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Interact Discussion List Guidelines

This page was updated 10/31/09.

Around January of 1998, we started the first KeelyNet discussion list. The list grew to about +300 subscribers in a years time, has been nearly 700 at its highest and currently has 273 members as of 2005. It is moderated, private (though open to anyone who wishes to sign on) and archived publicly so anyone can read or search past comments or discussions made to the list.

The 2nd incarnation of the list occurred around June of 1998 when the server of our list provider became unstable. Again, Dan York volunteered to host it on his server as KeelyNet-L.

With the move of from to, we closed down the Keelynet@DallasTexas list in preference of the new list, which was called Interact since both the list and the KeelyNet website now resided completely on one server.

As of 10/10/99, the complete KeelyNet & Interact discussion list archives moved to

By 2001, there were over 10,685 posts, Escribe went down about 2005, so we lost a lot of information, but we switched over to mail-archive on Sun 23 Oct 2005, then to Yahoo Groups in 2007. So this gets us updated to 10/31/09.

KeelyNet List Guidelines
Updated 10/31/09

The current Yahoo list has 321 members as of 10/31/09

Please read and agree to the following guidelines
to join the KeelyNet Interact discussion list.

1) - Private List

The KeelyNet Interact list will be private (open without charge to anyone, however, any 'subscribe' request requires that the moderator (Jerry Decker) approves it first, unless the person has been kicked off previously, the subscription will go through with no problem).

When a list is PUBLIC, anyone can AUTOMATICALLY subscribe or RE-subscribe, even if they have been kicked off for spamming or behavior not within the guidelines of the list.

A PRIVATE list means the moderator has to authorize each subscription before they are actually added to the list. This helps to keep out people who are trying to subscribe primarily for mischief, flames, to promote their own agenda, spam their material to the mailboxes of many subscribers at once, or otherwise pollute the list and archives with material unrelated to the topics of the list or to otherwise sow discord.

Attempts to use the Interact list SOLELY for advertising is not allowed and will result in immediate unsubscription and purging of the advertisement from the archive with an attribution of spam appended in its place. The email and contact information, thus identified as SPAM will be linked in the archive as WARNING to others about the offending person or group.

Many non-subscribers routinely read the archives to keep abreast of anything new or useful and sometimes volunteer additional or new information which is reposted to the list. All efforts are made to ensure the accretion of useful or interesting information relating to KeelyNet subjects.

Posts can be made to KeelyNet only by subscribers and not through outside emails.

Since KeelyNet is a private list, the moderator has full discretion as to subscriptions, if you have issues, direct them privately to the moderator or to the specific person and do not broadcast it to the entire list. Thanks.

*** NOTE 1: Due to the private nature of the KeelyNet list, Hotmail, Yahoo and other faux addresses will not be accepted unless the person is known to the moderator OR can show why they should be on the list. This keeps out the mischief makers.

*** NOTE 2: All emails posted to the KeelyNet list are in the public domain and free to repost, archive or otherwise distribute.

*** NOTE 3: Keep in mind that the archives are public and intended as an ongoing resource for many others besides the list members, so I ask that we all strive to provide useful topic related information to add to the collective KeelyNet Discussion list information pool!

**** If you disagree with ANY of this, do not subscribe! ****

2) - Subscription Cancellation if Out of Line

People who subscribe for the sole purpose of promoting their own agenda or for intentional infractions of the list guidelines will be removed from the list. Mischief makers are invited to start their own list or take it elsewhere.

3) - Cross Posting Not allowed

Subscribers to the private Interact discussion list often also subscribe to other lists with similar topics. Please direct your posts ONLY to ONE LIST AT A TIME and do not crosspost with the Interact email address in CCmail global posts, forwards or other multiple addresses, subject to cancellation.

4) - List Digest

If you are overwhelmed by the volume of posts, select the Digest form. This way you will receive one large email per day with all of the previous day's email. The Digest is sent out each day at midnight Central Standard Time.

5) - ASCII text format - NO ATTACHMENTS

Do not use styled text (HTML coded text) in email to the list. All messages posted should be in simple ASCII text format. Do not send attachments to the list.

6) - Support of the KeelyNet system

All costs for the KeelyNet website and the KeelyNet Interact list are provided by your donations and the list owner Jerry Wayne Decker. If you might like to send in a donation, I'd surely appreciate it since costs for the website come from my own pocket and some donations.

Dan York courteously provides the list service on his server. The contributions not only help to support the website but collection of other information which is passed on to the list and the website. What is left helps to buy equipment and sponsor limited experiments.

Some sites and lists have a suggested donation of just $10 per year. That would be most useful from just 300 people as it would be $3,000.00! But experience shows that is a fantasy....

