Gestalts and the Production of Anomalous Phenomena - 01/08/98
by Jerry W. Decker for KeelyNet

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I fully expect to catch heat about this being posted under the Energy category of KeelyNet, when it should more appropriately be posted under Biology or Paranormal. However, since it deals primarly with controlling aether, albeit through conscious direction, I chose to place it under Energy.

The following is quoted from a superb Nexus magazine article about the experiments of John Hutchinson. It correlates the production of strange physical phenomena from combined electrical equipment; to the same type of phenomena reported in poltergeist cases.

"Basically, what Hutchison did was cram into a single room a variety of devices which emit electromagnetic fields (such as Tesla coils, van de Graaff generators, RF transmitters, signal generators, etc.).

He found that after they had been running for a while, effects began to occur that were identical to what have come to be regarded as poltergeist phenomena.

On one video recording a 19-pound bronze cylinder is seen to rise majestically into the air, at a distance of 80 feet from the centre of the device, but, incredibly, Hutchison tells us:

"The source power was 110 volts AC. One side of the AC line had a power factor capacitor (60 cycles, 250 volts) and a 100-amp current limiter."

On another occasion, when Hutchison's layout of apparatus and equipment was reproduced by an electrical engineering company interested in this device, he explained:

"All components are powered from a single 15-amp, 110-volt, 60-Hz supply."

You can read the entire article online at;

Hutchinson & Poltergeist Phenomena - 10/15/97

Isn't that an incredible correlation? When all these electrical devices are powered up, after a small amount of time has elapsed, poltergeist-like phenomena occurs.

Such phenomena continues until either the power feeding all the devices is turned off or some of the electrical devices in the room have been damaged to a point of non-operation.

One possibility that intrigues me is that the complex dynamic electrical interactions from the equipment establishes a low-level INTELLIGENCE. Much like Tom Beardens' gestalt (group mind) concept of ZARG, an entity created from an assembly of Neurophone driven, telepathically linked individuals.

To me, it sounds like this low-level intelligence, analogous to that of a baby, would necessarily attempt to map its environment utilizing whatever sensory and motional mechanisms it had.

Since the electronic devices manipulate electricity and magnetism, then those forces would be the most likely extensions used to map its environment. Just like a baby, uncoordinated groping using these energy fields would result in physical phenomena such as levitation, throwing objects across a room, unintentionally damaging or destroying IT'S OWN 'BODY'.

If enough self-inflicted damage occurs, the new low-level dynamic intelligence dies or is sufficiently crippled to lose these newfound abilities.

The Nexus article evoked memories of how some free energy researchers have an apparent ability to influence the flow of energy using either mechanical or electronic constructs. A similar ability has been demonstrated by some healers and through 'prayer groups.'

Party Levitation

A party trick referred to as 'party levitation', which I have done on numerous occasions when growing up, involves the use of 4 people to lift a 5th person. That 5th person is the heaviest one around. The idea involves a certain series of actions that allows the lifting of the heavy person with minimal effort.

The form we used was quite simple. A group of 4 people are selected, their size and strength is unimportant. A 5th person is selected who should be as stout, large or heavy as possible. The 5th person sits in a chair provided for the experiment.

All 4 volunteers take stations around the seated 5th person. One person is to be located at each shoulder and one person is to be located at each knee of the seated person.

One of the 4 volunteers (no particular one) places his right hand above the seated person's head. Moving in a clockwise pattern, the next person places their right hand above the previous person's hand. This continues until all four hands are stacked BUT NOT TOUCHING, above the head of the seated person.

Once the right hands are stacked, the left hand of each person is successively stacked in similar fashion, again NOT TOUCHING.

This means when we are finished, we have 4 right hands stacked above 4 left hands over the head of the seated person.

Once this is done, all 4 volunteers take 3 deep breaths, then one person shouts, 'LIFT'. At this point, all of the hands are removed from the stack, and each person places the palm of the right hand flat against the palm of the left hand, with each forefinger extended and flat against the other.

Each person then inserts their paired forefingers under the armpit or the crooked knee of the seated person and lifts as directed.

I have never seen it fail, that the seated person, no matter how heavy can be easily lifted high into the air by the combined efforts of the slightest and smallest of volunteer lifters.

There was an early 20th century scientist who carefully weighed volunteers carrying out this party levitation. I remembered reading about his test method. Coincidentally, while writing this, I received a packet of 'Fringe Science' reprint material courteously sent from the Lost Tech group down in Australia which had that very article in it!

The article says;

Weight Vanishes - Can Breathing Exercises Overcome Gravity?

Sixty pounds of human weight suddenly and mysteriously vanished the other day. Where did it go?

Nearly everyone is familiar with the lifting game in which four persons, after breathing deeply in unison, lift a fifth person easily with their fingertips.

