Markovitch Suspicions - 03/23/97

The original known information about this device is included at the end of this document and Stan Deyo says he carried the small coil across a room and as he walked, the coil resisted as if hitting magnetic field lines of the Earth...Jerry

From: - Tim Vaughan
Subject: Markovitch/Nidle Coil Fraud (Re: bifilar coils)
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 20:01:53 GMT

I wouldn't bet a nickel on the Markovitch contraption.

I talked with some of the people involved with this including a character in San Jose, Calif. name Dr. Vogel.

The Markovtich device was brought to his house. The thing that makes it extremely suspect is that the inventor would not let people take the coils apart and it had large copper pipe in the middle large enough to hold a bunch of dry cell batteries. It also put out DC current !

I was completely convinced that this was a fraud as were others, and there has been no further evidence presented to change that opinion since. Funny how the stories of these frauds just circulate like computer viruses in the free energy subculture.

Like so many of these myths, this one just won't die. It should !

However, having said that I would not place Thomas Henry Moray in this category. Moray did have something very significant.

Unlike things like the aforementioned invention, the Moray Radiant Energy invention gains credibility with closer inspection. So sad that the Moray children have decided to allow their fathers work to rot away.

It looks like others like Correa, will supersede Moray as the parents of this technology in the Future. - Tim
There is also an overunity device invented by Sheldon Nidle in the 1970's that has similar characteristics. He worked with Peter Markovich.

The passive device consisted of a copper sphere with center tap atop a tubular copper mast. Accumulated (scalar) energy flowed both through the straight mast and a (longer) superposed winding, thereby creating a time based differential between the two and the other end.

The above tube ended in an incomplete circle, with the coil terminated, at the distal end, to a secondary coil _counterwound_ on a larger diameter (circular) tube running parallel to the first.

The "voltage-like" output of the secondary was directed through a load back to the outer surface of the copper sphere. It was said to be a derivation of Tesla's magnifying transmitter.

Peter Nielsen, E.E.

The Stevens Device:
Energy from Coils of Wire and a Magnet
(this is the Markovitch device)

Courtesy of Dr. Patrick Bailey
INE website
Jan. 12, 1997

Here is what we know so far.

Below is:

1. Our email to request more information from our contacts;

2. An edited email response from one investigator; and

3. A telephone response from another investigator.

INE email sent: 5:27 PM, 12/30/96:
To: Energy_Sent_List
From: Patrick Bailey
Subject: Wanted: Info on the New Earth Resonance Device

I want to find out who the primary contact is on this new "over-unity" device: I recently saw a video about it.

The device is composed of circular coils of wire, on one planar frame, with one coil inside the other, like two concentric rings, and with the addition a one or more permanent magnets that are inserted into the center (or so?) of the inner coil ring.

The device has no internal power source (like batteries, etc.).

It is supposedly tuned to the 7.23 Hz Earth's EM field.

It is shown in 3 sizes: about 10 inches in diameter, larger, and the largest one was about 18-24 inches in diameter.

They are placed flat (parallel to the ground) in the air (on a glass table).

When the permanent magnet(s) is/are inserted, the secondary coil registers an output of about 80-100 Volts, on a regular VTVM as seen on the tape.

The tape calls this Voltage DC, and also says that it is around 5,000 Hz, which of course does not make sense.

The interesting thing is that when the output is connected to a regular lamp light bulb, it lights up just fine - so the promoters say see! It lights a 100 Watt bulb, so the Amperage must be 1 Amp...--> wrong...

Anyway, keeping in mind the come-ons...

On the tape:

The smaller unit lights up one 100 Watt light bulb, and the largest unit lights up ten 100 Watt light bulbs connected in series.

And - when the device is operating, they say it has a resistance to any lateral or rotational motion, like a gyroscope has that same resistance to a rotational (only) motion -

so - dum de dum dum - there are forces akin to UFO researcher's dreams evidently at work...

Also, when the magnet(s) is/are removed, the device does not function as well, and also, when the magnets are in and the device is turned up-side-down, it also does not function as well.

Obviously, this device has attracted a lot of attention, and it's applications are far-reaching and numerous, battery-powered cars and lap-tops to name just a few...

I have also heard that the inventor has an established lawyer, that they are very stand-off-ish, and that they want A LOT of money up-front (like a ridiculous amount) for this device.

So: Two Questions:

1. Who is the primary contact for this device? and

2. Who do we know that can also obtain this same knowledge from other persons, channeled information, or Divine Sources?

Please let me know if you have any solid information on this device or its operational physics. All I have is two phone numbers that lead to a dead end. No questions. This is all I know for now.


Email received later

and arrangements have just been made to share it:


[snip] He wanted US$25 million up front for the secret. We are aware of the concept and have been designing our own version [snip]. He is VERY paranoid about publicity; [snip].

The outer toroidal coil overheats and has no magic factors inside it other than a length of the coil which is cut until resonance is established. In the core of this outer toroidal coil is the instrument package. A magnet is used and a resonance is established using the mechanical (Lorentz) forces developed in the coil. The system pulses with a DC component.

Tuning is a function of the coil mass and cross-sectional aspect ratio. It appears an elliptical cross-section is required in the coil. The converter package in the center of the toridal coil appears to be a circuit to convert the pulsed DC component to AC.

This whole device is a low-voltage, low frequency, high-current form of the high-voltage, high frequency, low current Moray device. Each system has its good and bad points....

We are working very hard to develop a working model ASAP. We have enough funding and adequate lab facilities [snip]. When and if we have a good working prototype and adequate stocks for immediate market penetration we will let you know. We have a plan which is diametrically opposed to what might be expected [snip]

Be patient and use the clues we have shared with you.... Your friends ...[snip]

Telephone Call details received sometime this year:

From memory:

For lack of any name, it is being called the "Stevens" device (Markovitch) .

The name has no connection with anyone or anything, and is just a label.

The videotape (described above) has been around for about 1 & 1/2 to 2 years, not the 1 & 1/2 months that the INE was led to believe.

The device is being promoted by a group who wants a LOT of money for it, and wishes to maintain unknown for obvious reasons.

The device works, and no trickery has been found thus far.

Bailing wire was used in the smaller device.

The placement of the magnets are important and strategic.

The effect seen on the video is powerful; however, lighting a 100 Watt light bulb does not necessarily mean that the device is generating 100 Watts of electrical power.

The device overheats with time. This is an engineering problem that should be easy to solve by a good engineer with assistance from the inventor.

Arrangements are being made to test and develop better prototypes.

The INE will be contacted when new and better videos are available.

That's all we have for you for now.

Jan. 12, 1997.