Dimensional Shifts - 02/14/97 - (Updated 01/10/11)

by Jerry W. Decker for KeelyNet
'a series of speculations on time and dimensional travel'

Over the years, I've read articles and heard stories that refer to unusual phenomena relating to experiments with high energy concentrations in a 'constrained' area. This energy can be in the form of high concentrations of sound, electricity, magnetism, etc..

At this point in time, my thinking is that a direct current (unmodulated - not alternating) produces a stress on the fabric of space in a local area. This stress, when produced using an untuned energy source, could be thought of as a water hose, shooting water out the end with no one holding the end of it. The hose would move all over the place, much like the 'water wiggle' toy.

Each spatial (and possibly TEMPORAL) location, no matter what dimension it resides in, has a specific coordinate, referenced by a combination of frequencies that equate to the 'signature' for that location.

These are nested frequencies - like bubbles within bubbles - because they are all standing waves produced by 180 degree phase conjugation.

If a modulation - representing a specific 'signature'/coordinate - is imposed on this stress field, then a portal is opened to that location. My concept is that a resonance is established between these two locations (there can be more), i.e. the physical-spatial location and the artifically created image.

When a tuning fork is struck, a fork tuned to the same frequency will resonate with the excited fork, rapidly achieving an energy equilibrium between the two. Once this equilibrium is established, there is an energy transfer, almost in a holographic sense which phaselocks the two forks. This can occur between any two resonant spaces or objects.

By adjusting the amplitude of the vibration between the two resonant bodies/spaces, an energy flow can be established in either direction between them. High amplitude always flows to low amplitude in the natural attempt to achieve equilibrium, thus creating a flow between the bodies/spaces.

Once a resonance is established, I believe a mass can be caught up in this flow and physically transported between two resonant spaces. I am of the opinion that the claims of 'time travel' are much closer to being a dimensional shift where multiple realities exist within the same spatial location, yet slightly out of phase (alternate realities/dimensions).

By tuning to these alternate spatial, temporal or dimensional realities, creating a flow and then sustaining it, an object would shift to that location. In his book, 'The Excalibur Briefing' Tom Bearden refers to these alternate realities and the appearance in our reality of phenomena he refers to as 'tulpoids'.

These tulpoids include UFOs, bigfoot, Nessie and other Fortean manifestations of short duration, yet some of which leave physical evidence of having been here.

What if these are entities from an alternate reality caught in a momentary flow to be forcibly transported to our world? They would be lost and confused, probably antagonistic due to fear.

The question then arises as to where do they go if they appear here, that is, why don't they STAY here? When one of these alternate reality entities gets caught up in a high density energy field, it is 'charged' with the 'coordinate/signature' of the field.

For a short time, this signature overcomes its natural 'creation coordinate' and the entity transports to an alternate reality. The now charged entity wanders around in its new reality bleeding off energy which was absorbed and MAINTAINS its contact with the new reality. Once the energy has dissipated to a point allowing the entities natural 'creation coordinate' to resume, it transports BACK to its home reality.

One of the comments made in the infamous Billy Meier UFO case was in the form of a question Billy asked one of the Pleidians. The response has always fascinated me because it indicated an understanding far beyond what an itinerant Swiss farmer would normally be aware.

After one of the ships had taken off, the typical circular swirls of the grass where the ship was remained for as long as a year. The grass continued to grow in a swirling pattern. (yes, I know, here we go with crop circles, but bear with this, its important)

When Meier asked about this, he was told that the South pole CCW rotation of their ships field had 'remodulated' the natural energy field (the aura) of the grass. As a result, the grass was charged with this pattern. The grass continued to grow in the swirling pattern until the artifically imposed field dissipated to a point where the natural field of the earth would resume and the grass would grow normally.

Taking all this into consideration, the question then arises, how do we accomplish dimensional shifts under controlled conditions?

