Death of Bruce DePalma

Tom Brown took over the Borderlands Research group from Riley Crabb many years ago and passed it on to Michael Theroux after deciding to move to New Zealand and raise he and Alison's children. In a recent post, he alerted us to the recent death of Dr. Bruce Depalma. Another post from Duncan Roads of Nexus confirms the report.
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 1997 11:17:46 +1200
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: News..

Hi Jerry,

Don't know if you've heard yet, but Bruce DePalma died yesterday (Friday here) after being rather ill for about seven days.

Don't have too many details as of yet, but should be some sort funeral on Tuesday. I'll fill you in when I know something more, if there is any more to know.

Bruce got his foundation going here, and it looks like that might keep on going, so I expect his website to keep running.......

Cheers - Tom
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