The Ultimate Power Source - 10/28/97

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To: Jerry Decker
From: Mark Bennett
Website : BlackIce

Subject: Rocks

Jerry : Hi Mark!

Jerry : Say, did you ever find out anything about the guy in Wales, Arthur Adams who claimed to have duplicated Morays 50KW machine using a mineral that he says lies on the ground all over the island...

Mark : I did one recon trip in the spring with a total mad science lunatic who was 100x times more talk than action. A horrific trip.

Mark : Didn't find anything, but did photo's for dowsing later. Will be going back in a couple of weeks with a real dowser and try to come back with something. Will be shipping pieces off once we have something that is the same to avoid suppression.

Jerry : most abundant or one of the most abundant minerals on the island...never have found out anymore on him...had a guy ask me if anything else was ever heard about him...I only had two newspaper shorts....seeya!

Mark : Are those as hard copies or text files? Can I get copies? Here's what I have...

Ssh, don't tell a soul!

Arthur's Stumbled on the secret of free electricity

There's more than a welcome in the Welsh hillsides, according to specialist metal prospector Arthur Adams.

He reckons there could be a fortune in "magic" metal deposits -- similar to the chunk he's gouged out of a gold bearing mountain just off the Mawddach Estuary, North Wales.

But so far, his accidental find -- a silver grey metal which he claims gives off electrical energy -- has brought cynicism and disbelief from mineral scientists and a warning under the Official Secrets Act.

Arthur Adams, who lives quietly in a village near Ipswich says that there is enough of the material available to transform dramatically Britain's energy resources.

In fact, to prove his point, he already claims to run clocks, a radio, and a small TV set at his home -- just by plugging into his piece of strange metal.


Geologists and mineralogists says there is no natural mineral on earth which they don't know about. And that no natural element could generate the prodigious electric energy claimed by Mr. Adams.

Mr Adams, a retired ultra-sonic engineer and radiologist who once worked on Concorde, patented his discovery under a trade name. But the Ministry of Defence warned him in writing that his find was covered by the Official Secrets Acts.

He was not to reveal the components of the substance or it's location.

Mr. Adams is not an amiable crank. As a consultant specialist metal prospector, he uses a device of his own invention for detecting all types of minerals.

He has been prospecting for years in the mineral rich area of the Mawddach Estuary where there are active gold mines and huge deposits of copper, zinc and lead. There are other rare metals there too.

He said yesterday: "This substance is a combination of natural elements in a hitherto undiscovered form and which could have taken tens of thousands of years to discover scientifically."

"I have analysed it and I know what it is, but for the time being I have been ordered to keep the secret."

The energy source he says he has discovered is like a huge natural battery in the earth -- and it has nothing to do with the fusion of zinc and copper.

"Believe me" he said earnestly "this is big, very big indeed. "it can produce a limitless supply of power... it gives off huge voltages and amps and it is self-regenerating."


What is more, he claims to have synthesised the metal. He can produce it himself.

Although he is bound to secrecy until the Government scientists have investigated the metal, Mr. Adams revealed some fascinating possibilities for it.

A piece no bigger that a shirt button could replace batteries in cars and commercial vehicles.

A slab half the size of a shoe box could provide all the power and light for a normal three up and two down family house -- for next to nothing.

Officials at the Institute of Geological Scientists who prospect for and map minerals in Britain said yesterday: "We have not discovered any minerals with these properties. If it is a substance unknown to science it is extremely exciting -- but we doubt it."

But Arthur Adams is unabashed. He is content to await a verdict of the Government scientists.

As one mineralogist said: "It is highly unlikely that he has discovered a new substance -- but who knows? Stranger things have happened..."

Written by John Christopher (publication unknown)

New Information from a man who knew Adams - 11/05/97

Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 12:01:57 +0000
From: Dave Saltrese
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: The Ultimate Power Source

Hi Jerry

I found the file "The Ultimate Power Source" very interesting as I live in Wales (It's not an island yet we are still attached to the UK.)

As regards to the "Rock," I have a small piece which was given to me by Len Adams about ten years ago. Who I knew as Len.

He used to call the rock "Why," it was a bit of a joke, because when he demonstrated it, onlookers would always shout out "Why does it do it?"

To come to the rock material or Why, - it is a class of petrovoltaic of which there seems to be quite a few.

I have found Bornite (copper iron sulfide) will give the same results.

Place the rock in dish with a few drops of water, wait for the rock to absorb some of the moisture and it will the act like a battery.

The output power is QUITE LOW - about 100 microamps.

It will run a low inertia motor, it looks impressive but the motor will work on a lemon.

As far as I know Len did not run his TV or radio off the rock, that was media hype.

I was told the rock came more from the mid-Wales end of the country. That would make sense to me as the Bulith Wells area is volcanic and the rock is full of sulphide.

If you would like any more info please let me know. I do reasearch in free energy and have been doing work on the anomalies of planar transistors.

Thank you for such a good web site.

Best Regards - Dave Saltrese