From the movie 'Chain Reaction'

The movie is about research into how to produce hydrogen from water as efficiently as possible, in fact, the goal is to make a sonoluminescent bubble that sustains itself.

The idea is to produce a sonoluminescent bubble and target it using a high powered laser, but the bubble collapses when the laser beam is shut down.

The key to the overunity process is accidentally discovered when, while machining a piece of metal in a lathe, the sonic squeal causes a sonoluminscent bubble to increase in intensity.

The movie opens on a lecture by Dr. Alistair Barclay on why the world needs a new fuel source;

"We're running out of time. We have polluted and peopled this planet to the brink of extinction."

"We are destroying our world at a suicidal pace. We need a POLLUTION REVOLUTION and it's not going to be easy because the world is ADDICTED to petroleum."

"We have limited resources and we go to war to protect them. We need a new technology and this technology can't be sold, it must be given away, to everyone."

"We are in sight of a dream, there is a solution, the answer is all around us, it's right here, water, H2O, two parts hydrogen, 1 part oxygen."

"There is enough energy in this glass of water to power the city of Chicago for the next few weeks, it's the hydrogen we're after."

"This is what happens when we burn it, (lights a serious hydrogen flame, though it burned orange, hydrogen when burning is INVISIBLE)."

"It's perfectly clean, and you can burn it when you want to, in a car, in a turbine, or in your own basement power supply, right next to your water heater."

"But what if we could release this energy efficiently, we will transform the world, maybe we start to put an end to war. Of course, we have to make it work first.."
Later in the movie, agent provocateur Lyman Shannon is explaining why the world cannot have free energy yet

"Alister was a dreamer, clean air, free energy, noble concepts, but we live on a planet that's addicted to petroleum. "

"Now what happens if you dump free energy onto the world market, stock markets around the world would plummet, our own economy would collapse overnight, recession, unemployment, war....the world is speeding up too fast, we can barely hold on as it is."

To which Eddie Kosalovitch replies, "You're right, it's not working! That's why we gotta try something else, not bury the technology, but let it out!"

Lyman Shannon says, "You let it out, but you let it out at a pace the world can absorb."

Eddie Kosalovitch responds with, "It can absorb it NOW!"