Bruce A. Perrault's bogus 'Chlorine Cold Fission Tube'
originally posted as COLDFISS.ASC on 12/15/95
on the KeelyNet BBS

This file has been reposted on the KeelyNet website to warn people of this intentional, fraudulent scam perpetrated on KeelyNet, the International Tesla Society and a wide range of others who trusted the claimant and purchased his bogus plans, which never worked. At the time of its posting, we believed Perrault, events have since shown his true colors. Everyone gets one chance where we take them at their word, he failed miserably.

Take everything which follows as a WARNING of how some people will abuse your trust to get your money. He continues today, offering 'free' plans to get you to buy 'parts' from him.

The following file is the most fascinating information that has come out in dozens of years with respect to some of Henry Morays' experiments with the production of electrical energy using cold cathode chemical reactions.

To get up to speed about Moray's work, please refer to the files MORAY1.ASC through MORAY4.ASC on KeelyNet.

If you contact Bruce Perrault based on information specified in this document, please mention you got it from the KeelyNet file COLDFISS. Bruce is looking for confirmations and people serious about not only duplicating the tube but EXPANDING the power output. Thanks!!

Bruce Perrault has been experimenting with what he calls COLD FISSION for several years. His experiments were first brought to the attention of the International Tesla Society which led to a one hour interview by ITS President J. W. McGinnis. The following is how Bruce's work came to the attention of KeelyNet;

Message 1443 DATE/TIME: 11/25/95 18:37
Subject: (R) More Moray
Folder : A, "Public Mail"

Did you hear the Extraordinary Sciences Hour on November 12th? There's a guy named Bruce Perault (guessing at the spelling here) who has built Moray-like devices using ionized chlorine tubes and iron pyrite as the detector. He said Moray used molybdenum sulfide, but iron pyrite is the second-best thing. The ITS is selling plans for $39.95, for a device that will cost about $500 to build. He says he's getting 50KW out of a device weighing about 60 pounds.

Message 1471 DATE/TIME: 11/27/95 22:52
To : ALL
Subject: ITS Free Energy Device
Folder : A, "Public Mail"

Hi Folks! After reading a public message (1443), I was so fascinated I had to call JW McGinnis and find out the truth about it. So here's the story (but first read message 1443);


A fellow named Bruce Perrault claims he has discovered how to build a 'cold cathode' vacuum tube, similar to the one developed by Henry Moray. Perrault's tube uses CHLORINE and he claims he has a WORKING prototype which produces 250 Watts. He believes it is scalable and has plans detailing one that might produce the 50KW which Moray achieved.

The plans are being distributed through the International Tesla Society for $39.95. The order number is 700032. Their voice phone is 719-475-0918, or 800-397-0137 and their FAX is 719-475-0582.

JW says this guy contacted him and explained his device, from there JW invited him to be interviewed on the Extraordinary Science hourly show. He has NOT seen a working model of this device and the inventor sends the plans to ITS where they sell them for him. JW says this device will be in the next Extraordinary Science Journal and they might even do a video of it kind of like the one Bearden did with Sweets device, where everything is shown, measurements are made and various devices operated from the produced power....

So, if you are interested, go for it, DESPITE what Don Lancaster says, we CAN'T waste ALL of our time on this 'pseudoscience' stuff....>>> Jerry

I ordered the plans from ITS and they arrived this past Thursday. They consist of a stack of papers about 3/4" thick in a loose folder. Many are patents relating to energy tapping from the air, thermal and other processes, a 1956 FATE magazine article about Henry Moray's Radiant Energy Receiver and how Moray could do transmutations!!!, and the inventor's (Bruce Perrault) patent for his energy generation system.

At the end of the folder are several papers showing diagrams of how the device is constructed, another paper describing how the parts are assembled and a resource list to buy the parts necessary. Though I did not see any power claims (JW said 250 Watts), it is a fascinating compilation of information to backup why Perrault's invention should work.

