Earthquake Predictions & Military Base Closings? - 12/29/97

The following is being posted to the KeelyNet website because of this recent email hinting that something peculiar might be going on with the recent military base closings.

Please don't email me about the predicted dates not coming true, no one here is claiming any of that, it is just peculiar about the base closing.
"Don't know if its on your WEB site but when the BBS was alive you had a file there called USA2001.GIF that showed what the USA cost line would look like in the year 2001.

Most of the east and west cost are gone. With large lakes in the mid-west the size of a state or two.

What someone pointed out to me was that if you looked at all of the Military Base closings in relation to this picture was that the bases that would be under water were the ones that were closed."

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Originally from Issue 17 - February 1993 - The Earth Changes Report
The Survival Guide for the Nineties - Gordon-Michael Scallion, Publ.

Final Warning Signs for California Super-Mega Quakes 8-12 on the Richter scale -- Predicted to Occur NO LATER THAN MAY 9, 1993

In December, Earth Changes Report predicted that the next two months would be highly volatile for earth changes west of the Rockies -- floods and storms have devastated California and a 5+ quake hit northern California in an area that had, up until now, been seismically quiet. East of the Rockies storms racked the Northeast and portions of New York City went under water. Additionally, significant earth changes have occurred globally in December and January -- a 7.5 quake hit Japan (ECR prediction 12/92) and on December 12th the first Indian Ocean quake and subsequent tidal wave occurred (ECR prediction 10/92.) In my opinion, the final warning bell has been sounded for California.

The Crude map of USA2001.GIF

Previously Published West Coast Warning Signs

A more Disastrous Version USASATX.GIF

However, my prophecy states that it will happen NO LATER THAN MAY 9, 1993 and may occur along with super-mega quakes.

Time is short -- WITHIN 4 MONTHS. Back in '83 my information was, "watch August 1991 to May 1993." Later, in April '91, the date became more specific -- NO LATER THAN MAY 9, 1993. I have sought guidance as to how I could best assist at this late hour. Here is what I received:

"If an 8.0+ (Richter scale) quake occurs in the Indian Ocean region -- Sri Lanka should be watched carefully -- then within days major earth changes shall occur in Japan, Alaska, Italy, Martinique and the western United States and Canada." As to the day and hour of the "big one" [California quake], this should not be seen as a singular event. While May of this year will be remembered as the month when the great plates shifted, events shall occur even before this -- many [earthquakes] exceeding 7 on the Richter scale occurring roughly along a line drawn from Vancouver, B.C. to Eureka to San Diego. Think in terms of quakes lasting not seconds, but minutes!

Now, to clarify so there may be preparation and knowing. The super-mega quake shall not have a singular epicenter. Rather the land itself displaces its forces from north to south (see illus-tration on right.) The current Richter scale will not be able to measure its magnitude. Later, it shall be computed to have been in excess of 10 and a new scale shall be created.

The following areas of California will experience inundations. Portions of San Diego shall go underwater as well as much of the Imperial Valley. Tidal waves shall be created traveling south and southwest along the whole West Coast. Los Angeles shall be the hardest hit and initially will be thought to be the location of epicenter, though later found to be only a portion of same. Multiple quakes shall occur.

The aqueducts feeding many cities such as Los Angeles shall fail and much of California shall be without power. Roads that cross other roads shall come down and become impassable. Portions of land from San Francisco to Sacramento shall be displaced by hundreds of feet in some areas. Numerous bridges shall collapse throughout California causing many highways to become impassable.

Migrations will be to Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Idaho. Loss of life shall be great. Property damage and business loss shall be measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars, causing the national and global economy to severely decline."

If the final warning signs occur as presented, the areas close to my predicted fracture zone (see ECR 6/92), THE FUTURE MAP OF THE UNITED STATES) -- 50 miles either side -- will be the hardest hit.

Thousands of ECR readers have written to me saying that they know the BIG ONE is coming, but feel they have no choice but to stay because of jobs, family, home, investments, etc. As I have repeatedly stated, each must trust his or her own intuition in this, as well as in all matters. I can only give you the signs. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INTUITION, NOW, MORE THAN EVER. We have been warned on all levels (see Reading the Signs by Cynthia Keyes in this issue.) If you have consciously decided to stay during these changes for whatever reason, maybe you will be able to help others. I believe only 1 in 3 will choose, or be able to, leave California during Tribulation. Healers in the thousands will be needed, especially at the emotional-mental levels.

      Definitions:  "Mega-quakes"  when  used  in  ECR, indicate earth-
                     quakes having a magnitude  range of 7.5-8.9 [on the
                     Richter scale.]

                    "Super-mega quakes"   used   in    ECR    indicates
                     earthquakes having a magnitude higher than 9.

                    "Tribulation" means  the  time  period from 1991 to
                     1997 and it is further  defined as a time period of
                     spiritual choosing and great Earth changes.

       The EARTH CHANGES REPORT is published Monthly by

                                 Matrix Institute,
                                   RR1 Box 391,
                              Westmoreland, NH 03467,
                                  (603) 399-4916.

       The above article appeared in the 12-page Feb.  issue,  Copyright  c
       January 27, 1993   by   Gordon-Michael  Scallion.   Photocopying  or
       printing ECR for sale or resale is strictly prohibited.

       Photocopying ECR to GIVE AWAY is  encouraged.   This  transcript  is
       being shared by interested parties as a public service  to  increase
       awareness of impending  earth  changes being predicted by those with
       the gifts of  prophecy and clairvoyance.  The  reader  assumes  sole
       responsibility for his present and future actions in  light  of this

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This article was taken from USA TODAY. Thursday, November 9, 1989

By Steven Jay
Special for USA TODAY

During the week before the October 17, 1989 San Francisco earthquake, Dolores Denilla had a problem, snakes. They kept slithering out of the creek near her Watsonville home; she had to kill 14.

