Viktor Schauberger's Biological Submarine - KeelyNet 03/25/02
by Albert Zock

From Journal Of Borderland Research - Sep/Oct 1990, page 9.

The biological submarine once had the attention of the German War Lords, but Viktor Schauberger made it look as though it were not very useful, as in his opinion, bio-technology is for supporting progress and not for destruction.

This submarine idea was taken from the observation of fish, especially of trout, which can stand motionless in a flowing stream, just by taking water in and out.

This process has two functions, first it creates a vacuum in front of the mouth into which the fish gets sucked, and at the same time provides food, as the water contains all that the fish needs. While the food goes into the digestive system, the water is forced through the fan-like structure of the gills, which not only absorb the oxygen needed, but also push the water backwards.

This specially compressed water does not mingle right away with the rest, it glides along the conical body like a wedge and shoves it forward. In addition, on the scales it forms little whirls which enhance the push further.

However, Viktor Schauberger was not the sole observer of this phenomenon. Before him others not only formed the same idea but even constructed prototypes with some results.

One inventor, A. Borner, came to the conclusion that the speedy motion of the fish is relative to the size of its gills. He constructed a boat with a precise opening in its bow, where a turbine sucked in water like a fish, and pushed it out through slit-like exit ports in such a way that it glided along the hull like a sheet, not only separating it from the friction of the outside water, but also giving it an additional push forward.

Further, he applied skin depressions like sharks have on his ship's hull, presuming that they cause small swirls, and so increased the forward motion. Borner even incorporated the slippery skin layer that fish have by applying oil to the hull to reduce friction. He hoped all this would bring a 60-80% reduction in fuel.

Indeed, experiments with his boat FORELLE, meaning 'trout', achieved twice the speed, while still using the same amount of fuel.

Apparently, Borner did not know about the spiral-vortex, which is an invention of Viktor Schauberger. If properly applied, it will not only increase speed, but also reduce fuel consumption to a minimum!

The drawing below by Dipl. Ing. Walter Schauberger, Viktor's son, shows such a submarine. His bio-technical submarine has a moveable bow, which gives the boat the flexibility fish have.

The conical and rifled (rippled) water-intake permits a variable step-up, creating a strong torque on the water, which, after entering the implosion turbine, will be intensified to such a pitch, that now its recoil (resonance) is driving it instead of the motor, as bio-technical applications always have a pull and push action.

Such a turbine consists of tapered-down pipes with inside rifling which are bent into spirals.

Such FREE ENERGY is not a question of time, rather the will to USE IT, as it already exists, giving us a chance to move on water, under it and in the air using only a fraction of the energy we use today!

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