Notice of Death of Stanley Meyer

While doing a search in DejaNews, I had seen a brief mention of this from the alt.conspiracy forum. However, based on past experience with such statements and the fact that it was a conspiracy forum, I chose not to act on it. Later, a couple of emails repeated the claim. Finally, Gene Mallove chose to call to see if there was any truth to the report. Here is his email.
From: E.F. Mallove
Subject: Meyer IS dead
Date: Sunday, March 29, 1998 10:38 AM


I just called the funeral home listed in the announcement of Meyer's death. I used directory information to get the number.

The gentleman there at Evans Funeral Home confirms that Meyer had indeed died and that there was a service there. I hope this ends speculation about the reality of Meyer's death.

Gene Mallove

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In the Dejanews posts I saw from alt.conspiracy, mention was made that Stan had died of some kind of mysterious food poisoning.

It is sad to see the death of anyone before their time and Stanley Meyer made quite a splash during his years of work with water as a fuel. We here at KeelyNet extend our condolences to his family and friends.

No doubt, the conspiracy buffs will jump on this and blow it way out of proportion to the reality. I can only hope they rely on history rather than fanciful speculations stated as fact.
I last spoke with Stan at the 1997 INE conference in Denver. At that time, he and I rode down together in the elevator and walked to the main conference room. At that time, he seemed in good health and full of energy.

I asked if he had driven or brought his hydrogen powered automobile, he said no, that it would have required too much logistics to arrange.

I said that it would be great to actually have the vehicle there for examination and demonstration by all at the conference. He said, yes, but it was still under development.

I asked whatever happened to the spark plug he had described back in 1994, which was supposed to let anyone install these plugs in their car so that it would also run on water. The idea being that water vapor was injected into the cylinders, exploded by a Keely type resonant frequency (42.8khz) and the products of that explosion burned by a high voltage spark.

He said that was still under development. Only this year, 1998, was I informed that this idea had been 'lifted' from Dale Pond at a 1989 conference in Switzerland and no credit given to Dale.

This has been posted before, but consider it a reality check as to what had been accomplished as opposed to what had been claimed, in an attempt to short circuit the inevitable conspiracy diatribes that will arise.