About Crooks, Conmen, Liars & Radical Skeptics - 06/21/98

06/23/98 - My apologies

First of all, I have to make an addendum to this original document and

to apologize if certain lunatics
have placed YOU on their
spam email lists.

I had nothing to do with this and anything attributed to me from this person is, as usual from this 'source', shall we politely say 'in error.'

As stated later in this document, those who scream loudest and force themselves and their opinions/beliefs/claims on others have the most to be afraid of, i.e. FINALLY being found out for the frauds they KNOW they are.

If you want out of such spam lists, I suggest in all fairness that you first request from the originator that you wish to be removed, failing that, your only other option (to my best knowledge) is to write emails to his ISP complaining about his abuse of the Email system.

Like a cornered animal, caught with chicken feathers on its furry lips, it is responding in a characteristically irrational way. The acolytes yip and yelp their uncomprehending support at its heels and implosion is inevitable. Don't feel alone, I too have long been spammed by this particular fraud despite repeated requests to NOT send me such irrational and erroneous diatribes, so I just delete them on receipt.

A funny quote from one of the good guys, "Cornered rats BITE."

As I and others have asked repeatedly, prove the claims AND let OTHERS prove the claims, or CLEARLY state that they are JUST THEORIES, otherwise GO AWAY because it is misleading people, falsely getting all our hopes up and perpetuating myth.

Yet another cheap trick is to make claims of having 'alien technology' or of a free energy type device 'nearly ready' for production. This is simply a way to drag you to their website so they can sell you a computer, a book, other printed information, videos, whatever their 'product' might be or to get you somehow hooked into their mailing list. Beware of this technique also.

One other point, DIVERSION and OBFUSCATION are other tools to defocus your attention and distract you away from the original claims so they don't have to EVER prove them.

Using an excuse of, "well, that's still under development, but WHILE I'VE GOT YOUR ATTENTION, let me show you this," and out comes the product lists of printed material, etc, ad nauseum.

Once people realize this is just another trick to get them to a particular website and they stop calling, the perpetrator comes up with something else that is ever more fabulous or incredible in hopes that people will again be teased and cajoled back to their website.

I think they should just be up front about it and stick with what they actually do, sell literature, videos or whatever and stay away from using false 'hooks' to attract people to their sites. Nothing wrong with business, but please stick to some form of ethical, responsible behavior.

Just like good magic, watch this hand while I pick your pocket with the other. The offering of simple diversions won't deter those who can see through such a cheap trick, so keep your eyes open.

Now for the 'rest of the story' as from 06/21/98

I have refrained from responding publicly to the nutcases, crooks, fanatics and the radical skeptics who would prefer to rail and scream against those of us who are of the opinion that certain OBVIOUS natural forces will inevitably be practically tapped. Results will come from our unflinching focus and correlations, all of which will happen because the serious researchers recognize that our combined, freely shared investigations and observations will evoke the discoveries we seek.

My feelings have been that responding to such crazies would have no positive future. As a couple of close friends say, 'Pick Your Battles'. However, with the latest irrational diatribe that was widely sent out by the 'radioactive crackpot', I wanted to express my gratitude to those who have sent very kind emails and who recognize what is going on here.

I am aware of some of the accusations and comments posted on some homepages and which directly target KeelyNet. Though I've NOT checked them out personally as they simply aren't worth my time or interest. Most of these people either have no life or friends to speak of or have been caught as crooks or liars, so for them, it is a natural response to accuse any and all who point this out or who ask for proof of their claims (which we should all ROUTINELY DO!!), so let time be their judge. KeelyNet has been around since 1988, long before many of these kids even knew what alternative science was and there were many who PRECEDED us. What makes us different is we aren't in it for money or the power trips that so many get swept up in. I and most of the people I know work for a living rather than trying to con you out of your money.

We've had 'opportunities' to get involved in various projects which were obviously scams and proved to be that with time, but never got involved in them because they always revolved around somehow ripping people off or hiding information.

You will note no matter how many conferences these people attend, always making ever more amazing claims, you have not nor will you ever see any working free energy device FROM THEM. They are in it primarily to get into your wallet and/or to get as much public exposure as they can, seeking your adulation and worship of them as some sort of great inventor. So, keep a big block of salt handy when reading or hearing their claims and let your wife, mate or trusted friend hold your checkbook, credit card and wallet.

As long as you are not given an opportunity to prove the claim for yourself, either as a kit or plans, I would recommend you take it as fanciful entertainment or an interesting theory, nothing more.