The device consists of an evacuated cylinder with an anode on one end and a cathode on the other, both separated by sand. The unit is filled with chlorine gas and ionized by a 4KV pulsetrain. The pulsetrain can be adjusted to set the frequency of the device, from DC to as high as you want. I suggest you order the planset, if for no other reason than to support the inventor in further experiments which he plans to share for quite nominal fees. If there is sufficient demand, he may even offer kits, maybe even with preconstructed cylinders, you just attach an ionizer and boom, power comes out of it.

Oh, by the way, he says you just have to tickle it with the high voltage to begin the pumping action. Once it gets going, the thing runs on its own. Perrault also indicates power production will degrade over time and the cylinder will need replacement or rebuilding, although possibly a shot of fresh chlorine gas might make it run a bit longer.

I thought it VERY SIMILAR to Chernetskii's PLASMATRON, which also uses a

plasma that is pumped with high density magnetic pulses to produce over-unity. The addition of the chlorine gas is a twist and the inventor indicates these cylinders can be ganged or scaled up for higher power levels. GET A COPY!

Coincidentally, on Friday, 12/14, I got a phone call from Mr. Perrault because Bruce Meland, publisher of 'Electrifying Times' (keeps abreast of current research/technology relating to electric cars and road rally events where they are tested) (503) 388-1908, had sent him one of the KeelyNet Roundtable newsletters. That newsletter was VSRTNOV.95, and intrigued Mr. Perrault enough to want to get a copy of that paper which was preceded by a short review from the Borderlands Journal of the discoveries of Nathan Stubblefield with 'earth batteries' and how they could be used to provide electrical energy directly from the earth.

Stubblefield routinely powered a SCORE of CARBON ARC LAMPS 24 hours per day from this earth battery system. There are numerous other interesting statements in the article that report on devices which are even now unknown and misunderstood. Gerry Vassilatos did a marvelous report that could easily be expanded into a full book to include all the details and pictures that are still available. If you might want to read this full article and/or subscribe to Borderlands, backissues are $6.95 and a yearly subscription is still only $25. Phone (707) 825-7733 or FAX (707) 825-7779. While you are at it, ask if they might be able to run off a copy of the Farnsworth FUSOR article published earlier this year.

Another recent Borderland article from a few months back dealt with the Farnsworth FUSOR and Multipactor. This unit multiplies electrons by extracting space energy from the environment for power accumulation. A recent packet of amazing material was sent to Keelynet, courtesy of Mr. Steve Hall. Steve works with Charles Yost at Electric Spacecraft Journal (704) 683-0313, FAX (704) 683-3511, subscription $24 per year.

This incredible information (written by Rodney Sego in May 1981) correlates the Multipactor with the Moray power generating system. The packet had a document that I never knew existed and which consisted of an interview with a close Moray family member (believed to be Chester Todd) who recounted all that he had seen from the original Moray experiments to the final version. As a result, this document will wind up as a new Moray file to be placed on KeelyNet and transferred to the InterNet for Bill Beaty's Science page.

The document provides details on power generation by the use of radioactive elements to produce an ionized area from alpha emissions and in conjunction with electron multiplier technology as used in the Multipactor. Everything points to a means of using an extremely minute excitation current to stimulate a very large power production. Floyd Sweets VTA also used this phenomenon.

I find it REMARKABLY coincidental how the Moray document, kindly shared with KeelyNet by Steve Hall and bearing a November 3rd postmark, preceded the email comment by Jim Shaffer letting us all know about the November 12th Perrault radio interview with ITS president J.W. McGinnis.

From the VSRTDEC.95 Roundtable newsletter;

Mr. Perrault says he has successfully operated his energy tube for 7 months outputting 200 Watts before it gave out. A platinum wire was used as the resistive element to load the circuit. Bruce says it is a slow fission process and has given KeelyNet FULL permission to post his plans online as well as pass them to computer networks through the country. A very nice guy and we are exchanging information and contacts that will be shared with everyone.

Bruce says he just wants the plans out to everyone and they will soon be selling the tubes, beginning with basic low energy versions and slowly progressing to more powerful versions as people get involved in experimenting and supporting this type of research. The advanced tube construction will remain a trade secret and available through a future distribution network.

