Single Wire Conduction - 06/08/01
courtesy Milan Manchich

The following is an interesting email from Milan Manchich of Serbia after we had an exchange about posting useful information, here is what he provided for discussion, excellent, thank you Milan!

Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 16:36:00 +0200
From: Milan Manchich
Organization: AEM elektronika
To: Jerry W. Decker

No, No. Ufff. Maybe I create that pisture about my self. In that case I must to say that it is my mistake. I'm more active on the jln lab list. My english is problem for better communications.

Yes, I'm not agree with Bedini.. I never hide this. O.K. I can sher my informations and over her too (keelynet). I don't see any problem from my side for that. Actually I have found that your (just your) writing is interesting for me. More than other members do.

Members from jln lab list accepted my bad english and my skeptical view. For the start here are what I have discovered few monts a go.

As you can see that flat spiral coil powered from the centre with single wire input gave more collecting voltage on the Avramenco Plug. My first though was that capacitance was reason for this effect. But after better study, I have discovered (if I'm not wrong) that difference between higher em field density and lower em field density is reason.

Soon later I have discovered that it produce em radioation which needs to be closed with field from the ambient. It doesn't metter what kind of field is..human made (50 or 60 Hz or radio and TV waves) or field from nature or human body.

It means that some kind of energy exchange or flow is happen. After this I have built the coils with very low em field around, powered with single wire. If my body have higher em field than coil in that case there is a flow from my body to the collecting coil and reverse. In both case it couldn't be good for experimentator. I do not recommend to anybody to try playing with this.

In the light of this..we could say ( I'm not sure) that shapes like pyramid, cones etc. works like resonant circuit and collect energy from around, from space.

Also in the light of this, I could say that something similar is happen with Joe Cell if stories about Joe Cell is true. There are higher electrical field in the centre, where is minus terminal is connected. What about if there is the same radiation from the centre to outside?

People say that there is connection between builder and cell. What about if there was lower field density from cell which was closed from the field around builder body? Maybe it programmed water on that frequency from human body. Too much suppositions from my side, don't take too much seriously.

Crop Circle near my home town in Serbia

I don't waste my time about UFO story. I'm not saying that I don't believe in UFO..just it is not my interesting area. But something was happen last week over here. Near by my home-town (I'm not located there any more) people found one morning crop cyrcle (it is the first one in my country--Serbia) When you look this picture, you may say that it looks like a snail. Yes it is true, it was mine too.

But I have recognized one circuit with single wire which I made few months a go. You may notice that it looks almost the same.

Thank you for your post. You can post this e-mail if you will find that it could be interesting or drop. Your choice.

Director -
AEM elektronika
P.O.Box 127
24000 Subotica

Additional information from Friday, June 8th;

Hi Jerry,

Last information for today.. I promise ...As I said many times, that I not agree with Bedini, I must to say, that last his e-mail was inspirative for me. Something like my view..not quite, but very similar.

Here are circuit which made confusion in my mind. I have powered bifilar flat spiral coil ( it could be ordinary bifilar coil too) with electronics swithces. On the Resonant frequency measuring current on the charging battery behind bridge rectrifier or voltage on the battery terminals by scope is very confusing.

The both show that battery discharge, not charge. I have good scope and sonda. It is not reason..I'm sure. It is happen just with this ciruit. I have noticed before this effect with different coil with very high resonant frequency.

I thought that high frequency fooling scope and me. But when I have built this coil with lower resonant frequency than 10 kHz I have the same discharging curve on the scope.

But when I measured voltage before experiment and after experiment with digital Voltage meter.. it showed that battery was charged. It is happen if I drive coil with AC current too.

I asked several people for advice who are experts for measuring. No one didn't know to explane this. Fisrt reaction was " bad oscilloscope" but when they saw that my scope "HAMEG 305" is correct, then ..there wasn't answer. See attached circuit.


Milan posted the following to the discussion list;

Subject: [jlnlabs] think about it
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 10:44:11 +0200
From: Milan Manchich

Long time a go I had idea for driving voltage multipller by high frequency driver (1 or 10 kHz) with low current as it is possible. That energy storing into capacitor which can be fully charged with longer period, but still useable. Behind the capacitor are 50 Hz switches, whic will discharge capacitor through the load with higher current.

Second version could be discharge capacitor in seria with driving battery. It means that we take pulsating low current on high frequency, storage energy with 50 or 100 V into capacitor, after this discharge capacitor with 50 Hz with higher current.

On the first moment it looks like overunity, but it is not. It could be that we will invest more energy from battery than output, but it could be also that we could take more energy than with consuming devices connected directly to the battery, or will make running device with small battery which can't run consuming device directly at all, but with low current from the battery.

Also it could be confirmation about ones Bearden's statement that we draw power from the power source on badly way. Also it could be basic principle about Gray's motor. His voltage inverter is also secret. When I read Bedini's new motor principle, it is remind me about my old idea. there was problem find adecvate voltage multipller. I hope that I solve this problem yesterday.

Experiments will start maybe today or during weekend. It wouldn't easy as it looks like on the first moment. See attachment about basic principle.