Gary Magnetic Neutral Line - 12/02/97

The following document is based on experiments done by John Bedini and courteously shared with KeelyNet. John's website contains lots of technical information based on his experiments, please check it out.

The Gary Magnetic Motor is based on the discovery of what is claimed to be a neutral line, written up and described by Gary as a neutral line that surrounds the magnet at a specific distance. Based on experiments, John is of the opinion Gary was referring to the neutral line at the middle of a magnet where the North and South poles flip, otherwise called the Bloch Wall.

Check out the full Gary document with additions
courtesy of Tim Vaughan - 05/02/97

From: John Bedini
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: Jpeg
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 18:30:21 -0800


Start with Gary1, then Gary2, Gary3, Gary4. I hope that you will understand what it is that I'm working on. This was the only way I could get the effect of the neutral line.

Below the line you get the south pole and above the line the north pole and at the neutral line the nail drop's off. This is an easy experiment to do.

Stand up a bar magnet - take a piece of iron and a small nail, move the piece of iron above the center of the magnet and slowly move it down.

The minute you reach the neutral line the nail will drop off. Hope this helps with this motor.


GARY1.GIF - showing the neutral line

GARY2.GIF - showing soft iron bar, unpolarized at the neutral line

GARY3.GIF - showing polarization of the bar to provide repulsion

GARY4.GIF - showing polarization of the bar to provide attraction
and how such a soft iron can be used as a magnetic switch

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