The main thing now is to let people know what is going on and how the thing works, with support from others who have duplicated it. An excellent approach! Speaking just for myself, I think Bruce would appreciate some donations to help him along. He is very sincere and when you see the info, YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED, especially as others post their successful replications!!!

Because of the importance of this information and with the FULL PERMISSION OF Mr. Perrault, KeelyNet is providing the construction details in this document in ASCII file form AND with additional .GIF drawings to ensure accurate reproduction of the information.

The files will be : COLDFISS.ASC - this construction and part source file COLDFISA.GIF - the cold fission tube layout COLDFISB.GIF - ionizer circuit diagram...(it might be after Christmas before the .GIFs are available)

COLDFISS.ZIP - all the above files in .ZIP form

We will post additional information as it comes in.

This is the patent application that Bruce Perrault was planning to file.

Perrault, Bruce.................November 16th, 1993



Inventor : Bruce A. Perrault, Mad River Road, Thornton, New Hampshire 03223

References Cited
U.S. Patent Documents
Number Name Date
685,957...........N. Tesla............Nov. 5, 1901
685,958...........N. Tesla............Nov. 5, 1901
1,540,998...........H. Plauson..........June 9, 1925
4,368,416...........James, deceased.....January 11, 1983

Other References

Primary Batteries (1891), Shelford Bidwell's Battery pg. 113 Direct Conversion of Energy (1964), by William R. Corliss pp. 28-29

(the above articles will be posted on KeelyNet early in 1996)


A method is disclosed for generating electrical energy, including a new and novel device. The device includes electropositive and electronegative electrodes. The electrodes are provided with electrical connections leading to the electrodes.

A sufficient amount of radiant energy applied to a reactive gas causes the gas to react ELECTROCHEMICALLY with the electropositive electrode. This causes an electrical current to flow between the electropositive and electronegative electrodes. An electronic circuit is used to absorb and convert the generated electric current.



The present invention relates to a device for the conversion of radiant energy to electrical energy and more particularly, to the utilization of GAS IONIZATION to effect an electrochemical reaction. This device absorbs radiant energies emitted by natural or synthetic reactions, more particularly to a device and method that provides improved performance over prior art converters that convert radiant energies into electrical power.

There are devices that convert radiant energy to electrical current, with poor results.

U.S. Patent Nos. 685,957 and 685,958 issued both patents on November 5, 1901, utilizes air-borne ionized particles to charge an electrical capacitor. The accumulated ions jump a spark-gap and discharge through a load. One difficulty known to exist with this system is the low useable energy that develops.

U.S. Patent No. 1,540,998 issued June 9, 1925, calls for increased collecting surfaces of electrical capacitors, in an attempt to capture more energy. Yet another method converts high voltage and low current strength to voltages more suitable and of greater current. This system is impractical because of the required cumbersome balloons and collectors involved.

Atomic batteries generate electric currents by the disintegration of radioactive substances. William R. Corliss discusses the direct use of ionized particles expelled by radioisotopes in his report; Direct Conversion of Energy (1964) pp. 28-29. In this report high-velocity ionized negative particles emitted by strontium-90 creates a current of ionized particles.

The charge on the particles becomes neutralized by a metallic cylinder. The

neutralized particles will find their way back to the strontium-90 becoming again ionized. This cycle repeats itself so long as the strontium-90 remains radioactive. The power generated by this method does not create USEABLE amounts of electrical energy.

Thermionic and thermoelectric energy conversion are discussed in U.S. Patent No. 4,368,416 - James, deceased January 11, 1983. One limitation known to exist with converters of this type is the relatively large heat source required to produce electrical power.

Nuclear reactors generate heat by burning UO2. This material is sensitive to X-ray energy. When the UO2 is exposed to X-ray energy it emits photoelectrons. The photoelectrons cause a chemical reaction. Present day nuclear reactors use a natural source of X-ray energy, called U235. This reaction produces heat. This heat boils water that produces steam.

The steam powers a turbine which in turn generates electricity. This type of energy generator requires complex building materials that make this method quite costly. Consumers have paid billions of dollars to build these power plants. Furthermore no one seems to know what to do with the waste products produced by these power plants. The U235 breaks up forming highly toxic radioisotopes.

