A Crystal Anecdote - 04/06/97

Recently, I had an opportunity to visit a good friend who used to live in Dallas. While talking about various things, we got on the subject of crystals.

My friend said in her early days, when she first got out on her own, she did not have a lot of money, so had purchased a used refrigerator that would only cool down to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. She was also a collector of quartz as well as other crystals and often went to Arkansas to dig them out on her own.

One of the many quartz crystals in her collection was one about 2 inches in diameter, roughly one inch high and with a slightly flattened base, all as it came from the ground. The top side of the crystal had hundreds of tiny spikes sticking up from it.

The used refrigerator would only cool to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit and could not make ice as a result. More like a cooler than a refrigerator.

One day, she wondered what would happen if she placed a quartz crystal in the bottom of the refrigerator, so she used the 2 inch one previously described.

The next day, when she opened the box to retrieve something, she found everything in it was frozen solid!

She let it thaw out and removed the crystal.

The next day, though the refrigerator had been kept on the same lowest setting which only provided 50 degrees of cooling, all the food was simply cool, none frozen.

The crystal was again placed in the bottom and the food was again frozen solid the day after.

This was done several times to make sure the crystal was the catalyst for this bizarre effect.

Another similar crystal was found that had dozens of large spikes instead of the hundreds of tiny spikes. When it was placed in the bottom of the refrigerator, the next day showed no change in the temperature of the box and nothing was frozen.

She assures me this is a factual account and I know her to be honest and not one prone to imagination.

So, I found this anecdote highly interesting. You see, there are indications that magnetism and voltage are quite opposite in their characteristics, by that I mean in ways not normally known.

Cooling is normally produced by expansion.

For example, electricity repels itself, is explosive thus centrifugal in action, produces heat when condensed and appears to tie in with South pole, acid effects. When viewed as flowing into a mass, it appears to be CW in rotation.

Magnetism - on macro orders like poles repel, whereas on micro orders, like poles attract.

Bearing this in mind, magnetism on a micro order, would attract to itself, would be implosive thus centripetal in action, producing cold when condensed and appears to tie in with North pole, alkaline effects. When viewed as flowing into a mass, it appears to be CCW in rotation.

Interesting that many zpe-type free energy or antigravity experiments note that the room gets cold. Also that in the Bible, there is a quote from JOB that 'know ye not the treasures of the cold and hail?'

Could a grouping of crystal points cause magnetic flux lines to move closer together? Is the freon in the coils somehow affected by some mysterios concentration of energy coming from all the crystal points? Or is it simply that the airflow is somehow accelerated to better circulate the cooling effects of compressed freon?

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