No mention of Davis/Rawls?

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Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 12:55:49 - 0700 From: Jerry Organization: KeelyNet To: Subject: Davis/Rawls X-URL: Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Hi Folks! A friend gave me your URL as I did not know you were on the web...excellent site, MOST informative....I note you use the same designation for North/contracting and South/expanding terms as discovered and applied by Albert Roy Davis and Walter Rawls, and so was puzzled that you did not include that work or mention of them in the history. I know Walter and understand he is upset and probably has filed lawsuits against your company so maybe that is why you could not publicly mention their major contribution to this area. I met a couple of Magnetizer guys at the Tesla conference a couple of years ago and was very interested that your magnets can focus the majority of one polarity for continuous exposure. Something quite fascinating that was done by Davis/Rawls that no one else has tried (that I know of) was exposing incubating chicken eggs to purely south pole or purely north pole energies.....then the hatched chicks were exposed to the same energies as during incubation.....the South pole chickens reached a height of nearly 3 feet!! This is amazing and would surely get a lot of publicity for whoever duplicates and documents the experiment....I asked Walter what they did with these chickens and he said they were 'meaner'n'hell' and had to be destroyed because they kept jumping the fence and attacking the neighbors cows. He and Davis did not want bad publicity and so had no choice but to kill them....strange how no one seems to be curious about what this could do for tripling food supplies just by such exposure. Anyway, I posted a link to your site from KeelyNet because a lot of our folks would be fascinated by your site....Ken Hawkins was in town last month and stopped by our local monthly meeting (roundtable)...he lives in San Antonio and works with the Magnetizer group there. He had this neat chrome plated ball with (magnetic) nubs that were mounted all around it...he had attached this to a battery-powered Dremel tool motor shaft which would rotate the ball. When this was exposed to a person, it helped with muscle and nerve problems, generally good stuff.... Anyway, just wanted to say Hi, I wish your company could strike a deal with Walter as he is a nice fellow and they've been extremely open about releasing all that information through their books for others to use and capitalize on. I know there has been major research into how to achieve this, but it would all be nothing without those initial discoveries that each polarity had opposing properties when reacting with matter. It just seems like a decent and honest thing to me that everyone involved in the actual research should be on good terms and sharing in the acknowledgement and success. seeya! -- Jerry W. Decker / / "From an Art to a Science" Voice : (214) 324-8741 / KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501 KeelyNet - PO BOX 870716 - Mesquite, Republic of Texas - 75187