Alan Holt's Field Resonance Concepts

In line with this idea of resonant transfer are two excellent papers by Alan Holt of NASA. A new propulsion concept has been developed based on a proposed resonance between coherent, pulsed electromagnetic wave forms and gravitational wave forms (or space-time metrics).

The field resonance system artificially generates an energy pattern which precisely matches or resonates with a virtual pattern associated with a distent space-time point. According to the model, if a fundamental or precise resonance is established, (using hydromagnetic wave fine-tuning techniques), the spacecraft will be very strongly and equally repelled by surrounding virtual patterns.

Using this concept, a spacecraft "propulsion" system potentially capable of galactic and inter-galactic travel without prohibitive "travel times" has been designed.

The following interesting bits of unverified and highly suspect info add to this line of thinking.

The Mandala/Mantra Connection

Incunabula Files / Ong's Hat refers to a mandala/mantra coordinate system which is used to transport the subject to one of unlimited parallel, other reality Earths. The principle applies to mass transfer from one set of coordinates to another set of coordinates.

The Missouri Connection

Thu Nov 28 2:27:39 AM PST 1996 Mike Marcum, the Missouri guy who made News of the Weird in 1995 after he stole six power company transformers he said were necessary to make his time machine (so he could find out the winning lottery number and come back and buy a ticket), called a radio show from Nevada in October 1996 and said he was only 30 days away from finishing his invention. His Missouri landlord had evicted him for various electrical misadventures in his apartment.

The Michigan Experiment

Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 22:37:19 - 0600
From: Barbara Flick
Via : forteana@lists.primenet.com
To: Jerry Decker

Dear Jerry,

Today on the telephone with a friend in Northern California, I was informed about a man in the State of Michigan who had invented a "time machine." This man had supposedly worked on the legendary Philadelphia Experiment and informed his friends and confidants that he "knew what he was doing."

He set up these five 300-pound magnets in a circle and had them super-energized with electric currents. He put a cat in the center of the circle, and the cat disappeared. Then he put a goat in the circle, and the goat also disappeared into the mists of time.

Finally, he got into the center of the circle himself, and he, too, disappeared into "another dimension," never to reappear again. Anybody else heard anything more about this? Or is it just another "old wives' tale"?

According to my California friend, this supposedly happened quite recently; and he is going to try to find out more information about it, such as the man's name and where this "experiment" is said to have taken place. I will post a follow-up of anything else of pertinence about this matter.

(from Jerry at KeelyNet - Is this the same Missouri Guy? I posted a message on the Forteana list asking who posted this or if there was more info on the subject, but nothing was posted in response.)

The Russian Experiment

Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 20:26:16 -0 800
alex@frolov.spb.ru (Alex Frolov)
Subject: Re: June 1996 Proceedings "New Ideas in Natural Sciences", contents
From: Jerry Decker
Organization: KeelyNet

Hi Dr. Frolov!

Please reserve a copy of the book for me. Should the fund transfer be $60 in cashier check, international money order or what? The topic list was quite intriguing..

One other point, you mentioned a fellow who invented a time machine? Is this fact? How has he proven it and have others experimented with it or duplicated the research? Thank you for your time and assistance!

Dear Jerry W. Decker, Yes, I reserved a copy of Proceedings for you. Payment is possible by Western Union in St.-Petersburg, for Mr. Alexander V. Frolov. To get the money from Western Union office I must know the control number of your transfer. Other way is bank transfer in my account:

About the time machine: There is a Mr. Vadim Chernobrov in Moscow. He is a PhD and in his dissertation at the Moscow Aviation Institute he is considering the electromagnetic propulsion drive for flying system. He is working with UFO facts also.

He has collected a great database (over 1500 people) working with perpetuum mobiles, antigravitation devices and chronogenerators of different types. I am very honored to have a direct contact with him.

On December 10-11 he and other persons organized in the Russian Parlament the conference for ecological commission and their main topic was the real possibility for cleaning up of the enviroment by means of new alternative energy technologies.

