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1 - Norman Wootan

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Norman Wootan has extensive experience with practical lab research, machining, design and construction. Long a patron and supporter of the now defunct International Tesla Society, to which he contributed several demonstration units to be used in their museum, but also a serious researcher into alternative science studies with an emphasis on energy generation designs.

Working with Joel Mclain, they designed and released the now famous MRA circuit which tested as overunity in many tests.

Norman has been actively working with the Edwin Gray motors, six of which were recently recovered. Two of these motors will be shown at the conference along with the repulsion disc which demonstrates the power of the electromagnetic spike discharge. Other EVGray components are still being sought to complete the system.

Saturday Lecture:
EVGray Motor History & Update
(with guest appearance by Patrick Gray)

Sunday Demonstration:
Two EVGray motors, Repulsion disc
and current status

2 - Peter Lindemann

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Clear Tech, Inc.
Metaline Falls, WA 99153 USA

Peter Lindemann DSc became interested in Free Energy in 1973, when he was introduced to the work of Edwin Gray. By 1981, he had developed his own free energy systems based on variable reluctance and pulsed motor designs.

During the 1980’s, he worked off and on with both Bruce DePalma and Eric Dollard. In 1988, he joined the Board of Directors at Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, and served until 1999. During this period he authored more than 20 articles on various alternative topics such as Radionics, Jet-Lag, Lakhovsky’s MWO, and Free Energy.

Currently, Dr. Lindemann is a research associate of Dr. Robert Adams in New Zealand, and Trevor James Constable in the USA. He is also Director of Research for his own company, Clear Tech, Inc.

Saturday Lecture:
Current Worldwide Situation Facing Free Energy

Sunday Demonstration:
Radiant Energy Demonstration & other surprises

3 - Doug Konzen

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Doug Konzen has experimented with various aspects of electronics for several years, including invention of a device he calls a 'JamPhone' which allows the user to input electric guitar or other analog audio directly into telephone lines. He holds an FCC license and has focused his talents building and testing novel motor desgins. For the past 5 years, he has been experimenting with a low-voltage colliding-coil GRAY motor, but also with a permanent magnet version as a hybrid Gray/Adams motor.

These PM motors collect the induced currents (through 'flux bridges') from the rotor coils to provide additional power once the drive current is removed. Many pickup windings are mounted onto the stators of the motors to take advantage of the "push" as well as the backside "pull" of the electro-magnets as they pulse. The motors have, in some tests produced apparent overunity greater than the input current and are now being tested by various researchers.

Saturday Lecture:
History and Background of the Konzen Pulse Motor

Sunday Demonstration:
Konzen Pulse Motor test with measurements

4 - George Wiseman

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PO Box 118
Porthill, Idaho, 83853

George Wiseman is the founder and president of Eagle-Research; a non-profit organization that develops and distributes energy-saving solutions. He is multi-talented and multi-degreed, but singular in his mission: to promote self-sufficiency at the individual level by discovering and sharing the best, all-around, practical solutions.

George attributes his self-reliance, resourcefulness and commitment to our natural environment to his rural roots. His farm-grown, western cowboy philosophy combine well with his inventor persona to create a world-class visionary. He takes the hand-up rather than the hand-out approach to everything.

Since 1984 George has been making his living as an inventor and author. His fuel-savers have gained him a worldwide following of satisfied consumers who eagerly pursue his work for new offerings. George continues to impress his customers, peers and competition with practical innovations that can be successfully home-built. His latest product release, the ER1150 Water Torch, is making great waves in dozens of industries around the globe.

As much as anything, it's his commitment to patent-free technology development that has earned George Wiseman a champion reputation. Openly sharing research findings benefits everyone by constantly elevating the standards of viable energy solutions.

Georgešs work has been featured on radio and in news-paper around North America and at many alternative energy gatherings including the International Tesla Society Symposiums and Exotic Research Conferences.