Despite the prior art that exists in this technology, it is believed that previously there has not existed a small, compact electrical device capable of generating usable levels of power. It is the object of this invention to provide a method embodying an improved device to furnish efficient electrical power to a load.

The present invention removes limitations of past attempts to harness radiant energies. Toxis radioisotopes are not formed in the present invention. The primary object of the present invention is to provide a direct method for converting radiant energy to electrical energy, and a new and novel device fo converting radiant energy with high efficiencies.


Thus in accordance with the present invention, there is provided a method of utilizing ionized particles for the generation of efficient electrical energy.

In the present invention, new and novel improvements are apparent. The need for an enormous collector surface no longer exists. Transistors can now replace the outdated spark gap and or high vacuum transmission tubes. The present invention efficiently converts ionizing energy to voltages suitable for practical usage.

A source of X-ray energy is provided by the present invention. This source can be artificially generated and will not produce toxic radioisotopes.

Converted energy in the present invention may be directly available for driving motors, lighting, production of heat and used in electrochemistry.

The method of the invention includes, means for exposing a REACTIVE GAS, such as CHLORINE to a source of ionizing energy.

Other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following description of the preferred embodiment of the present invention, with references to the attached drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a block diagram of the present invention;

Fig. 2 is a diagram showing the present invention being exposed to a source of ionizing energy of extreme voltage and of short duration.


Thus in accordance with the present invention, there is provided a radiant energy converter comprising a first metallic electrode made of ZINC METAL and a second metallic electrode made of IRON SULFIDE nested parallel to the first electrode.

A number of electrode couples may be used and still not depart from the spirit of this invention. The inter-electrode spacing contains the reactive gas CHLORINE. A number of gasses MAY BE USED and still not depart from the spirit of this invention. Means are also provided, at the end of the electrodes, to provide external electrical leads from the electrodes to a load circuit.

The method to generate electrical energy also includes, with a device just described, means for exposing the internal reactive gas to a radiant energy source of sufficient strength.

The conversion of radiant energy to useful electrical energy is apparent. The small solid-state components of this apparatus make it a practical compact unit. An electronic circuit effects energy absorption.

The electronegative electrode may contain oxygen gas in the form of a solid. Manganese dioxide may be used for this purpose. The electropositive electrode may contain hydrogen gas in the form of a solid. Lithium hydride may be used for this purpose.

The gasses react when the inter-electrode spacing of these electrodes is subjected to radiant energy pulses. The gasses become SUPER CONDUCTIVE. This causes the oxygen and hydrogen gasses to react chemically with minute energy loss. Chemical energy is now converted to electrical energy with extreme efficiency. Furthermore, an electrical transformer can be utilized to transform this electromotive energy to a usable voltage.

Referring now to FIG. 1 of the drawings,

(1) consists of a gas tight vessel. Provision is made for an inlet tube (2) to introduce chlorine gas (3). Provision is made for iron sulfide electrode (4) and zinc electrode (5).

ANY NUMBER of electrode couples, or gas combinations may be utilized and still not depart from the spirit of this invention. A source of ionization (6) is provided.

The chlorine gas (3) must become ionized in order for it to bombard the electrode (5). When the chlorine gas (3) is ionized it becomes a conductor, its conductivity is a measure of its ionization.

There are a number of ways to ionize the chlorine gas (3). X-ray energies emitted from the sun will ionize the chlorine gas (3). Radioactive materials will ionize the chlorine gas (3). Pulsating high-voltage produced by an electrical transformer will ionize the chlorine gas (3).

Any number of ionizing sources may be utilized and still not depart from the spirit of my invention. I stake my claim to the method of power generation.

If an electronic ionizing source (6) is used, once started, the energy produced by said invention will keep the electronic circuit energized.

Initially the electronic circuit must be PRIMED by an outside power source (7). When said invention begins generating electrical energy the external source (7) IS NO LONGER NEEDED. A small rechargeable battery may be used as the external source (7). Said invention will keep the external source (7) fully charged.

