'Centrifuging Aether'
the DePalma Effect 'explained'
by Bill Whamond
KeelyNet 06/01/02

The following file was extracted from Walter Baumgartners' long defunct Energy Unlimited #13 in 1983. Walter has since moved to Australia. Bruce dePalma died several years ago.

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Bruce DePalma, a self-confessed 'M.I.T. dropout', conceived certain theories on the relation of rotation to gravity. Unlike so many of his contemporaries, dePalma put his theories to the test!

He actually did experiments from which dePalma discovered that;

(a) a spinning ball falls faster than a non-spinning ball,
(b) a spinning ball also rises faster than a non-spinning ball (when projected upwards),
(c) a spinning flywheel seems to 'affect time' according to a watch located near its polar axis.

Now such findings are not so much 'contrary to Newton's laws' as completely outside of them. Newton's Law of Motion say nothing whatever about spin or non-spin of masses, but refer solely to the amount of mass.

Newton's Law of Gravity completely ignores the spin of planets and makes no attempt to explain said spin. Obviously therefore Newton's Laws are not the final explanation of the universe as we have been led to believe.

What, therefore, could possibly be the explanation of the startling facts discovered by dePalma?

It is my suspicion and belief that dePalma is 'centrifuging aether'!

If aether exists, then obviously rotation will centrifuge it, just as happens with any other fluid subjected to rotation.

In 'classical' physics (as distinct from 'establishment' physics), aether has always been regarded as a fluid (along with water, oil, electricity and magnetism, etc.).

The 'dePalma Effect' explains why 'gravity' is greater at the earth's poles and less at the earth's equator. It also explains why Earth is flattened at the poles and bulged at the equator.

The 'establishment belief' that this is due to the difference in polar and equatorial radii is almost certainly wrong and is mistaking the effect (radii differences) for the real cause (aether pressure differential).

If dePalma is 'centrifuging aether', this will increase the aether pressure impinging on the poles and decrease the ambient aether-pressure at the equator.

This will also induce a partial aether vacuum above the poles and produce 'boundary layer reduction' of the aether enveloping the equator.

Both these factors would tend to reduce the 'aether drag' on dePalma's ball during fall and during projection upwards. It would be interesting to learn whether it makes any difference whether dePalma's spinning ball is dropped with its polar-axis vertical or horizontal.

As regards the reported 'time effect', I feel the induced aether flow is probably only making dePalma's watch mechanism 'heavier' in effect, merely altering 'g' in 'the pendulum equation'.

On the basis of his above discoveries, dePalma invented his 'N-Machine', which has over 330% efficiency, i.e. it produced 230% of free energy, in independent tests!

Comments by Jerry Decker/KeelyNet;

The premise I use in my view is that aether/zpe as a pressure 'flows' into interference pattern created standing waves, producing gravity, energy and eventually 'precipitates' into mass, so it not only creates but also sustains everything in the universe and is the 'source' to which everything returns.

Drs.' Hal Puthoff, Alphonse Rueda and Bernhard Haische wrote what I consider the 'definitive' paper on aether/zpe as the cause of inertia. Basically that aether/zpe is entrained by matter in motion. When mass velocity is rapidly stopped, the entrained 'fluid' continues to buffet against the now stopped mass, resulting in the mystery 'force' we call inertia.

I like to think aether/zpe acts like velcro to hold mass in place (which Dr. Puthoff said he liked).

When mass moves, the velcro strips are pulled away. When mass stops, the entrained aether/zpe now acts to collide with the mass to produce inertia until equilibrium is once more restored with the reattachment of the aether/zpe velcro threads. The faster the threads reattach, the greater the inertial effect.

The late Victor Grebennikov with his serendipitous discovery of a claimed gravity deflector which also had time anomalies is posted on;

KeelyNet Loader page

and indicates there are natural materials which, shaped into the proper geometry (believed to be hexagons at this point) and in nano-arrays, have the ability to cancel local gravity effects and appear to slow time in that area.

Grebennikov's claims indicate he discovered a natural material with the proper geometry and SIZE that acted to rectify or otherwise couple to local aether/zpe and in turn gravity/time flows.

Within the terms of this file, this natural PASSIVE material could act like a drain or somehow produce an aether/zpe gradient, possibly using phase conjugation of a specific geometry of a sufficiently small enough size to interact with the aether/zpe produced gravity waves.

Please note this is NOT a claim of 'time travel', but an anomaly associated with the control of gravity flows whereby less gravity produces slower time for the subject within the field.

See Rectifying Chaos for a better description.

Aether/zpe (a combination of the old term with the new) apparently can be coupled to energy or matter in motion (called 'matter currents' in formal physics) and/or geometrical shapes.

High intensity short duration discharges of any energy appear to do this as do inertial drives and apparently 'passive' chitin (natural dielectric material) arrays if we are to believe Grebennikov's claims. We are collecting any information that correlates in hopes of a funded experiment to verify the claim.

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