Aether Tap - 01/26/98

This file was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS on 05/22/94 as AETHRTAP.ASC, courtesy of Victor Hansen.

The Colorado Trip and some of what we learned

At the 1994 ISNE conference in Denver, we met some interesting people and collected some "anecdotal" stories that you guys would like to know about. So here is a short synopsis of what appears to be a way to tap energy directly from the Aether. The correlations are mine.

There have been experiments involving the dropping of capacitors and finding that a voltage appears across the terminals. The contention is that aether flows into the planetary neutral centre and in its flow can be intercepted and "translated" (like white light through a prism) into lower forces (magnetism, electricity, heat, mass, etc..see NEUTRAL1 on KeelyNet).

A dielectric appears to intercept and translate this flow into electrical energy. It could also simply be the collection of electrostatic energy from the air, but it's no fun if we can't play with the more far-out aspects. (spook it up a bit, eh?)

Some suspect a piezoelectric effect from the shock of the capacitor against the floor and I don't know if those capacitors were ever dropped onto a soft surface.

Norman Wootan says he has read where falling masses seem to slow down around 18" above the surface of the earth. Don Kelly's experiments with the gravity drop tests don't currently test this 18" hypothesis but it does seem to correlate and thus needs to be checked out.

The reason I am bringing all this up is because of a diagram shown to Norm and I by my old friend, Vic Hansen. We were up very late one night and met Vic in the hall where we talked for a bit. He showed us a diagram of this very interesting idea that he says would allow one to pull energy from either the earth or aether.

It required the use of a one mile wire, laid out in a straight line. I asked him if it could be wound up and he says he does not think it will work if NOT stretched out.

So, you take this wire, support it from the ground by non-conducting 18" high standoffs and stretch it over the one mile test area.

On one end you put an AC power source, with the ground wire connected to Earth ground, and the high side connected to the wire.

On the opposite end, you tie in a string of lamps. One side of the lamps are tied to the one mile hot wire, the other side is tied to an earth ground connection.

Vic says you stay at the AC power source side of the wire while watching the lamps with a pair of binoculars. When you switch in the AC power source, the lights will all light up.

Now comes the weird part. If you very rapidly transfer the one mile wire connection FROM the AC source DIRECTLY to the earth ground, the LIGHTS WILL STAY ON! Or so Vic tells us.

I am told there is a patent on this and seem to remember having seen one like it somewhere before. It is interesting to note that Thomas Henry Moray's Radiant Energy Receiver also REQUIRED the use of long wire antennas. The 18" height is a curious requirement unless there is something really odd at this level above surface.

While taking an elevator down to the lobby, we ran into a fellow who was also building a type of free energy collection device. He says he will send us plans with further details but I'll tell you what he told us.

You make a box 30" wide by 15" tall by 15" wide. Layer it with spun steel scour pads that are stretched out as a layer. On top of that layer you place a non-conductor, he said to use thin STYROFOAM sheets. You build multiple layers of this until the box is full.

Two copper probes are then inserted into each side of the box, from the top down to the center and running against the outside edges. This fellows' diagram shows one probe coming in from the upper left ending at the bottom center of the box.

The other probe enters from the upper right and ends at the bottom center of the box. Note that both probes stay up against the outside edges and do not touch. I think that allows for the flow of energy across the steel mesh.

A wet ground is then connected to the box probe on one side.

The other probe is connected in series with a transformer (for removing the excess energy) that is again in series with a choke having 17 turns of wire and then passes into a dry earth ground.

Our informant says this thing is supposed to produce around 5000 volts at 10Amps. So, if you choose to try this, be very careful.

It appears to work as a giant capacitor or leyden jar. I have no idea if it works at all or if so, how long it takes to "charge". The use of the transformer is peculiar because it indicates either a pulsing effect or AC itself.

Well, you've got the descriptions as told to us, so get after it and let us know what you find.

See also PRENTICE.HTM Patent