Greater amounts of energy can be stored in a compact manner than any previously known electrochemical system. Furthermore, if radiant energy is used as the ionizing source its energy is converted into electrical power.

The voltage from said invention is very stable. The output can be varied from a non-pulsating, direct current, to a high frequency pulsating output. The output pulsation rate is varied by the rate in which the electronic ionizing source (6) pulsates.

The pulsation rate of the ionizing source (6) is determined by its circuit characteristics. These characteristics are well known in the engineering field. Any number of known electronic circuits may be utilized for the electronic ionizing source (6) and still not depart from the spirit of said invention. If the ionizing source comes from radiant energy the pulse rate is a factor in the decay rate.

* This invention may use a resistant FABRIC dielectric woven to serve as a strong mechanical separator, at the same time sufficiently porous to PERMIT CIRCULATION of the gasses between electrodes. Fabrics made of borosilicate (PYREX) fibers are particularly suitable for this invention.

Figure 1 - Cold Fission generator layout

(the left side of the diagram is off the page on my copy, but it appears to be related to the transformer POWER TAP from the system via the transformer and bridge rectifier)

    (the left side of the diagram is off the page on my copy, but it appears
     to be related to the transformer POWER TAP from the system via the
     transformer and bridge rectifier)

                                                     Antenna==> \     /
                                                                  \ /
                                      |          |                 |
                                      |          |                 |
               _____________          |       ___|___              |
               |           |          |       |     |              |
               |  Prime    |          |       |_____|              |
               |  Source   |          |       |     |              |
               |___________|          |       |     |              |
                     | + plus         |       |     |              |
   ------------------*----------------|       |     |<==radiant | ______|______ | | Energy | | | | | Tube | | Tube |__________ | | | | Ionizer | | |_____| | |___________| | | | | | | |_____| | | | | | __________________| | | | | | |__________|____ | | ___|___ 250KV pulse | ___ | | _____ | / | | | ___ |____|/|____| | _ | /| | | ACin \ | / | |------ | / | Variable | / \ / \ _____________________| Capacitor | __ / \ __| greater / / | (+) \ / (-) turns * * <="=" few turns coil | \ / coil="=">\  \_________________________________|
        | bridge rect.        /
        |---------------------\  <=== Transformer ACin Figure 2 Construction diagram of the Radiant Energy Tube __ chlorine gas __ | |<="=iron" center electrode (2) Inlet tube="==">|  |    |  |
                           _|__|____|  |_________
                          ||        |  |        || <==fine sand or porous PVC end cap="=">||________|  |________||    dielectric material
                          ||        |  |        ||
                          ||        |  |        || <==(4) iron sulfide ||________|__|________|| electrode | | (iron pyrite) | | (1) PVC tube="==">|                    |  <==(3) chlorine gas | | throughout | | | | | | <="=this" space is FILLED | | with FINE SAND or a | | porous dielectric | | material | | |____________________| || | | || || | | || <="=(5)" zinc electrode PVC end cap="=">||________|  |________||
                          ||        |  |        ||
                          ||________|  |________|| <==fine sand or porous | | dielectric material |---| | | |__| <="=iron" center electrode | _____|_____ | Tube | (6)="=">| Ionizer |

Ionizer Circuit

Pulse/Frequency Driver section - 120VAC version

             ____           1N4006           _______  resistor
     \______|    |____________| \|__________|  R1   |________________\ V+
     /      |    |       |    | /|      |   |_______|                /
     120VAC |    |       |   diode      |
       in   |    |     __|__          __|__ (+)
     \______|    |__    / \           _____     10uF
     /      |____| |  /_____\1N4006     |   (-) 350V     R1 adjusts pulse
       1:2 xformer |     |              |                repitition rate
       voltage     |______\ ____________|                Start with 1K 15W,
       doubler            /             |                if flashtube does
                         |            __|__ (+)          not get hot, it is
                         |            _____     10uF     OK to reduce R1
                         |              |   (-) 350V
                         |              |
                         |______________|____________________________\ GND
Pulse/Frequency Driver section - CMOS version

