by Stan Pawlak of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
April 7, 1999.

Note: This file has been edited to some degree in an effort to improve the grammar and spelling. The author presents an intriguing insight into the quenching of magnetic fields due to aether tapping in a given locality. Feel free to contact Mr. Pawlak for questions or comments.

1) Small subparticles come from the Sun, Stars and the centres of Galaxies. I have named these particles Aether. They take the form of magnetic planes. There are billions of them in one cubic meter. They go through our bodies with ease. One could consider Aether as the currents of the Universe. It plays a major role in the movements and energy of celestial bodies. All living organisms depend on Aether. We can call it: life energy waves. The Earth is heated inside by Aether through induction of direct current in melted metals ring.

2) These particles are the smallest chunks of magnetic and electric fields. They are also the smallest parts of an electromagnetic wave. (Photons, in comparison, are huge formations of them).

3) Aether, one can say, is an electromagnetic wave of frequency zero which travels, of course, at the speed of light. It is inconsistent and chaotic.

4) Larger magnetic or electrical fields cannot be created without Aether. NO ELECTRICAL CURRENTS CAN CREATE MAGNETIC FIELDS THEMSELVES! In order for measurable magnetic fields to exist, they require Aether particles as their building blocks. Accelerating electrons catch these particles which form the closed lines of a magnetic field.

5) Presumably those tiny elements by spinning in one axis create a magnetic field and spinning in another axis they create an electrical field. By spinning they join together making magnetic or electric field lines. Do they also make gravity lines by spinning like a gyroscope? They have a head and a foot, meaning they are not in a ball shape. Perhaps they take the form of mini pyramids. (tetrahedron?)

6) Experiments show that Aether may be caught in the form of a magnetic or electric field. It does move the wires during the start of electric current with big force and a small force is exerted during normal flow of the current. A plate capacitor also moves from its force. As particles of Aether act as a magnetic field moving in space, they can be manipulated: diverted, concentrated, polarised or even rectified.

7) A magnetic shielding or quenching effect was present in some cases of encounters with flying discs above cars and substations (Disc above station, Zakopane, Poland, 1970's) where all electrical circuits were non-functional due to the disappearance of magnetic fields in the coils of relays, actuators, ignitions, radios, generators, transformers etc.. This because the flying discs absorb all of the local particles of Aether for their own energy use.

8) The effects of abnormal levels and polarities of this radiation on living organisms are unknown. Perhaps we could create an environment to live on the Earth for 1000 years? We could also make chambers to refresh our brain in just one hour instead sleeping 8 hours a day. Mr.Tesla experienced such a refreshment using high frequency currents. Maybe we can cure most of our diseases by using Orgone (another name for Aether) in different concentration and/or polarization etc. We could also control the weather with this technology. It already has been done.

9) It is possible to build over-unity generators using coils and capacitors where these generators convert electromagnetic energy from the Cosmos, which is abundant (you can call it a dark light), into mechanical work which converts almost instantly into the form of heat which is dispersed into the Universe in the form of electromagnetic waves. Such machines are already built and their principles take the form of a pumping action - catching the Aether particles - creating a magnetic field which is converted into electrical-mechanical energy and dissipating that energy as heat radiation. Every house, car and flying machine could have its own clean energy generator so that consumable fuels would no longer be required.

(this idea of a 'dark light' recalls the claim of NAVAZ from the 1890 book 'Dweller on Two Planets', where 'night is as pregnant with energy/colors as day' and that the 'dark side of nature' is where most phenomena originates..>>> Jerry)

10) The waves of Aether are anisotropic and its energy density varies in different spots in space and time. Normally during the day the wave is presumably the strongest due to the addition of solar forces. Twice a year the Earth receives massive doses of this energy during cutting of the Sun's magnetic plane, when Aether is the most concentrated. The polarity of Aether from the Sun, impinging on the planet Earth, changes a few times a year. The Sun functions like eight coils as we can deduce from the magnetosphere of our star..

(I am unclear on exactly what he means by this, probably that the Sun functions as a giant Tesla coil with each planet serving as a tuned smaller Tesla coil to intercept and use the radiated energy....strangely analogous to the Hubbard coil arrangement which used one central transmitting coil with 8 smaller coils around it to tap the radiated energy...Hubbard claimed to produce free energy from this device...additionally, some other free energy researchers claim that certain frequencies in tuned systems are able to attract/collect additional energy from cosmic, earth energy, van Allen belt radiation or other unspecified sources...>>> Jerry)

11) Presumably Aether particles cannot spin in two axis simultaneously and travel at the speed of light at the same time when they are spinning. What if they spin in two axis at the same time? Does this produce Gravity? Is it possible that these particles (neutrinos) can spin in such a way that they spin in two axis but they stop after each spin of 180 degrees?

12) Aether particles travel through matter but change if they encounter electric or magnetic fields, specially during the acceleration of electrons.

(Energy manifests by cutting the lines of force which intercepts and redirects the flow for practical use. So if aether or other forces come in the form of radiation, waves will be involved which can be conjugated by 90 or 180 degrees which redirects the flow of energy....>>> Jerry)

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