John Bedini's Magnetic Gate - 02/25/97

The following diagram was drawn up by John Bedini and courteously shared with KeelyNet after experimenting with David Hamel's Magnetic Spinner. Click HERE for more information about John's experiment with this phenomenon.

John believes this is a probable motor force which is currently under investigation. You are invited to experiment with these principles and also share your findings with everyone.

On a personal note, in an earlier file (BEDHAM1.HTM) I said in an email to John that I had not been able to get mine working. With patience, perseverance and another magnet arrangement, mine DID INDEED SPIN, though not continuously because it kept walking out from under the ring magnet held over it. Once you see this for yourself, you understand WHY Hamel needed these wobbling cones to keep the arrangement in a fixed location.

I am still experimenting with various versions as time allows and it is MOST INTRIGUING to witness this. John is right, something is going on here that everyone needs to check out.

The idea of simulating Hamel's large ring magnet by using multiple small magnets mounted inside a PVC or ABS pipe makes it simple for ANYONE to experiment with this. More will be posted in as timely a fashion as I can. John is also setting up a page on his site (posted below), for additional insights. Please share anything you might find out, just build it!....>>> Jerry

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