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The following two files were kindly sent in to be shared with everyone by Scott Waring of Australia. They came in the form of two large .bmp images which I typed in as text in html so they could be searched. The photos are from the newspaper articles. Unfortunately, I don't have the date or the newspaper name, but it is probably the Cairns paper listed in other Lutec documents.

Lutec Skeptics Challenged

Inventors of the controversial Lutec fuel-free energy generator have thrown off the machine's cover and invited sceptics to air their doubts when the generator is publicly displayed later this year.

The Lutec 1000 has been refined and redeveloped for the sixth time and inventors Lou Brits and John Christie say the machine is almost ready for release. They are also inviting qualified electricians to personally contact them about becoming licensed installers for the Cairnes area.

The sixth generation Lutec 1000 now stands one metre tall (in an upright position) and has a steel frame which has allowed the inventors to attach more magnets closer to the drum to increase the power generation capacity.

Mr. Christie said the 'switches' used to supply the energy into the drum-shaped machine were also becoming smaller and more compact.

The new-look Lutec should be completed by the end of the month and the inventors hope to display all six generations of the machine at the Hilton Hotel later this year.

While Mr. Christie is eager to silence the critics with a public demonstration, he must wait for international agreements to be finalized.

However, he did invite the 'doubters' to see the machine work in person, saying patents were now pending in more than 100 countries, and he could provide detailed information of experts who could verify their work.

'They are welcome to contact us and we will give them the names of experts who have assessed the machine, but who's going to pay the experts, who are paid more than $US90 an hour, to sit down and explain it to them - because we're not,' Mr. Christie said.

'We don't mind people criticising the machine, but no one who has come to see the motor has gone away still believing it would not work.'

Mr. Brits said the crux of the disbelief centred around the perception that the Lutec 1000 created energy - an assumption which was essentially flawed.

'They are not taking into account the combination of the capabilities of permanent magnets and the effects on the incoming current caused by the induction of a greater current caused within the motor,' he said.

'All people see is the amount of energy we are putting in and more coming out. They then wrongly assume that we are creating energy.'

The core of the Lutec 1000 spins as the magnets - spaced alternately around the drum - are attracted then repulsed (using a small electrical circuit) to steel cores which are off-set above the centre down.

Mr. Brits said the machine released the energy stored in the magnets and anyone who doubted the 'stored energy' should try holding a piece of steel off the ground for an extended period.

'In the same way as a person holding a weight uses energy while they are not moving, a magnet uses energy to attract and hold a piece of steel,' he said.

'And it's absolute nonsense that a magnet can only be used on once. Everybody knows if you take a fridge magnet off the fridge and put a new piece of paper under it, it still sticks as good as new.'

A recent demonstration showed the inventors were modest in claiming a 400 per cent increase in energy output, with the Lutec 1000 lighting up six light bulbs (360 watts) with an input of just 42 watts.

Mr. Brits admitted the magnets would run out of 'energy', in approximately 1300 years, but could be recharged with an electrical current.

Mr. Christie said he and Mr. Brits had recently been approached by a company whowere interested in adapting the Lutec to power machines used in space exploration and he believed eventually the generator could be used in motor operated appliances.

The Environmental Protection Agency had also assessed the machine with the intention of giving inertial household users rebates or 'green house credits'.

He said the size and capability of the machine could be changed to suit the need and envisioned a household full of Lutec 1000's.

'Things like your fan could have a Lutec motor and the excess energy created could go back into a household battery to run static appliances like your television.

'It is certainly possible that it could remove a household from the power grid completely.'

For more information visit the website at;

To register your interest in becoming a registered installed of the Lutec 1000, email Lutec Australia

Machine uses Science Laws

We have never said there is an 'endless' source of energy emanating from magnets.

We have said the magnets we use in the Lutec 1000 are able to maintain their magnetic qualities for more than 1200 years. That is a long time when gauged by human life expectancy, but it is not forever.

