Final Clem Photos
from KeelyNet - 07/10/13

I regret to inform everyone that Teresa Clem died of cancer in 2011. These are the last photos she sent me of her fathers "tornado-in-a-box" 325hp self-running engine.

I TRULY wish we could all have done more to help rebuild his engine, it could literally have changed the world.

I want to add something that might not be in the other Clem files on Keelynet. I understand Clem had destroyed his first working engine which he had driven around Texas and to El Paso and back (til the chain drive broke).

After the threats that led to him destroying the first engine, he could never get subsequent engines to work with the same efficiency though we see photos of his red car. I am told he had 5 versions of the engine but that is hearsay.

Teresa told me on Clems death, her evil stepmother had prevented her from retrieving but a handful of items. The evil stempmother is rotting in a nursing home if not dead and the car and parts were sold to a junkyard she believed to be somwhere in south Dallas, over near South Lamar.

Rest in Peace Teresa, it was an honor to have known you. We will NEVER give up on your fathers engine and crediting him for his amazing discovery of how to practically tap non-linear phenomena.

- Jerry W. Decker @ Keelynet -

Believed to be Clems' Earliest Engine
Clems' Later Engine
Clems' Engine Exposed
Clems' Engine with parts spread out
Clems' Engine full side photo
Clems' Engine we were not given number explanations
(notice the RADICAL difference between earlier designs)

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