Interesting emails for August 1996

The following deals with 'Non-Lethal Weapons'

Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 12:08:17 -0500 (EST)

From: Patty Neill <>

Subject: Something Strange in the Altamont Hills, CA

Something weird is going on in the hills above Altamont Pass, on Highway 580. This corridor is a major route from California's Central Valley to the San Francisco Bay Area, heavily used by truckers and commuters. The hills of "the Altamont" are crowned with hundreds of wind-generators, whose swinging blades or graceful undulations are one of the more unique sights of the area, and very familiar to those who use the road. Less familiar is an obscure exit just to the west of the pass, which leads to Lawrence Livermore Labs, which probably wishes that its presence, and its ultra-secret government programs, were a little *less* familiar to Bay Area Residents.

Lawrence Livermore is denying any involvement, but something weird is going on in the hills around the Altamont. Truckers have reported seeing red laser beams slicing the sky above the pass, and cutting across the multiple lanes of 580. While one can occasionally see flashes of electricity from shorts and malfunctions on the wind generators, they insist this is something entirely different.

Recently, events have turned more sinister, and borne out their reports of lasers. A Sheriff's deputy on a side road next to the pass reported a red laser hitting his cheek. The next thing he knew, there was a brilliant white flash and he was blinded. Hitting the brakes, he managed to coast his patrol car to the side of the road, then radioed for help. Whatever the white flash was, it left him blinded for almost half an hour. Also, it seems that the red "laser" that hit his cheek left burns. Local news stations have been called in to have motorists report any unusual incidents involving flashes or apparent laser beams, but currently the authorities are stumped.

However, a reliable source who used to work for PsyOps says that the military has, for a few years now, been playing with designs for a weapon that will blind the enemy in the field, a weapon whose intent he finds highly objectionable. Could the military be playing with "field tests" of a blinding weapon in the hills above Lawrence Livermore? Was the patrol officer a chanceor intentional victim? We may never know---unless someone else who finds this sort of shenanigans objectionable leaks it to the outside world. Ironically, variations of this blinding weapon, including a version which causes permanent blindness by burning the retina, are being tested as part of the new "nonlethal" weapons program, as an alterative to weapons of mass destruction. The official word is that anything generating this much laser firepower has to have a *very large* power source, one not easily portable. However, if you've got a major generating grid of windmills, what would stop someone from just hooking into the source?

So, what is going on? Weapons tests? War games? Playing at taking out a power grid? Whatever it is, someone is up to no good. This isn't the sort of thing smalltime radicals can afford, either. If it's someone freelance, playing with experimental weapons, there are some awfully big bucks behind them. - Jane

This is about 'Alpha Entrainment by watching TV'

Excerpted from "THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND," by Dick Sutphen

Recent tests by researcher Herbert Krugman showed that, while viewers were watching TV, right-brain activity outnumbered left-brain ctivity by a ratio of two to one. Put more simply, the viewers were in an altered state . . . in trance more often than not. They were getting their Beta-endorphin "fix."

To measure attention spans, psychophysiologist Thomas Mulholland of the Veterans Hospital in Bedford, Massachusetts, attached young viewers to an EEG machine that was wired to shut the TV set off whenever the children's brains produced a majority of alpha waves. Although the children were told to concentrate, only a few could keep the set on for more than 30 seconds!

Most viewers are already hypnotized. To deepen the trance is easy. One simple way is to place a blank, black frame every 32 frames in the film that is being projected. This creates a 45-beat-per-minute pulsation perceived only by the subconscious mind--the ideal pace to generate deep hypnosis.

The commercials or suggestions presented following this alpha- inducing broadcast are much more likely to be accepted by the viewer. The high percentage of the viewing audience that has somnambulistic-depth ability could very well accept the suggestions as commands--as long as those commands did not ask the viewer to do something contrary to his morals, religion, or self -preservation.

The medium for takeover is here. By the age of 16, children have spent 10,000 to 15,000 hours watching television--that is more time than they spend n school! In the average home, the TV set is on for six hours and 44 minutes per day--an increase of nine minutes from last year and three times the average rate of increase during the 1970s.

It obviously isn't getting better . . . we are rapidly moving into an alpha-level world--very possibly the Orwellian world of "1984" -- placid, glassy-eyed, and responding obediently to instructions.

A research project by Jacob Jacoby, a Purdue University psychologist, found that of 2,700 people tested, 90 percent misunderstood even such simple viewing fare as commercials and "Barnaby Jones." Only minutes after watching, the typical viewer missed 23 to 36 percent of the questions about what he or she had seen. Of course they did--they were going in and out of trance! If you go into a deep trance, you must be instructed to remember--otherwise you automatically forget.

More on possible coming Earth Changes

Interesting that in most searches for magic going on the net there seems to be a continuing reference to the 3 days of darkness. The original reference for this is of course the Bible, "the sun will go dark and the moon will turn to blood', and there is more there. Even Nostradamus gets in the act with his famous 'and the sun will become only second in the sky' quatrain.

Of course May 5, 2000 there will be an incredible alignment the like of which we have never seen, but will that be the event to unhinge the second sun, I think not, but the number of prophecies that are coming to a head over the next decade, in conjunction with the looming human devastation of this planet is frightening.

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A new Aura Viewing System?

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Electrostatic Force Fields

Date: Wed, 7 Aug 1996 07:16:39 -0700 (PDT)

From: William Beaty <>


Subject: Weird electrostatic story (fwd)

Here's an odd story. I heard it second-hand, so I'm not totally confident of its accuracy. I have a call in to the originator.

A friend attended the 1995 ESD assn. symposium where a 3M engineer told of an interesting phenomenon at a factory in the south. The humidity was extremely high, yet when the guy entered the factory floor his electrometer measured many tens of KV just inside the doorway. As part of the production process they were taking two types of plastic film off an enormous roll many feet long and spooling it onto two other rolls. The dissimilar materials were generating opposite surface charges, so these two rolls were acting as charge accumulators. The enormous rolls were adjacent and oppositely charged throughout their volume, so the e-field between them was incredibly high. They should form a capacitor, but an unconventional one with non-conductive plates, and with the charges trapped inside the plastic.

Here's the weird part. When workers tried to walk between the rolls, they experienced a strong REPULSION force. Repulsion, not attraction.

When the humidity was lower, they found that the field was so strong that they were unable to push their way through!

Yet when one drops plastic fragments between oppositely charged parallel plates, the fragments are sucked into the gap, rotate to align with the field, and stick to one plate or the other. They are not *repelled!*

Anyone have an explanation of the odd phenomenon in the factory?


Charging a film and spooling it up would be a neat way to create a single-pole electret. After awhile it should "discharge" as opposite air ions were attracted to its surface. But then you could peel a couple of layers off and restore the original effect. I think VandeGraaff belts can take tens of of microcoulombs per cm^2, so it wouldn't be hard to accumulate a total charge in the millicoulomb range. I expect that air breakdowns would impose the major limit. If you made a positive and a negative "charge spool," the attractive force between them should be amazing!

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