KeelyNet was and always will be for those who are seekers of truth, all else can simply go away. We don't seek you out, you sought KeelyNet out. We simply want people who are sincere and really want to make a positive difference with their efforts, that entails some degree of perception and discrimination. If you choose to believe the many spurious and often false claims of the cranks, fine, more power to you, it's a free country and I'd have it no other way.

As a matter of record, I sincerely hope one or more of these people actually DO come out with something that WORKS and that other independent sources can verify, but my experience has been one of sheer frustration once I realized paranoia, ego or greed was involved. All I ask is that you look at their history and 'dealings' and the truth will be self-evident. When your mind congeals enough to comprehend reality, let's try to work together, otherwise just go away, remember we didn't hunt you down or spam you to get your attention, you came to us.

KeelyNet is not here for Greed - we charge for nothing on the website, though will accept donations if someone desires to help keep it alive. We don't make claims of special knowledge, offering plans FOR SALE that don't work, or that consist of information lifted outright from other experimenters and without any credit to them, seeking to bolster our own finances by ripping off people who are openly trusting in those claims to be true. We just present the information, sometimes with comments or correlations that might be useful and let you decide for yourself.

We also believe information should be free and so have always provided files that we think are of use or interest, freely. At one point we did sell disks of the KeelyNet files, but only after so many asked for this as they wanted ALL the files at one time, though they have always been freely available for download on the BBS. The BBS was discontinued as of November 1996 primarily because of a hard drive failure but also due to the time it takes to keep both the KeelyNet website up and the BBS was just too time consuming.

KeelyNet is not here for Ego - we don't claim to know everything nor do we lambast all other theories and ideas, rather we look for correlations between many inventors, ideas and known facts. We started out as a semi-public BBS in 1988, intended for experimenters and people who wanted to make positive changes by developing alternative technologies, then moved to the web which invariably brought us from our small group of of 1500 or so associates to being fully public. This migration to the Internet was 'resisted' for as long as possible after seeing the nature of responses in newsgroups and discussion lists as Bill Beaty will affirm.

We have always tried to be low key, never advertising and preferring word of mouth advertising among the real experimenters and investigators, rather than trying to attract people who just wanted free entertainment. That was never the intent as we were always aware of the conmen who would either try to use our associates for their own purposes (and we've had more than our share, even kicking some off once we recognized what was happening) or the skeptics who would try to disorient and confuse the issues at every opportunity. Such entities saturate the net and often target us and our associates.

KeelyNet is not here for Power - we don't try to control the flow of information or ideas, nor do we focus EXCLUSIVELY on the study of John Keely, trying to set any one group or person up as the final arbiter and ultimate resource. There is no such thing as one single source of information (well, without getting metaphysical about it), our answers will come from open and free sharing of information and ideas, which includes discussion and interaction from interested participants.

Just look at the person or people casting the stones and you will see that the bottomline is this;
It is quite different when there are honest mistakes involved and this response is directed to those who KNOWINGLY and in many cases are intentionally fraudulent, counting on the credulity or lack of knowledge of those who get caught up in their claims and hoping their followers will never ask for a working device, a kit or plans that would allow them to build their OWN working model. This is a SURE SIGN of honesty and truth, when you can build or buy your own working model.

You will note the ones who create mischief have been caught publicly as being crooks or cranks. Shakespeare said it best, 'Methinks the lady doth protest TOO much' which is why they post all those crazy emails and webpages slamming anyone who doesn't follow their particular one dimensional belief system. It's really quite simple.

One final word, we all have to work and make a living, well most of us, so we do what we can. For Pete's sake, don't demand things from people you don't even know, who owe you NOTHING. It is a sure sign that you were either raised in a barn or have some kind of mental problem, and I guarantee your emails and other communications will be deleted or discarded without being read.

As a rule, every item posted on KeelyNet will be for informational purposes only and I'll tell you up front, we've not built a single working device from any of this. However, when we DO FIND A WORKING DEVICE that we have verified and duplicated independently, we will post enough information that you can prove the principle of what the inventor is claiming, as in the PoP.

These Alternative Science studies are after all, a JOINT EFFORT and we all need to work together. If you can't or won't play fair, please find another sandbox with kids of your own character. Come back when you've grown up and can get along and play well with others.

Thanks again for the positive and most uplifting emails, most of us are doing what we can and certainly try to keep abreast and post that which is useful, new or might have potential in our own investigations.

About Quantity/Quality, IMO, it is far better to see 10 posts a week that offer useful information than 1000 that have nothing of use.

Take care of yourself, we all have work to do and a part to contribute to making free energy, gravity control and electronic health a reality, so if anything REAL pops up, you'll see a 'heads up' on KeelyNet either as a source document, a URL leading to other sites or pointers leading to a magazine or book that might have useful information...>>> Jerry Wayne Decker