Matter as Bubbles in the Aether
by Chris Illert

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Extracted from "Alchemy Today - Volume 2" by Chris Illert, former staff member of Wollongong University, and a leading theoretical physicist and mathematician. He has had numerous papers published in prestigious international science journals.

Even as recently as the 1920's, orthodox science believed in a STATIC cosmos,until Edwin Hubble demonstrated that it was actually EXPANDING and, therefore,must have originated long ago in some titanic 'Big Bang'.

Today, most scientists agree that the Universe is outwardly expanding and is of finite age, born from a dramatic 'phase transition' when the "aether" (quantum vacuum) jumped from one energy state to another, "sucking matter into physical existence" within our universe. (1)

If one reads Leadbeater's Appendix to the 1919 edition of OCCULT CHEMISTRY (2), or William Kingsland's THE PHYSICS OF THE SECRET DOCTRINE (1910) (3), it is clear that occult chemists were speaking of proto-aether "Mulaprakriti" (what Paul Davies calls "the initial false vacuum") undergoing an expansionary phase-change to become "Koilon" (our present-day "normal quantum vacuum") driven by "Cosmic Fohat" (the "Superforce" of Paul Davies (4)) which blew bubbles (i.e., 'material' particles) in an infinitely dense aether.

Cosmic Fohat, a unified Superforce to start with, subsequently split into the four presently-known natural forces: gravitation, electromagnetism, the strong and the weak nuclear forces.

The occultists labour the point that instead of matter being solid within an empty insubstantial aether, the aether itself is VERY DENSE (one thousand million times denser than platinum, according to Oliver Lodge's estimate), and matter is REALLY JUST BUBBLES - the ABSENCE OF AETHER.

The 19th century concepts underlying this occult cosmology are easily visualized in terms of liquid in a cylinder. Fizzing can be induced if the piston is moved; thus did Cosmic Fohat - Superforce - induce a quantum-vacuum transition (Mulaprakriti to Koilon), releasing energy which tore the aether apart into numerous 'subatomic particles' - BUBBLES - which we see as substantial even though they are, in fact, THE ABSENCE OF SUBSTANCE.

Thus was matter SUCKED INTO EXISTENCE in the cosmic expansion.

Paul Davies writes that "what appears as empty space is actually a seething ferment....of quantum activity, teeming with [ghost] VIRTUAL PARTICLES and full of complex interactions. ....A real particle...must be always viewed against this backdrop of frenetic activity.

When [a real particle] moves through space, it is actually swimming in a sea of ghost particles of all varieties...entangled in a complex melee'.... It is important to realise that, at the quantum level of description, the vacuum is the DOMINANT STRUCTURE. ...particles are only MINOR DISTURBANCES bubbling up over this background sea of activity/(shades of implosion/sonoluminscence!)

Thus the 'dense' aether (quantum vacuum) is scientific dogma today, even though it seemed the height of absurdity when Theosophists first proposed it. But what of subatomic particles? Are they really bubbles?

In BUB1A1.GIF and BUB1A2.GIF we see electric field lines radiating through the aether between charged particles. As the electrical charges are moved apart, the field lines spread apart, off to infinity.

But one of the simplest kinds of 'massive' particles, a MESON, is shown in BUB1B1.GIF and BUB1B2.GIF. The meson is actually a bubble in the aether (quantum vacuum) and its internal ('matter') field lines are trapped within the bubble.

Indeed, if the bubble is somehow stretched, the ('matter') field lines actually DRAW CLOSER TOGETHER! This is exactly the OPPOSITE to 'electric' field lines in the aether!

In fact, if the meson bubble stretches TOO FAR, it can DIVIDE into TWO BUBBLES (as in BUB2.GIF). The 'charges' inside the bubbles are called quarks (represented by black dots) and antiquarks (represented by white dots).

Instead of drawing the bubble in the aether, and all its internal field lines, we will henceforth introduce a kind of cartoon called the "Nambu string." It is just the field line which directly joins the quark and the antiquark INSIDE the meson. But we can think of the Nambu string (or spring) as a kind of elastic band which can be stretched.

If drawn too far apart, as when the meson bubble divides into two, we can think of the Nambu string as snapping -but it can never have free ends because field lines must BEGIN and END on 'charges' (in this case, quarks and antiquarks).

So in order for the Nambu string to snap, a quark-antiquark pair must be sucked into existence from out of the aether. The quark and the antiquark CANCEL out each other (like +1 -1 = 0), so we haven't obtained something for nothing. Figure 2 thus shows a meson (matter bubble) dividing into two - and the simplified Nambu elastic string 'cartoon' gives us another way of viewing the process.

One way we could stretch and divide a meson bubble would be to make it SPIN VERY FAST; then the centripetal force would draw the quark and antiquark APART, stretching the elastic 'string' that holds them together.

Thus, spinning 'matter bubbles' in the aether (quantum vacuum) would tend to be elongated AND oval-shaped. They are called VECTOR MESONS and there are 37 different types of them in nature.

Non-spinning 'matter bubbles' would TEND TO BE SPHERICAL. They are called SCALAR MESONS and there are 36 different kinds of them also in nature.

The occult chemists Besant and Leadbeater drew both kinds - vector and scalar mesons - as their E3 state of matter, in 1895.


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Vanguard note..

Does this mean that we could 'create' matter or energy directly from this virtual background of 'frenetic activity'? Is the secret then high speed rotation? Does that mean rotation of energy, matter or a combination of both?

Do not many devices that produce 'phenomena' ranging from anti-grav to unidirectional thrust to overunity/free energy require some kind of spinning matter or energy? Are 'matter waves' produced from such high velocity rotation?

By creating a high speed rotation, could we then cause the separation on a micro level of these bubbles to produce two from one? And would they necessarily be of the same smaller size and energy density because of the split? Or would the virtual background rush in to make them fit a density related to their energy/elemental nature?