Chernobrov's paper on his experiments to change the rate of time is published in our Proceedings. In several words: He used electromagnets installed so as to produce several spherical envelopes:one envelope is installed inside of another and the entire system is a multi-envelope structure like the russian toy called the "matrioshka". (nested dolls) The goal is to make a special type electromagnetic field that is moving from periphery to central point. The shift of rate of time in such a system is very small: several seconds per one hour of experiment.

Alexander V. Frolov
P.O.Box 37,
St. Petersburg, 193024

The Dallas Connection

Reply-To: forteana@lists.primenet.com

Hi Juergen!

Yes, I have a hard time with it, but there are numerous correlations with free energy and antigrav experiments that indicate something deeper here. From the posts I've seen on Forteana, maybe one in 30 is worth any thought, but I thought I'd give it a shot since the Michigan story came from there. I plan to include the newspaper articles, the Forteana post and some other material on my website since many of our people are techies and quite open to such wild claims.

If no one ever investigates, we might miss the boat just because it looks too wild when considered from an orthodox science standpoint....so I don't mind bridging between the two....bottomline, it works or it doesn't. Now, where to get 5-300 pound magnets....

You know, from your posts that I've seen on Forteana, I did not think too highly, but I do appreciate you responding to me directly and to 'some' degree open to further investigation on the subject. Maybe it was just 'in kind' posts that portrayed you in this light.....

I have a friend who knew the owner of an electronics company. This man was very intrigued by high density magnetic fields. One day he built a transformer on a motorcycle type frame and installed a 'dead man switch' which would disable the power if the switch was released.

With his technicians running the machine, the owner sat on the frame and the power was applied. I have no idea if it was DC or a special freq AC. After about 3 minutes, the man began looking around the room as if he were seeing something different or new...shortly after, his body began to shimmer as if disappearing. It was at this point, he released the switch and the power went off.

He reported that the walls of the room began to melt away, showing a pristine, undeveloped landscape as if the city and this building had never been there. One of the fellow techs was chomping at the bit to ride this thing.

The owner finally agreed only after the tech signed a medical and legal release in the event anything bad happened to him. He sat on the frame, power was applied and nothing happened until about 3 minutes had elapsed. This guy began looking around, just like the owner had, and his body began to shimmer. He did not release the switch.

As more time elapsed, the mans' body disappeared from view, yet the dead man switch was STILL BEING PRESSED. After 5 minutes, the owner had the other techs turn off the power.

The rider reappeared, babbling and drooling, totally insane. The machine is supposed to be locked up in the owners garage and he has moved to Colorado. I know this sounds like so much BS, but there is more that I won't bother you with at this time.

Something is going on here that is beyond urban folklore. Thanks for your interest, perhaps when I get a file compiled for my website, we can collect other correlative information that might give further insight into an experiment.

Personally, I would NOT step into a zone that caused me to disappear...where do you go and can you get back? Currently, I believe it is possible that we could go to one of many alternate Earths, totally undeveloped and which followed a different timeline.

How cool, millions of other Earths', coexisting slightly out of phase with us, wonder if thats where Judge Crater, the Mayans and all those missing people and cultures disappear to? Seeya!

The Florida Connection - Mental Shifts

NOTE: This was from a conversation I had several years ago, so the details might be a bit fuzzy....>>> Jerry

Walter Rawls, who worked with the effects of monopolar magnetic fields on matter with the late Albert Roy Davis, told me in a telephone conversation of his experiments with a North pole magnet situated over the pineal gland.

A mask was made which held the North pole end of a long cylindrical magnet over the pineal gland. The purpose was to stimulate the gland and see if there was anything to this 'third eye' business. Exposure was in the range of 10-30 minutes per day over a period of about 4 weeks.

Within the first week, he was sitting at his desk reading documents when he noticed something move out of the corner of his eye. As he looked up, the ghostly figure of a man had walked through one wall, moved across the room and disappeared through another wall. The figure was totally unaware of Walter. Further exposures to this North pole field took place over a second and third week.

