09/10/89 - This is an excerpt from a document graciously provided by Dan A. Davidson from his book "A Breakthrough to New Free Energy Sources". The entire document is listed at KeelyNet as DANART1.TXT should you wish to study it. Dan can be contacted at Dan Davidson.

The file has been excerpted because of a recent post indicating a cheaper way to carry out the experiment. That post is at the end of this file.

Note: This file is being posted PURELY for information. Any attempt at duplication could be HIGHLY DANGEROUS. If you choose to experiment with water dissociation as described in this file, you take full responsibility for any damages or personal injury which might result from your actions.

Verification of Frequency to produce
Etheric Force from Water - 12/20/97

A recent (1965) possible verification of the frequency Keely used to dissociate water into etheric force was related to me by a scientist when we were discussing certain aspects of free energy. He wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but his name is on file. I have no other verification of this experiment, however I believe it merits telling.

The scientist, I shall call him Dr. X, was doing experiments with ultrasonic sound in a column of water. The object of the experiments was to devise a means of separating various densities of materials by injecting them into a column of water which was subjected to an ultrasonic standing wave vibration. The experimental setup is sketched in Figure 3-3 (for BBS considerations a description follows).

A Barium Titanate ultrasonic transducer was fixed to the bottom of a quartz tube which was closed at the bottom and open at the top. Pure water was poured into the tube and the water column was "tuned" so that a standing wave was produced at 40,000 CPS (cycles per second). The transducer was powered by a 700 Watt power amplifier which was driven by an ultrasonic frequency generator.

Because of the large amount of power put into the column of water a certain amount of evaporation took place at a constant rate when the transducer was energized. Therefore, to maintain a standing wave in the water column a feedback device caused the frequency to be raised as the water evaporated and the temperature changed.

As a test, Dr. X decided to run through the experiment with only water in the tube to insure that a standing wave was maintained as the water evaporated and the frequency rose higher and higher. When the experiment was started everything worked beautifully.

Dr. X took periodic readings of his instrumentation and was assured that the standing wave was being maintained. Suddenly, with no warning whatever the water disappeared from the open quartz tube. He looked up thinking to see the water splashed on the ceiling when to his amazement a clean hole went right through the ceiling. The hole was the same size as the inside of the quartz tube.

Further investigation showed the hole continued on through the roof also! Dr. X checked his notebook and found the last frequency entry to be 41,300 CPS. It was shortly after this that the water disappeared.

Because of the time interval between the last reading and the disappearing water, the frequency sent to the transducer was higher than the last reading and Dr. X said it could well have been very close to 42,800 CPS, the Keely dissociation frequency. (11)

This obviously dangerous event caused Dr. X to dismantle the equipment and try some other approach to his problem. This experiment points the way to the use of our modern technology in conjunction with Keely's laws of dissociation to change matter into energy without the use of radioactive materials or extremely expensive atomic accelerators.
The following was from a post received on 12/20/97. The names have been removed for privacy.

"A friend of mine, suggested modifying an ultrasonic humidifier (replacing the frequency tuning resistor with a variable resistor) such that it could be adjusted to operate at the 42k frequency requisite for the separation of H2O into it's constituent parts (I haven't tried it). The power level of the humidifier may be inadaquate for the job, however."
An interesting idea since piezo transducers (any transducer) can be tuned to any frequency, but has the greatest energy transfer at its resonant frequency. So you could very well use an off the shelf piezo rated at 32khz (its natural resonant frequency) and simply power it at 42.8khz.

It would require the establishment and maintenance of a standing wave to properly disrupt the molecular bonds.

Since the container used by Dr. X was open ended, what happens if you carry out this experiment in a sealed container, say in a piston chamber? Maybe a single cylinder lawnmower or motorcycle engine?

Or would it be more efficient to contain the explosive energy in a pressure tank which would then run the engine, much like the BOESE liquid nitrogen engine or the Airmotor powered automobile.

In Keely's experiments with water dissocation in the late 1800's, on many occasions he had explosions that burst iron tubes and in one case blew out the side of his lab. He wound up in the hospital with broken ribs and major bruises.

The iron pipes had a needle size hole through 1" and 2" thick iron, which were burst like balloons. Measurements of the force produced from water dissociation based on his experiments quoted "3 drops of water, instantaneously dissociated (in a spherical chamber) to produce 29,000 pounds per square inch".
Recently we learned that the Water Disrupting Spark Plug promoted around 1994 by Stan Meyers was in fact suggested to him by Dale Pond at a conference in Switzerland back in 1989. The idea was you should be able to use Keely's 42.8khz emitted from a spark plug to instantly dissociate the water molecule to hydrogen and oxygen which would then be exploded to drive the piston.

Meyer took this idea, claimed it as his own and never credited Dale with the idea. He cannot patent it because it was disclosed in a public place in the presence of witnesses. Needless to say, like all of Meyer's other claims, nothing has come of it.

This is a further indication of how certain people try to capitalize on others' ideas and are not to be trusted...hide your wallets. Check out Dale's SVPVril Website.

If you choose to carry out experiments in this area, please share your findings, whether failures or successes with us here at KeelyNet. Thanks!