Electricity - Make it, don't Buy it
*** Generate your Own Electricity - 111 page PDF eBook ***
by Bill Anderson - 02/07/05

It is difficult to ignore all the problems facing us these days. Especially the threats of reduction or loss of oil and energy that will directly affect each and every one of our lives.

You can take the 'Chicken Little' or 'Peter crying wolf' approach and ignore all the clear pointers towards our growing needs for new energy sources, or you can take steps NOW to do something about it to protect yourself.

Do you trust that the federal government and your local city governments will always be there to insure we have plenty of fuel and electricity?

If so, then you won't find this eBook of interest.

But if you want to be prepared when it hits or better yet, do something about it NOW, you can learn the basic steps and setups you need to co-generate or provide all your electricity needs for yourself.

There are many books and web pages talking about it but few have the details you need to be able to actually determine what you need, how much it will cost and what is involved in installing and maintaining your own power generation system.

This eBook offers you that at a very reasonable price.

You will learn which generators are the most fuel efficient, generator sources that will save you 1000's, and best of all, your book will show you how to set up your system for extracting maximum power while using minimum fuel.

Find out how surprisingly economical it is to convert to such a system, not the +$20,000 systems like a roof full of solar panels would cost but more in the range of $4000 to $5000 for a complete system to run a typical 3 bedroom home.

'Electricity - Make it, don't Buy it' includes an excellent chapter on Energy Conservation which helps you locate and correct the waste of power, heat and cooling in your home.

You can also sell excess power back to the power company to earn a monthly check from your co-generation system.

There is much, much more in this book that will help you in making your decision and describing how to set it up and get it into operation.

Standard Format - Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF file).

Speed - instant download of this 111 page eBook.

More updated information - with an eBook, immediate changes can be easily made and make them available to you the same day for the latest information.

Live links - throughout the book, there are many, many references to external web pages that contain a wealth of information that you need to read. With the eBook, just click on the blue "hyperlink" and you will instantly go to that web page. With a paper book, you would have to type long URL's into your browser. There are literally 100's of these active hyperlinks in the book.

Bookmarks - Just click on a chapter title and you immediately jump to that chapter or you can jump back to the table of contents.

Color Pictures - There are many pictures and diagrams in the eBook that are in color.

If you like to be in control of your life and energy requirements, this book offers you invaluable information to convert now.

Not only will you benefit with power savings but you will be relieving the load on an electrical grid ready to collapse as we have seen so often in recent news and weather reports.

There is nothing alarmist or paranoid about being prepared. This eBook will help you decide if it would benefit you to setup your own backup or power generation system NOW or in the near future as events dictate.

Even if you don't plan on installing such a system now, its better to HAVE this information, than to wait til you need it and there might no longer be power for an InterNet or other means to get the details you need to restore your electricity needs.

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