The second week, the same ghostly figure moved through the room and glanced toward Walter as he passed through. This time, the figure appeared to have slightly more detail, not quite so ghostly.

The third week, busy working on documents, Walter noticed a change in the room. When he looked up, the wall had dissolved away and he was looking at a small hill where a man and woman sat beneath a tree. It was the same ghostly male figure who he'd seen on the other occasions. He sat quite still, watching this pastoral scene for several minutes.

The man looked over toward Walter and appeared startled. It was as if he clearly SAW Walter this time and possibly recognized Walter as the ghost he had seen the previous week! The image faded away and the wall restored to its normal condition. From that moment on, Walter never used the pineal stimulator again.

In conversations about this, with Walter and other interested people, it was mentioned that there is a theory that we have multiple energy bodies, much like the KA and the BA of ancient Egypt. Each energy body lives in another reality, yet communicates with our consciousness here in this reality.

Another comment was that consciousness simply creates an energy body in whatever reality it VISITS. Prolonged presence in a given reality increases the density of the energy body, moving from a phantom, ghostly form that was at first not easily perceptible to the inhabitants of the other reality until the intruding energy body had become sufficiently dense to trigger their senses.

That could explain why repeated exposures would add density to Walter's other reality body, allowing its denizens to perceive him, thus the startled reaction from the male figure.

The Philadelphia Experiment
as a Resonant Field Transfer Experiment

Al Bielek & his Claims

Important sections about clocking of mass to a planetary body to establish and lockin the 'creation coordinate' AND the ability to access any spatial (NOT TEMPORAL) location visited prior to the present.

The Resonant Gravity Field Coil

or : how to manipulate reality

Final Comments

A key concern is how to determine where you would go if a machine actually existed which COULD send or retrieve a subject from one of these alternate realities.

Possibly remote viewing techniques could be used to visit various realities from a mental standpoint ONLY and determine the coordinates necessary to get to a desired reality in a physical form.

The Incunabula files refer to the use of an Egg that takes advantage of sensory deprivation. When the correct 2 dimensional image (mandala) with its matching 3 dimensional image (mantra) is projected into an individual, a point of energy charge is achieved which produces the shift.

Using a series of coils to create a zone of very high flux density would establish the loose, untuned portal as indicated in several of the above paragraphs. If a modulation is introduced, especially bearing the signature representative of the coordinates necessary, then transfer in a physical sense might well be possible.

Also worthy of attention is the ancient Kabbalistic idea of the MerKaBa and the use of the Tree of Life as a map to these other realities. From my limited understanding of the MerKaBa, it is claimed to be a mentally constructed vehicle that is used by the aspirant to carry (and protect) its occupant as it travels through the different worlds. For info on the MerKaBa, check out

(These two sites are no longer functioning. - JWD)
http://bbs.cruzio.com/~flower/1m m3.htm
http://bbs.cruzio.com/~flower/1m m2.htm

There are also indications that it is the RATIO of each frequency to another within a specific signature that is the ONLY important consideration, frequency is irrelevant since all frequencies relate to others through octaves and harmonics.

It is also worthy of note that many of the reports of free energy devices, when in operation and drawing 'negative energy' also produce phenomena relating to weight loss and temporal alterations.

Years ago, Tom Bearden told me of an experiment he and an unnamed researcher had carried out using a scalar generated from interferometry. Two projectors were aimed to coincide at a fixed point in space. When power was applied and the frequency/phase was adjusted, there was no apparent change in the target area.

After some time had elapsed, the two went to get something to eat. When they came back a few hours later, it was observed that a black 'something' like a slit or opening had appeared at the target area.

Because they were working in a totally unknown area and for fear that 'something' might come through this slit once it opened up, they discontinued the experiment. A couple of years later, while visiting Peter Kelly at his lab in Georgia, he admitted he was the other researcher and verified Beardens report.