               _________                                 +12VDC
       _______| 4.7k ohm|____                              |
      |       |_________|   |                       _______|       ______\
      |                     |                      |370uF  |      |      /
      |                     |                    __|__ 16V |      |       V+
      |                     |                    _____     |    __|__
      |      | \  (invert)  |      | \  (invert)   |       |     / \ 1N4006
      |______|   \/\________|______|   \ /\____    |       |    /___\
      |      |   /\/               |   / \/   |    |      _|___   |
      |      | /                   | /       _|_   |     |     |__|
      |      CD4584               CD4584    |   |  |     |xform|Allegro
      |                                     |   |  |     |     |Cor2 or Cor3
   ___|___                             1.5k |   |  |     |_____|_____
    _____                           resistor|___|  |       |         |
      _                                       |    |      _|         |
                                              |    |     /           |
                                              |___/ \_|/ TIP 31A     |
                                                   |  |\ heat sinked |
                                                   |     V__         |
                                                   |        |        |
                                                   |        |        |
                                                   |________ \ ______|__/GND
                                                             /          \

In an additional phone conversation with Bruce on Friday, December 15th, he
said the pulses were very sharp spikes and occurred 20 times per second.  This
is based on a comment by Henry Moray in his book "The Sea of Energy".  These
spikes are necessary to maintain the fission reaction.
High Voltage section
                                                       ___      Ultra
                                                      |   |----> High
                                                      |   |     Voltage
      \_______________________________________________|   |     Output
      /     |              |     trigger       |      |   |
           _|_ 4.7M ohms  _|_    xformer__     |      |   |<==auto ignition | |<="resistor" | | | |\ | |___| coil | | | | | | \ | | |_| resistor>|_|        |   |    \|        |
     _______|      1M ohms |---------|___|     |\ 4kv   |
     |      |              |           |       |   out |
     |     _|_           __|__         |       |    \  _|_
     |    / * \ NE-2     _____    SCR _|_a     |      \|_| xenon
     |    \_*_/ neon   .1uF|      4A /   \   __|__(+)  | | flash-tube
   __|__    |   tube   250V|        /\___/   _____     |*|
   _____    |              |      / g  | c     |22uF   |_|
     | .1uF |______________ \ __/ 400V |       |350V    |
     | 600V                 /          |       |        |
  / ground                                              |
                                                      __|__  earth or
                                                     /  /  / house wiring
December 16th, 1988 - Bruce A. Perrault

      ____|___|______|_____             |           _____|______|___|____
  Copper  |___|______|__________________|________________|______|___|  Zinc
   Rod                                | | |                            Rod

 *  I have found it advantageous to introduce CHLORINE GAS to the tube.  A
    high voltage electrostatic field renders the tube CONDUCTIVE.  When the
    tube becomes conductive, it PRODUCES ENERGY.  -- November 20th, 1992


Radiant Energy tube Ionizer

Assemble as shown in the circuit diagrams. The auto ignition coil as a transformer and choke. A choke will store energy in its windings as a capacitor does.

In this device the ignition coil absorbs energy when a xenon flash-lamp is triggered into conduction. The flash-lamp behaves like an open circuit with infinite resistance until it is triggered. The flash-lamp is triggered by way of a small, lightweight transformer that supplies a 4,000 volt pulse to the lamp. This pulse is capacitively coupled to the xenon gas inside the lamp. This pulse initiates lamp conduction. The xenon, once ionized by the 4KV pulse, suddenly behaves like a switch of only a fraction of an ohm. This allows the coil to energize.

When the 4KV is removed the flash-lamp returns to its infinite resistance state, it is again an open switch. Energy that is stored in the ignition coils primary windings discharge across the lamp. This results in a moving magnetic field that induces a series of high voltage surges from the secondary windings of the coil.

This is an electronic device that generates AT LEAST 250,000 volts. DO NOT HANDLE this device unless you are familiar with high-voltage safety precautions. This device is POTENTIALLY dangerous.

Radiant Energy Tube

Dimensions of these tubes are NOT critical. However, you must PACK DOWN the powders HARD.