We have previously stated that we welcome informed opinion, and to that end have sought out the highest quality people in Australia and the United States of America to review our work.

We thank the likes of Hamish Patterson and Danny O'Shane (28-3-02) for their unsolicited advice but suggest it would be less embarrassing for them if they did not make such a public demonstration of their complete ignorance of the subject matter, and confine their comments to subjects on which they have at least some basic knowledge.

The Lutec 1000 baffles only those who misinterpret the actions taking place within it as being outside common scientific principles and laws, where in fact it certainly is not.

S, for those still having difficulty understanding, we will try to make yet another simple explanation to demonstrate what motivates the Lutec 1000 motor/generator.

Let's say we hang a 10kg weight off a permanent magnet butted to a steel roofing beam, and that the only thing holding the permanent magnet to the steel beam is the magnetism.

Now, let's do the same thing but this time with an electro-magnet which requires a constant electrical input to maintain its magnetic qualities.

Let's say we leave them both there for 10 years.

They will both perform the same task, that of holding the 10kg off the floor.

The electro-magnet, however, has needed to be fuelled by electricity provided by a generator of some kind - it could be hydro, nuclear, wind, solar, coal or oil - and has cost a large amount in terms of energy and much work in the scientific sense to provide the constant electric current necessary to maintain its magnetic hold on the steel girder.

The permanent magnet has not needed to be energised by an external source. It has done the job for 'free' using only the magnetism it contains to perform the same job. The clue here is in the title of 'permanent' magnet.

The same principle is one of the reasons the Lutec 1000 motor turns. The spinning of the centre core of the motor is caused by the permanent magnets being attracted then repulsed from the steel cores of the fixed stator coils.

It is this primary movement that allows the magnetic fields around the stator coils to be 'cut' by the effect of the permanent magnets sweeping past the steel cores of the coils.

We have achieved two effects from one cause, thus inducing an electric current per Mr. Faraday's theory, and so generating electricity as an output or product of the motor's motion.

The only electricity consumed has been that required to temporarily charge the coils and so creating a temporary magnet of like polarity to cause the permanent magnet to be repulsed rather than attracted. Anyonew ho had bothereed to ask would know that.

There are a couple of other major factors that we will not go into here. All you need to know is that our current prototype demonstrates 1500 per cent more out than in - John Christie and Lou Brits

These are apparently from the 'Letters to the Editor' section;

Incessant Criticism not useful

I AM suprised we have an incessant negative debate about the Lutec invention.

Why don't the doubters and the cynics desist from publicly expressing their misgivings for a while and give the inventors some space and let them get on with their invention.

No invention has been perfect from the outset.

If this invention can demonstrate it can bring potential benefits, then prospective manufacturers will examine it and help with further development, otherwise it will, like so many other inventions, fall by the wayside.

To debate this concept in its early development stage is absolutely futile.

Benjamin Franklin said; 'I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work.'

The inventors should not be constantly harangued but given encouragement, not criticism.

There are two ways to slide easily through life - to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking.

I remember when the Sarich engine concept was brought into the open through the ABC television program 'The Inventors'. It was hailed as the 'mother of all car engines.'

Sarich made millions out of the concept, but nobody knows if it ever made the grade or if the principle is used today in any shape or form. - Werner Schmidlin, Valley St. Yorkeys Knob


I have seen the Lutec generator in operation twice. It was a prototype but I was very impressed with the positive test results.

I am not 60 years old but I remember similar discussions going back more than 40 years to when I did my apprenticeship as a machine mechanic in Switzerland.

There were always different views, but over the years I became a strong believer in this kind of concept.

Maybe we should spend a little more time and money on such wonderful ideas, instead of going on with all this negative criticism. - Karl Kobler, Koppen Toe, Mooroobool

Go to Web

Will all those who experienced doubt over the credibility of the Lutec free energy generator, please go to their website;

Lutec Website

and be prepared to wipe the egg off your face - Ray Duncan, Anne St., Smithfield Heights

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