The lifters always agree that the subject seems to have lost weight. Does the subject actually lose weight, or is it an illusion? To seek the answer, five persons recently tried the experiment on the platform of a sensitive scale.

At the outset, the combined weight of the experimenters was 712 pounds, but when the lift was made, according to Hereward Carrington, Ph.D., research officer of the American Psychical Institute, "these surprising results were noted: On the first and second trials, there was a loss of weight amounting to 52 pounds. On the third, fourth and fifth lifts, 60 pounds were lost."

The amazing thing about the party levitation is that the people doing the lifting find the person being lifted to be as light as a sack of feathers.

Some have claimed this due to distributed weight, others to possibly hyper- ventilation from the 3 breaths prior to the lift.

Given that the seated person weighs just 200 pounds, I ask you to try to lift 50 pounds of dead weight with just your two extended forefingers next to each other. This experiment remains unexplained as to the true reason why the lifted person seems to be so light in weight.

The Sufi Shrine of Qamar Ali

Another similar report is about a Sufi shrine in Shivapur, near Poona, India. It is named after Sufi holy man Qamar Ali. In the courtyard, visitors to the temple are asked to assist in a demonstration of Qamar Ali's divine presence. The experiment involves two large boulders in the courtyard, one slightly larger than the other.

When eleven people stood around the largest boulder and lightly touched it with a single forefinger (as I understand it, either hand could be used), they were instructed by a disciple of the temple, to chant in unison, the phrase, 'Qamar Ali Dervish' in a kind of sing-song style.

After a couple of minutes of this chanting, the stone would rise up off the ground. If the chanting stopped or just one person removed their finger from the stone, it would instantly fall to the ground.

The smaller boulder could also be lifted in similar fashion, yet it only required the participation of nine people. On our recent trip to Egypt, I SO wanted to go to India to witness this phenomenon and do it for myself, making a videotape and taking measurements where possible, however, the cost was beyond my budget.

Again, we have the combined willpower of a group of people, expecting a specific goal to occur.

Tibetan Levitation

It is quite possible that the incidence of Tibetan levitation as reported to have been filmed could have been a group consciousness effect rather than being due to sound as we have always believed.

An excerpt from Dan Davidson's paper, FREE ENERGY, GRAVITY, AND THE AETHER describes this event;

Research into ancient religions reveals many startling levitation effects. One of the most detailed and interesting of these have been recorded by a competent witness5.

A Swede, Dr. Jarl, who studied at Oxford became friends with a fellow student from Tibet. Several years later, in 1939, he was asked by his friend to go to Tibet to treat a high Lama. His Tibetan friend had risen to high rank at his Lamasery and Dr. Jarl was privileged to learn many things which most foreigners would never hear about.

On one occasion, his friend took him to a meadow which was surrounded by high cliffs to the northwest. About 250 meters up the face of the cliff there was a hole which looked like the entrance to a cave. A rock wall was being built in front of the cave by Tibetan monks. Access to the cave could only be achieved from the top of the mountain.

250 meters from the face of the cliff, facing the cave, was a polished rock slab with a bowl shaped depression in it. A block of stone, 1.5 meters long by 1 meter wide and 1 meter high was lowered into the depression by a team of Yaks and monks. Monks with19 musical instruments, consisting of 13 drums and 5 trumpets, were arranged in an arc of 90 degrees (see Figure 3) in front of the stone block.

The instruments had the following measurements:

All the drums were open on one end, mounted on poles, and aimed at the block of stone. The drums were beat by monks using a big leather club. Behind each instrument was a row of monks. The monks started chanting and playing the musical instruments which lasted four minutes.

When the sound reached a certain level the large block of stone placed in front of them, occupying the focal point of the monks formation, majestically floated into the air and arched up to the construction site on the mountain above them where receiving monks guided the large block into place. The flight path of the huge stone took about 3 minutes.

This was not an isolated incident. The monks continued to perform this feat at the rate of 5 or 6 stones per hour. On occasion a stone was broken by the process which indicates that the sonic resonance forces are capable of destructive effects.

Movies taken by Dr. Jarl of the levitation were confiscated by the society he worked for and classified. Analysis of the geometric measurements, taken by Dr. Jarl, of the levitation situation reveals that the distances are related to the speed of light and other earth resonance phenomena.

Again, in line with the gestalt idea behind this paper, it is possible that the sound and geometry so often quoted as the key to how the Tibetan stone was levitated, might well be a subterfuge. That the true cause was combined will on the part of the participants, again with a specific goal in mind.

My technical background makes me recoil in horror at the thought that our best hope of gravity control is only through the inconsistent results of psychic phenomena. Yet the only way to learn to control this in a reproducible fashion, is through measurement, possibly biofeedback, using the mind as a guide to producing the hardware that would let us do it without need of mental interference.