I have found that raw iron pyrite ORE serves well as the collector (anode) of energy in these tubes. Platinum and Palladium absorb MORE energy but they are too expensive. Iron pyrite ore works quite well and is inexpensive when bought in bulk. Pure zinc metal serves well as the emitter (cathode) material. Magnesium will work better but it is UNSTABLE and probably will explode. Do not use magnesium metal as your emitter material. Lithium Hydride as the emitter material will work best but it is expensive.

Chlorine gas is added to the tubes LAST. You must make the tubes AIR-TIGHT. All the air must be sucked out before the chlorine gas is introduced. This vacuum is not critical. The chlorine gas is now allowed to fill the vacuum tube. Ambient pressure is fine. Make sure the tubes are SEALED WELL.

You can buy bottled chlorine gas but be prepared to go through bureaucratic red tape. To avoid this hassle you must generate this gas yourself. Calcium Hypochlorite (swimming pool chlorinator) will release chlorine gas when water is added to it. Make sure that you are working in a well-ventilated area when generating this gas.

Chlorine gas can accumulate in your lungs forming hydrochloric acid. This would cause SERIOUS lung damage. Severe exposure could BE FATAL. So take the proper precautions and respect this material. You must contain the Calcium Hypochlorite in a closed vessel. This vessel must have a valve and small diameter rubber delivery hose that connects to the tubes.

I have used pvc-tubing as my containing vessel. Make sure that you have a pressure gage built into your gas generating container. Pvc-tubing should not exceed 100PSI of pressure. This is the limit established by the manufacturers of pvc-tubing.

Priming your Radiant Energy Converter

You may prime this device a number of ways. You can use a 110 volt to 220 volt step-up transformer supplied by a 110 volt wall outlet, or you can build the 12 volt DC inverter circuit and power it with a car battery. You may even prime the circuit with static electricity.

Replacing the Radiant Energy tubes

How long will the tubes last? This will depend on the type of emitter material used. A new shot of chlorine gas MAY bring them back to life. There is no doubt in my mind that one of you will find better materials to lengthen the life of the tubes. There are materials that I would like to try but finances have not permitted this at this time.

Hopefully there will be enough interest in this power generator so that I may continue my research with the device. I am confident that the tubes could be made to last a long time before needing to be replaced.

Sources for Construction Materials

PVC-tubing, sealant, fittings, nuts and bolts

These materials may be obtained from your local hardware store. Chlorine gas source may be obtained from Calcium Hypochlorite

This material may be purchased from your local hardware or swimming pool supply stores. Ask for a chlorinator for swimming pools.

Ignition Coil

Can be bought at any automotive parts store.

Electronic parts

They can be bought from your local Radio Shack.

(NOTE as of January 2002, the Perrault scam these days is to offer 'free' plans where you must buy the parts from him! Back then you had to buy the bogus plans TOO!)

Cathode and anode materials, vacuum-pump and gage, radiant energy tube ionizer

These items can be purchased from:

Nu Energy Horizons
Route 175, Box 445
Campton, NH 03223

Cathode material consists of 99.9% pure - 100 mesh zinc metal.

$11.95 per 1/2 lb. Stock #chemzn

Anode material consists of raw iron pyrite ore

$14.95 per 1 lb. Stock #chemfiss

Corrosion Resistant Vacuum/Pressure Pump

$99.00 20" Hg max. vacuum -- 18 PSI max pressure Stock #dpump

3" Compound Vacuum/Pressure Gage

$39.95 Range 30" Hg vacuum to 30 PSI for air and gases Stock #dgage

Completely assemble RADIANT ENERGY tube ionizer

$149.95 Stock #degi

* Bulk orders are available

** Kits may be offered at a later date. If you would like to be informed

when kits are offered, please send a postcard with your name and address to the Nu Energy Horizons address above.

If you choose to experiment with this device, please;

1) Be careful
2) Share your results with others
3) Inform Bruce Perrault of your progress at the Nu Horizons address

NOTE : You can forget all the above advice, the above was an intentional fraud and is just being posted for historical purposes as of 01/26/02...

Comments on this or other frauds by Perrault

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