Strange Battery - 02/08/97

Click here for some insight into atomic/nuclear batteries.

The following information was provided anonymously in the desire to offer ideas for off-grid power production.

An engineer claims to have built a nuclear battery using two solar cells and one business card cut to fit the diameter of the solar cells.

An old watch with glow-in-the-dark numerals (from radioactive paint - radium chloride) was bought at a garage sale. The paint was scraped off and dissolved into a fluid to make a small amount of liquid paint.

The cut business card was coated with the radium chloride several times and allowed to dry.

This 'doped' business card was sandwiched between the two solar cells with the photo sensitive side facing towards the card and the whole thing placed inside a lead box (for protection from radioactivity) with the solar cell wires sticking out.

He reports that a 25 Watt bulb from the taillight of an automobile was lit to full brilliance for 1.5 years.

Note : Tesla wrote that he believed light, particularly from the sun, included highly charged particles, which could be captured, leaving the energy to be accumulated and used for practical purposes.