Updated April 2013
(Originally from April 1996)

Announcing the

KeelyNet Over/Unity Competition
'the quest for the perpetual battery'

Aren't you TIRED of hearing about all these marvelous
Over-Unity devices, yet you NEVER get to see one of them?

From the December, 2006 and now April 2013 updates...since the inception of the offer back in 1996, intended for the ISNE conference, I have received a few emails over the years who claim to have done it, yet when I ask them for proof, they disappear and I never hear from them again.

Shortly after the 2006 update, 10 years and not one single working result, so

I decided to cancel the contest

since no one was adding to the fund and no one but con artists were coming forward hoping they could use a trick to win the prize. A total waste of my time dealing with these fools.

So I decided to 'repurpose' the money to support Keelynet which would be the best way to continue to collect, correlate and share information to inspire potential inventors through knowledge that might better result in actual EXPERIMENTS rather than hopes of winning a prize.

One day, I'm hoping to start it up again with a NEW contest which would be supported by tens of thousands of people, not just the donations from a handful of close friends who agreed with this decision, along with my $1,000 of seed money. So read on and see why I was excited about it THEN and still am, but its going nowhere after a decade and things change.

Some claim they have 'figured it out'...yet only with a THEORY..this challenge is for HARDWARE that can be tested and proven, not some mental construct as there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of those in the world.

If you are serious about your idea, confident that you actually have something, then you'll FIND the money and time to build and test it. Unfortunately, many want OTHERS to put up the money and do the work to prove their ideas which of course never seem to work.

It's like the allegory about who does most to provide for breakfast...the chicken or the pig. Sure, the chicken is INVOLVED by laying the egg, but the pig is COMMITTED.

Be a PIG, believe and invest in your own ideas!
Cartoon from implementingscrum.com at; Ham'n'Eggs

Have you also spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on books, videos, conferences, experiments and other information exchanges that have still not come up with a working O/U device that you can SEE, let alone buy or build?

And every new discovery is more complex or exotic. Most actually start out with a simple anomaly which the inventor often COMPLEXIFIES to be able to patent or sell it.

What happened to the electronic circuit that pulls energy directly from ZPE, space energy, aether or whatever you want to call it? Hendershot, Hubbard, Coler, Tesla, Moray and others claimed to have built a working electronic circuit, so with all our technology and networking these days, why can't we?

Here is your opportunity to help bring forth a simple working O/U device that all might likely see at a future ISNE (International Symposium for New Energy) or other Alternative Science & Technology conference. The KeelyNet Over Unity Competition fund has been established for the express purpose of accumulating contributions from those who want to offer a combined 'reward' to the inventor or inventors who can prove a working over-unity circuit which might be further demonstrated in a public forum for all to see, i.e., website, media or at a conference..

The KeelyNet Competition is IDEALLY looking for a solid state electronic circuit that can be easily built and tested, without all the complexities and costs associated with most other classes of over-unity devices.


The winner will be a claimed O/U device that operates CONTINUOUSLY for 5 consecutive days, driving a minimum sustained load of at least 1 WATT and with NO outside source of power, and this device is demonstrated to the satisfaction of Jerry Decker and three KeelyNet Technical Associates, the inventor of the working device wins the prize.

Confusion and complexity abounds with anything beyond a simple electrical circuit such as Hubbard, Hendershot, Moray, Coler, Chernetskii, Bedini and others who have been reported as demonstrating working over-unity devices.

The KeelyNet O/U competition was intended to be a quest for just such an over-unity electrical circuit. However, discussions have convinced me the terms should include mechanical devices that might tap into zpe to extract useful power (possibly using vortex action, inertia, etc.).

Entries can use transistors, integrated circuits, relays, ionized or inert gases, coils, capacitors, diodes, crystals, a starting or storage battery(ies) where the energy does not decrease over the 5 day test while driving the load, electric motors, magnetic motors, mechanical components for temporary energy storage and/or other readily available components which would comprise the working device.

Preloaded flywheels, cold fusion, hot fusion, heat pumps, chemical or water based systems, combustible fuels, or pre-compressed air or other gases used to store energy that could drive a load are excluded from this contest.

Any device that needs recharging or replenishment of a fuel or material which is consumed or chemically converted to energy is not allowed. The competition also excludes natural energy accumulator systems including solar, wind, water, steam, thermal, heat pumps, thermocouples and other such systems.

Also excluded from the competition is any device which contains radioactive elements, animals, clockwork or spring driven mechanisms, antennas to capture ambient 60 cycle or other man-made frequencies and other obvious attempts at fraud or error. All devices to be entered in the competition must meet these criteria and the inventor must allow Jerry Decker and three trusted people whether technicians, scientists or engineers to inspect their device before the start of the 5 day contest and to examine and measure the output of the device during and at the the end of the 5 day test period. This will of course include signing a non-disclosure form and entail an inspection to ensure no chance of fraud.

It is the responsibility of the inventor/claimant to provide the machine or device at the KeelyNet designated test location. The inventor will also provide a sum of $1000.00US as a good faith offer that his/her device works as claimed and required per the conditions of the Overunity Competition.

Should the inventor win the competition, the $1700 prize money and the $1000 good faith sum will be refunded. Should the inventor LOSE the competition, the $1000 will be added to the prize money pool awaiting the next competition.

The idea is a circuit or device that will run itself as well as power a load of at least 1 watt and which will operate anywhere and under any conditions since it would tap its energy from zpe.

Minor changes in these criteria might need to be made over the duration of the contest based on unforeseen oversights that could defeat the spirit of the contest. These will be publicly posted on the KeelyNet.com website and through various publications as they are needed.

To protect the inventor, the internal workings of their invention will be shielded from the public in the form of a 'black box' with an input port and an output port with provisions for interchangeable loads. Once the device is started by an outside source (if necessary), it must be able to produce sufficient output power fed back to the input to keep it operating, as well as to operate a small load, inductive or resistive.

That load can be as small as 1 Watt as per Hal Puthoff's 'One Watt Challenge', but the device with the greatest sustained output power will be the winner.

Input and output energy will be measured at the beginning of the contest and again at the end. If the circuit has continuously driven one or more loads of 1 Watt or more, over the 5 day monitored test period, without any outside supply of energy, the details will be discussed and a vote taken to determine if the unit successfully met the criteria and power generation stipulations. If so, the inventor will be awarded a check for the amount available ($1700.00 + any accumulated forfeit funds from prior failed claimants and further accrued donations to the competition).

Through Keelynet, the InterNet, personal contacts, newsletters, journals, magazines and press releases, we are trying to collectively;

1) educate the general public about over-unity and its permutations,

2) ferret out hidden, lost, witheld or currently unknown devices which could meet the conditions of this challenge and bring about the changes we all foresee when a working o/u device is tested and marketed or otherwise shared with the world

3) and increase the prize total through the participation and contributions of ever more people.

The KeelyNet Competition focuses on over-unity devices that do not require replacement chemicals, fuel, combustion or the consumption of matter, but instead IDEALLY tap the ZPE directly through electronic methods.

If Tesla, Hendershot, Hubbard, Coler, Moray and others can do it with electronic circuits, someone else also has done it and this competition is intended to persuade that person or persons TO COME FORTH to claim their rightful prize and honors.

I can be contacted voice at 052 (376) 762-0929 or by email at Jerry Decker at KeelyNet.

Also, if you have an invention you have tested and might like to seek financial assistance, check out some guidelines at;

Inventor Financial Assistance Guidelines