I always compare to magazine subscriptions, generally $20-$50 per year for a years worth of monthly, bimonthly or quarterly issues. The information you find on KeelyNet is rarely if ever in such magazines (though some reprint and use our files and information which is PERFECTLY FINE since the more people who have free access to it, can use it or be inspired from it, the better).

To my view, its a great deal, FOCUSED INFORMATION for $10.00 or for free for those who can't afford it or don't find it sufficiently useful, that's fine too, we have been public since 1987 and WILL continue regardless.

All files from the old KeelyNet BBS are now zipped for free download. It was decided rather than let others capitalize on this work, we would offer them freely and let people contribute directly to KeelyNet if they felt the files to be of use.

If you are so inclined as to consider a donation, I'll do what I can to keep adding new and interesting information for all to study and I certainly DO appreciate your support.

It's easy to do, just send cash, check or money order made out to :

KeelyNet as posted on our Contact Page

Click here for the most recent information at What's New

If you don't plan to ACTIVELY get involved, PLEASE DON'T TAKE UP SPACE AS A 'LURKER'. If this happens, we'll have to deal with unsubscribing non-active subscriptions. So don't waste your time or the list subscription, thanks!

7) - 'KeelyNet Interact' List Topics

The 'KeelyNet Interact' discussion list will focus primarily on free energy/overunity approaches, gravity control and electronic health, with aperiodic related correlations. These can include new techologies, discoveries or theories relating to possible devices or experiments covering energy, physics, biology and general science.

Science as herein used is in its purest form which is, observation or theory, correlations that back up your contentions, establishing a hypothesis, doing an experiment to prove it, adjusting for variations, proving it and sharing sufficient information that OTHERS can prove it, then it is REAL.

Academia and professional accreditation are not and never have been requirements for discovery or invention. Most of the worlds major inventions were by loners without formal training. Discover something new, prove what you claim, let others have enough information to VERIFY your claim and you ARE a scientist, no matter what anyone else might say. So don't let anyone scare you off from experiment claiming you don't know enough, take a chance, try it out, ask for help, its out there in many forums and from many people.

Science does not preclude discussion of alt tech devices such as radionics, pyramid or shape power, rejuvenation, healing, anomalies and various other topics which are not yet quantifiable using off the shelf equipment. It is THROUGH science that we will pin down the mysteries of the universe and make them controllable and useful in our daily lives.

When posting to the list, it is preferred that you post a short abstract of an existing URL of interest along with the URL or source where the complete article resides.

That way, people can CHOOSE to visit the site or source for the full document at their discretion. This is a courtesy to others since it prevents cramming large files into subscriber mailboxes where the information could just as easily be referenced at will from a posted URL. Thanks!!

8) - Disallowed Topics

Postings to the list about aliens, abductions, conspiracies, patriot/political activities, lights in the sky reports, advertising solely for that purpose as well as subjects which would detract from the aforementioned primary topics are discouraged, since this is an alt tech list. Also, news that is all over the web and media and which doesn't apply to alt tech shouldn't be posted here since it is available in many places and easily referenced.

Theories that lead to endless unproveable discussion without suggestions or correlations to hardware or empirical experiment are more appropriately directed to the newsgroup

9) - Threads & Logical Progression

All subscribers are requested to refrain from wandering far off topic from the original subject title of the thread they are creating or responding to. If you feel the need to expand on the topic, please retitle your SUBJECT line. This makes it much easier for everyone else to follow the specific subject under discussion.

Please note that all current emails sent to the list members are publicly archived by DATE at;

KeelyNet Interact emails since May 1999

10) - Simple Courtesy & Consideration

Subscribers to 'KeelyNet' are expected to refrain from posting emails containing insulting, defamatory or hostile comments directed at other subscribers to the list and ESPECIALLY to those NOT on the list who cannot defend themselves without subscribing. It is one thing to argue from facts, it is another to delve into ad hominem (personal) attacks or to invoke suppression or paranoia when questioned about your claims or views.

If you can't say something helpful, constructive or offering a new or better viewpoint or ask for clarification, please reconsider why you feel a need to post a response email in the first place. As a warning, be prepared to be countenanced should you make claims on this list and expect to be taken at your word without any requirement for proof.

Also, please refrain from posting 'me too' emails which are a waste of bandwidth, archive space and that offer no new or constructive information. Humor and jokes are great but they do take up space and cost bucks. Please refrain from posting them as separate emails to the KeelyNet list. We need to stay focused on why we are here.

I apologize for the length of these guidelines and detest having to be so specific but some people CONTINUE to test the boundaries in attempts to use the mailing list to post their agendas into the mailboxes of the subscribers, so I must periodically update these guidelines to compensate.

Good for you having made it this far!

You are about to join the KeelyNet Discussion list.
Your comments, ideas and reports are most welcome!



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