"It was weird because maybe one comes out of the creek a year," she said. In Vallejo, at Marine World Africa USA, the llamas were restless October 17. When handler Jennifer Deffenbaugh tried taking them for a walk, "they spit at me and tried to kick me."

In Santa Cruz, Beverly Strite's 6-year-old dachsund hid under the bed six hours before the quake. Dozens of stories circulating like these have produced the latest aftershock: renewed debate about whether the earthquake predictors should be looking again to animals.

The federal government in the early 1980's stopped financing research on the once-popular theory on grounds it was a crackpot idea and not as helpful with long-term predictions. Yet the man drawing most attention for predicting the Oct. 17 quake was Jim Berkland, a Santa Clara County geologist who relies on animals. Although the quake was bigger than he predicted - he forecast a 6.0, compared with a 7.1 - his timing was on the money: between Oct. 14 and 21.

Berkland made his prediction on Oct. 13. He was put on administrative leave because he's not supposed to make earthquake predictions. "Nature has an awful lot to tell us but unless we have our ears, eyes and minds open, we won't hear," he says.

Joan Gillespie of Campbell, Calif., claims his prediction saved her up to $6,000 in china and crystal. "I don't care if he reads corns or bunions. I listen because he's been right too often," Gillespie says. But Roger Hunter, a U.S. Geological Survey geophysicist, studied Berkland's findings and "concluded he wasn't doing better than chance."

Some mainstream earthquake predictors are willing to consider Berkland's approach.

In 1975, Chinese scientists successfully predicted a major quake on the basis of snakes emerging from underground dens and strange dog behavior.

Calvin Frederick, a UCLA psychiatric professor, has studied household animals and thinks they react to building vibrations. Nick Corini, a Morgan Hill pigeon-racing buff, lost 26 pigeons before the quake.

"These are birds that don't lose their way. When someone comes talking about lost dogs and cats you tend to be skeptical, but (Berkland has) made a believer out of me."
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Western Region News, December 1989


Common tools used in earth monitoring include strain gauges, tiltmeters, well-level floats, geodometers, radon detectors, electro- telluric meters, seismometers, and other instruments. Some psychokinetic researchers study abnormal animal behavior and/or hypersensitive humans affected by earth perturbations.

Disappointingly, except for some M5 "re-shocks" that occurred months earlier and a couple of not-so-significant-looking M1 shocks more closely preceding the Loma Prieta main-shock, no precursors were obvious to help fortell that impending disaster.

Electrical engineers involved in ultra-low-frequency (ULF) electromagnetic research for the military, however, stumbled onto an earth sensing method which may be added as a useful tool for deep-earth studies here in California.

ULF waves have interested the military because of their ability to penetrate into the oceans and detect movements by enemy submarines, and one of the ULF antennas in the global array just happens to be located in the Santa Cruz mountains. It serendipitously picked up significant electromagnetic anomalies preceding the Loma Prieta earthquake.

Antony Fraser-Smith, 9415) 723-3684, head of a Sanford University group involved in this research, indicated at AGU that the Corralitos ULF station picked up longwave radiation that deviated from normal backgfound noise in the days and hours immediately preceding the 5:04 p.m. earthquake of October 17.

Is this the first instrumented reading of a deep-earth piezoelectric effect that contributes to spooking animals into abnormal behavior or does it have something to do with charging air to produce the mysterious glows sometimes reported as "earthquake lights?"

Chi-Yu (EVE-T) reported in a February 1983 article in NATURE that researchers Gokhberg, Morgonouv, Yoshino, and Timizawa picked up 30 minutes of electromagnetic emissions before a March 1080 quake in Japan. Soviet science reported electromganetic anomalies in the 70's, and two days of radio noise interfered with the Chinese military and civilian radio before the 1976 Tangshan earthquake, a 7.8 event which also produced earthquake light.

The discovery of ULF radio anomalies associated with the Loma Prieta earthquake will very likely be researched further to better determine its possible quake-sensing capability for other areas along the San Andreas fault.

Because Frase-Smith needs another earthquake for testing, the Parkffield Pediction Experiment looks like the perfect laboratory.

[Chart description (not included because of ASCII limitations) entitled: "A coincidence?" This chart shows low frequency radio waves detected near the epicenter of the Loma Prieta quake three hours before it began. The measurements stop where the electricity failed, and begin again during a period of aftershocks. Source of the graph is Sanford University]

Notes from sender of article: G.D. is Geological Division of the U.S. Geological survey. Contributor of article places question marks and underlines "psychokinetic researchers" and the detection of submarines. [individual works for the U.S.G.S.C and did not know that the ULF was used for submarine detection and military applications].
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Originally from NEWS TRACK - December 1989 Vol 32 Number 12
Communications of ACM [Association for Computing Machinary]

HERE COMES THE SUN... Solar activity is at its peak from now through April 1990, and scientists are worried that the atmospheric effects will be powerful enough to cause major computer systems to crash.

Solar storms and radiation-spewing sun flares are electrical and magnetic currents that can alter the Earth's magnetic field. Space-based computer systems can be damaged by such solar emissions, while ground-based computers are vulnerable to such dangers as electircal surges that can harm power grids. (Solar surges were recently blamed for wiping out computer systems at the Toronto Stock Exchange.) Sun-watchers say threatening sunspots will remain extremely energetic until early spring before begining to slowly taper off into 1993.
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