A couple of years later, after we both spoke at a conference in Denver and on the plane back to Dallas, I told Peter about an interesting experiment done by Walter Russell and recounted in his excellent book 'Atomic Suicide'. Two coils were wound on cones.

The apices of these conical coils were pointed towards each other and power was applied so that bucking fields were created by the collision of opposite magnetic fields. Very fine iron filings were dropped into the gap between the coils and a levitating sphere was produced.

When the coils were slowly pulled apart, an oval followed by a sphere surrounded by a disk appeared. When Peter arrived home, he tried this experiment and reported that when power was turned on, nearly eveyone in the building complained of feeling nauseous or queasy. He explained that an experiment was going on so that everyone would understand what was happening.

After about an hour, the very clear and cloudless sky began to suddenly boil up and a major thunderstorm ensued. Power was removed from the coils and the storm dissipated as fast as it had arisen??? Weird stuff no doubt and subject to duplication by others if we all share our information...... Jerry

As of 01/10/10, thought I should add this;

The Amorous Magician of Barataria Bay

I hope I remember it pretty much as I read it in an old book years ago. It seems back when pirates were marauding on the seas and coastlines of the world, somewhere around 1870 or so, there was an island off the coast of Louisiana where a wealthy gentleman lived. He was believed to be a magician who practiced the dark arts and had used his powers to secure his fortune in life.

Back then there were gambling houses which usually were part of or close to the red light district. 'Gentlemen' would spend much of their evening hours drinking or sampling the local female talent, while their correct and proper wives stayed at home.

KeelynetIn New Orleans, men began to notice something amiss when they would return home from their evening pleasures. They would find their wives in the bedroom, in bed, dishevelled and with rosy, breathless appearance of someone who just had a passionate sexual adventure.

The men compared notes and many of them reported the same mysterious happenings. They each had confronted their wives who denied any cheating. Interviews with the servants and neighbors all reported no visitors on the nights in question.

Everyone was puzzled and trying to figure out what was going on in their absence.

One wealthy gambler decided he would discover the truth. He told his wife he was going to the gambling house that night and would not return til the wee hours of the morning. This was a common practice for him in their lives so she kissed him and walked him to the door. She told him she would have dinner alone, maybe read a book and go to bed early.

KeelynetThis inquisitive gambler went down the street as usual but instead of going to the gambling house, he returned to the back door of his house and unnoticed, he stealthily went to the second floor bedroom of his wife and hid behind a thick, dark curtain next to the balcony.

The wife of the gambler entered her bedroom around 9PM, undressed, took her bath, put on her makeup and fixed her hair, (which the husband thought very odd this time of night and right before bed), then put on a sexy nightgown. She went to bed about 11PM and covered up with a thin satin sheet.

Nothing happened until the downstairs grandfather clock chimed midnight. The dozing husband peeped out and saw nothing, just his scantily clad wife lying on the bed on this warm Louisiana night. He closed the curtain and dozed off again.

Something woke him up, the noise of passion coming from the bed of his wife. The husband pulled out his revolver and sprang forth from the curtain to confront this mystery lover. He was surprised to see that it was the wealthy Magician of Barataria who jumped from the bed and ran towards the second story balcony.

The husband shouted for the man to stop or he would shoot. That was when something most peculiar happened. The magician leapt off the 2nd floor balcony and flew away from the house, heading towards his island. Before he got more than a few yards, the husband shot at him and noticed his body jerked but kept flying until it was out of sight in the night sky.

Not spending any time chastising his wife, the husband ran downstairs and over to the gambling house to collect his friends. He told them what happened and they ran down to the pier, jumped in a boat and hastily rowed over to the island to make sure this cad didn't get away.

On landing on the island, they rushed to the house, grabbed the servant who answered the door and demanded to know where the master was and had he been out that night. The servant said the master was in the study, asleep in his armchair. They rushed to the study and found the master in the chair, dozing just as the servant had told them.