Prayer, Witchcraft and Spiritualism

Various religions, from the pomp and circumstance of Roman Catholic rituals to the rituals of witchcraft which require the active emotional involvement of a group of people focusing their minds on a single goal. It is the function of the priest or priestess to recognize when the emotions have peaked and to direct the release of the combined emotion energies toward the accomplishment of a specific goal.

As mentioned earlier, many prayer groups and churches use this combined form of concentration in attempts to help or heal others with varying levels of success. Some people naturally have more of this ability than others.

The dark side of this energy is the release and redirection of the life force from a blood sacrifice to influence or produce a specific real world event. The Ark of the Covenant and the Old Testament required such life force sacrifices. Possibly the Ark had equipment to collect and convert these life force energies for the production of the various phenomena that it is reported to have produced.

I have seen reports of electronic devices that had an energy sapping effect. One such is Floyd Sweet's VTA. I attribute that to the increased influx of aether/ZPE into the circuit, where the experimenter is too close to the center of accumulation, the vortex. This would extract life energy from the experimenter by aether/ZPE entrainment.

Seances and spiritualist sessions report physical phenomena such as table tipping, in some cases where the table actually rises high into the air, with only the fingertips of the participants touching the table. One test involved switches under each leg of the table. Only if all the legs are NOT touching the switches at the same time, will a red light come on, indicating the lift is in effect.

Some reports say as few as two people can be involved, providing one of these people has the 'gift'. However, the majority of seance sessions reported have more than two people involved.

Directed Gestalts, the Neurophone and a gifted Savant

I joined a newsgroup called alt.synchronicity for a short time, in hopes of finding others who would be willing to carry out group experiments with the Flanagan Neurophone. The Neurophone modulates audio signals directly onto a subjects nervous system to allow hearing without need of ears. Telepathic phenomena has been associated with the simultaneous use of Neurophones by a group, even over distance.

My gestalt idea was to attempt to engineer reality. This was to be accomplished by locating a group of people who would purchase a Neurophone and agree to hook into their Neurophone at a certain day and time, for the express purpose of telepathically combining our minds to form a 'directed gestalt'. This direction would take the form of a pre-agreed upon goal. Such projects as manipulating the stock market, healing sick or dying people, altering the weather in a given location or any number of other results that could be checked and verified.

Only two people on this list even had a clue as to what was being proposed or what could be the end result of such an experiment. I monitored the newsgroup for a short period afterwards, but was so disappointed in the 'deja vu' and coincidence reports that I no longer read it.

As you can tell, I wanted to attempt to force a specific result to occur, using the power of a directed gestalt. The first group mind efforts would be from a group of individuals, which would help to develop an understanding of how to achieve such an internal gestalt state in an individual.

I am of the opinion that people like Keely, Hendershot, Hubbard and others who were the only ones who could produce phenomena in their machines, probably had this ability to create an aether/ZPE path in their equipment. They were either naturally gifted or somehow learned to direct their mental focus in such a way that an internal harmony of the aggregate lesser intelligences was given a specific goal to achieve when the group mind was in effect. A kind of living, intelligent Bose Einstein Condensate that could be sustained (polarized) long enough to produce the phenomena.

There is currently a Canadian savant who has the ability to produce such phenomena. This is a short description of what is known;

He does not wish publicity because of past experiences with representatives who want him silent. He was forcibly put into a mental hospital for about 3 yrs on a public denunciation by governmental agents(?) and subjected for 3 yrs to electroshock in order to cure/lobotomize him.

He can generate electricity without any apparent power source or battery- nobody has been able to find the trick, so far as the doubters would put it.

From a sort of an apparatus, where you have 3 Tesla(?) coils interconnected to an exotic(?) circuitry he can from a SINGLE wire output Free energy (electricity) - it can be either direct or alternative current - this without an inverter.

He has been able to put his house on this free electrical device (bigger than the one he is demonstrating) and also been able to operate a carousel at a fair for 1 week without any problems.

He can also transmit electricity at a distance - like putting a motor in a transparent plastic bag of tap water, start it at a distance of 20 feet, and the motor will run under water - he claims that it will go on for 1 week then stop on account of a special ingredient that he puts inside it.

He states that he is in contact with higher entities (but does not state that he is a contactee).

No formal charges were ever brought against him. While he was younger, his Catholic (Roman) parents had him exorcised due to the bizarre inventions he was putting out.

He is now poor, not much of a talker and before he was put into the hospital he had had several threats against him by unknowns(?).

Since his release he has started anew his semi-public demos (his rationale being as more and more people become aware of his discovery then it will create a momemtum and unstoppable movement).

He has been approached by "Japanese" investors that offered him tons of $$$ to buy him up and shut him up too(?). He has refused as his discovery is for all of humanity. He has been physically threatened and now getting death threats - saying stop or else...This is why he prefers to run in a semi-public environment.

