of the wheel, and only at the first Apex. At this point, you must protect the rim with the anvil. (Think of a ball point pen as it cocks and holds and on the next stroke it pops out.)

4 - CentriPETAL

Moving or tending to move toward the center. This is where all the little tricks are played, the cocking mechanism must lock the weights at the second apex to be unbalanced from the falling weights or a weight put into place by a locking dog pin in some type of oval track.

Some thoughts on how the Engine worked - 12/13/97

Subject: Orffyreus
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 10:27:20 -0000

Hi Jerry,

Please fell free to post my comments on the clues page.

It has occurred to me that if the weights worked in pairs (as Orffyreus stated they did), then suspended weights on opposite sides of the wheel would be joined together (by rope?)

So that as the weight on the downside is pulled out to the rim by gravity, the weight on the opposite side would be pulled into the axis by the joining rope.

The weights would be suspended on folding arms like an adjustable reading lamp which would permit the arm to fold into the axis.

Alternatively, each suspended weight is attached by rope to the next weight in line so that as gravity pulls the downside weights down the others all follow it, this means the weights on the opposite side are automatically pulled into the axis.

Dog pins could be used to secure them in position, on the downside gravity would cause the dog pins to drop out allowing the weight to drop.

I'll keep in touch - Regards

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