The posse of outraged men woke him up and demanded to know if he'd been off the island that night, but of course, he replied that he'd been here the entire evening, reading and smoking, then he had dozed off just as they found him.

Something did not ring true with the gambler who had shot the flying man escaping from his wife's bedroom, so he called his friends out of the room and told them he had a sure test to prove his charges. He said the shot he fired seemed to hit the flying man in his foot or ankle, so if they made the magician stand up and walk, he most surely could not walk if he'd been shot minutes before.

They returned to the room and asked the master to stand up and walk around the room. He declined saying he was tired and stiff from sitting in the chair. They insisted he follow their instructions on fear of certain death by hanging.

With much reluctance, the magician slowly stood up and they clearly saw how he favored one leg as if the other was hurt. They made him try to walk but he could not. They forced him to pull off his pants so they could inspect the damaged leg but no wound was found. The fact that he couldn't walk and on the leg which the gambler had shot, was enough evidence that they took the magician outside, strung him up and hung him on the spot.

Now you might not believe this unless you consider that the astral body is supposed to be able to fly away from the body to travel while sleeping or under conscious direction. This astral body is also supposed to have the ability to take on sufficient density to interact with matter, even though the physical body is miles away.

What if this man, called a magician had learned how to consciously project his body and thicken it up sufficiently to be able to have sex with women? His astral body would become dense enough until he was caught and reduced the density enough to be able to fly away in a ghostly body that would rejoin with his own corporeal body back on the island. I think while the body was still sufficiently dense, the bullet ripped through the bio-plasma and left, if nothing else, a serious, painful bruise.

This fits with my theory that the aura/bio-plasma of the body is what forms the actual tissues, just like a magnetic field rearranges iron particles to demonstrate the energy field of the magnet, so too does our aura/bioplasma form our physical body. This is one of the keys to rejuvenation and healing the body of any illness, even regrowing damaged or missing limbs or organs.

In Egyptian mythology, man is composed of various different entities, or elements, each having its separate life and functions;

* The Kha, Ha or Haw - The Body

* The Ka a person's life-force or double

* The Ba - the Soul

* Akhu (Akh, Khu, Ikhu) - the immortal part which emerged after the deceased passed judgement after death, and the Ka and Ba united

Definition of the Egyptian Ka - The Ancient Egyptians believed that the Ka or double was a less solid duplicate of the body, a coloured but ethereal projection of the individual, reproducing him feature for feature. The Ka of a child was therefore as a child; the Ka of a woman was therefore as a woman; the Ka of a man was therefore as a man. The Ka, or double, stayed in the tomb inhabiting the body (mummy) or even statues of the deceased. The Ka was believed to be independent of man and could move, eat and drink at will. The Ancient Egyptians belief that the ka was sustained through food and drink resulted in offerings of such being presented to the dead. Their beliefs were that the 'kau' within the offerings was consumed - not the physical aspect.

The Journey of the Egyptian Ka - The Ka never left the place where the mummy reposed: but the Soul and the Akhu embarked on a journey to follow the gods. They, however, kept perpetually returning, like travellers who come home after an absence. The tomb was therefore a dwelling-house, the "Eternal House" of the dead, compared with which the houses of the living were but wayside inns; and these Eternal Houses were built after a plan which exactly corresponded to the Egyptian idea of the after-life.

Other cultures refer to spirit traveling but I won't go into it here. It might be possible to artificially induce travel, perhaps through lucid dreams, hypnosis, electronic stimulation or actual astral travel techniques.

What if other dimensions exist at various densities and by varying our density, we could engage and interact with them?

Many questions, much research needed but what if such research led to the ability to travel at will, in spirit or in actual body to places on our planet, in our universe or in other multiverses which coexist with us?

Needless to say, I would appreciate your
constructive or correlative comments and observations
on this subject! Thanks!