I am also told this fellow uses coils of wire, wrapped in a certain way, intermixed with other simple components in combination to produce electrical type energies. There is also a claim that SOME others have been able to duplicate some of his devices and are now powering their homes, but they refuse to share details for fear of similar persecution as the inventor experienced. (If anyone out there knows how to build one of these, please read the Alternative Technology Shareware Proposal and consider letting everyone know how to do it!)

When watching the videos of various psychokinetic experiments where people like Nelya Kulagina can move inorganic, non-ferrous objects in a vacuum, under a glass or behind a wall, you can clearly see the effort on their faces as they strain to evoke this coherent-mental-lasing condition. It is ALWAYS a temporary condition that only appears for a brief period. A physical observation that I found intriguing and possibly useful about Kulagina when objects were being moved, was that the magnetic field emanating from her medulla was many times that of the Earths' magnetic field. This was a transient phenomenon.

The point of this observation is that it can be empirically tested by anyone using the party levitation experiment and probably by other experiments that might well serve to establish an 'aether/ZPE path' for successful operation of an overunity or antigravity device.

The Manitou, Engineering Aether and the Peace Pipe

The gestalt idea is strangely like the idea that the earth is a sentient creature, called Gaia. Some American Indians have a belief in the Manitou, a nature spirit which imbues all things, living or nonliving, with its own spirit and associated intelligence. The size/density and age of each mass determines its power and social placement in the Manitou heirarchy. By affecting the proper attitude and ritual, these Manitou's can be communicated with and requested to combine their energies to produce desired phenomena.

In the same vein, the legendary Power Stones are claimed to be extremely old and possessing not only great intelligence but also great power. I view this claim as indicating that such an ancient intelligence would continue to expand its reach and understanding so that it would eventually learn to sense aether influx and variations.

The process would apply to any intelligence, human or otherwise. It would require that the intelligence;

Once the intelligence (gestalt or discrete) learned to detect and control the aether flows, it could use such knowledge to engineer phenomena on demand. I think many of the legends and myths about gods, demons, masters, magicians and such were in fact people who had learned to sense and intelligently control aether variations to effect their will upon our reality.

The late Jerry Gallimore claimed that the American Indian peace pipe must be carved from a certain type of stone, removed from one large stone located in the Southeast. I spoke with Jerry about this but can't remember what state he said the stone was located in, something like Arkansas, Missouri or in that area. Jerry said Indian elders of each tribe knew the location of the stone and the legends associated with the TRUE peace pipe.

This stone, had pieces of it removed to be carved for the authentic ritual peace pipe and distributed to the various tribes. There was a reason only this particular stone could be used as the source for the carved peace pipes according to Gallimore. He said when the peace pipe was passed around to be smoked when making a contract or agreement, that if someone in the group who had dishonest or nefarious purposes put the pipe to their lips and tried to smoke it, they would be struck dead.

Gallimore said this was due to the parent stone, being of extreme age, size, wisdom and consequent power and could act through its parts, which were distributed to the tribes in the form of the truth-telling peace pipe.

As long as the pipe was in the presence of harmony (like thoughts), all was peaceful. When the pipe sensed the disharmony of deceit, it caused a force to be generated, possibly piezoelectric, to be passed into the holder of the pipe as the target of the disharmonious thought.

Interesting tie-in here to the possibility of a 'truth machine'. Such a device would measure enharmonious disturbances 'in the force' (the local area whose perimeter could be defined) and produce an alarm to warn of the situation.

Final Thoughts

It is quite possible that some kind of group mind (gestalt) is established by the compound, combined interaction of many discrete minds, all expecting a certain type of result.

I am of the considered opinion that this gestalt principle is a universal law, that lesser intelligences naturally combine to form ever more complex intelligences. Imagine each atom having a very, very low level of rudimentary intelligence. When these separate atoms combine to form a molecule, a more complex intelligence is created. When these molecules combine to form a mass aggregate, whether a chair or a living creature, again a more complex intelligence is created.

Using biofeedback techniques or other means of focusing concentration, I also think that an individual can increase their own abilities by harmonizing all the lesser intelligences within themselves to join together to bias or force a specific goal to occur.

In the case of a group of people, representing many combined lesser intelligences and using the ritual or patterns affiliated with their particular belief system, joined together in a common purpose, would produce a superior intelligence from the dynamic interactions of their individual minds. A gestalt that could be directed to carry out a specific task agreed on beforehand by the individual members making up the gestalt.

The 'directed gestalt' idea is, I think, a wonderful opportunity for experiment and for establishing operating protocols necessary for its successful application. In time, events will allow us or others to work on this project. I can be contacted at should you have constructive comments to make about this file or wish to finance such a project.