Saturday Lecture:
Practical Alt Science Research with Browns Gas into

Sunday Demonstration:
Browns Gas demonstrations

5 - Jerry Decker

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PO BOX 570309
Dallas, TX
Telephone/FAX : 214-324-3501

Jerry Decker is an avid alternative science networker, founder and owner of KeelyNet, with a professional electronics background in Technical Support and Machine Maintenance of 22 years. A firm believer that information must be freely shared, particularly free energy and gravity control technologies, he has kept KeelyNet focused since inception as a BBS in 1988. The goal was, is and remains quite simple, to assist, inspire and catalyze working alt science technologies that everyone can duplicate, verify and put into practical use to benefit our world.

Saturday Lecture:
Overview of ZPE & new Nanostructure Arrays

Sunday Demonstration:
none scheduled at this time

6 - Dan Davidson

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Dan A. Davidson
PO Box 1090
Sierra Vista, AZ 85636

Dan Davidson has researched alternative science subjects for many years, an active experimenter, Dan has documented his results in several books. This lecture will describe the basics of the Shape Power discovery by Mr. Davidson, the latest research findings of the resonant frequencies associated with anti-gravity effects related to the pyramid shape.

Also to be discussed will be how arrays of Shape Power devices can be used to multiply the energy effects. A description of the latest Gravity Wheel experiment, first described in Dan Davidson’s book "Shape Power". Discussion of the hyperspatial forcefield that can be created around a pyramid structure which is impervious to all known physical, electromagnetic, and nuclear radiation effects and forces. This forcefield forms the basis for an interstellar space drive with tremendous over unity effects. Extrapolation of these effects is examined to define an experiment which could lead to the development of a hyperspatial interstallar "motor".

Correlations will also be made and discussed with the discoveries of Vicktor Grebennikov, a Russian entomologist, who discovered a number of Shape Power effects associated with biological organisms including levitation and resulting in an anti-gravity craft which he claims to have built and gravitated (flew) around Russia for several years. Also to be discussed will be the basic theory on how Dr. Grebennikov’s gravity platform operated and how descriptions of the device in flight appear to correlate with observed and reported UFO phenomena.

Saturday Lecture:
Shape Power Gravitational Resonance Effects

Sunday Demonstration:
Gravity Wheel detector and Shape Power arrays

7 - Bill Beaty

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William J. Beaty
7540 20th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117
Telephone : 206-789-0775

Bill Beaty runs the Amateur and Weird science websites which are extremely popular. He is an active experimenter, brimming over with new ideas and perspectives, has written volumes on his own insights based on experimentation and discussion with others.

Bill lists his main sports as crackpot physics as well as sitting and thinking. Day job = "Dilbert" (Embedded Software), says he reads far too much, (wondering just how long before brain is totally FULL?!) Trying to do his part to make the world a better place.

Great fan of unusual phenomena & research, Castenada, Seth, dangerous self-honesty, awareness, rapid spiritual growth. Bill is widely recognized for his contributions and promotion of amateur science through his website as well as through his FreeNRG and Vortex discussion lists.

Saturday Lecture:
Alternative Science claims & Phenomena

Sunday Demonstration:
Various Novel Device demonstrations

8 - Jim Cox

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Jim Cox
PO Box 71151
Reno, NV 89570-1151

Jim is the editor and publisher of the AntiGravity News and Space Drive Technology newsletter which reports and networks on research and data in the antigravity fields, and researchs and promotes the experiments that will eventually lead to development of practical antigravity propulsion systems that can be used to alleviate the problems of current transportation systems. AGN publishes a lengthy bi-monthly technical review and newsletter concerning antigravity history, research, data, and results, since July 1997.

Saturday Lecture:
'Secrets of the Dean Drive'

Sunday Demonstration:
small inertial drive engine

9 - Lee Crock

Online article with clear diagram
Patent #6,016,450

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as was seized

Lee Crock
515 West St
Caldwell, OH 43724
Telephone : 740-783-0021

Lee Crock began studying how laying on of hands can be used to heal people of various illnesses. This led to a study of Reiki and the observation that rotation of the hand over the body produces a heating or cooling sensation depending on direction. It is believed this opens or closes the cells to allow excretion and flushing of toxins. A machine was developed, tested and patented which is believed to produce the same effect by using alternating polarities every 15 minutes.

Saturday Lecture:
Description of the Principle and Results

Sunday Demonstration:
Hands on demo and use of the machine

Conference Schedule

Speaker Saturday time Sunday time
Signin 07:00AM - 08:15AM 75
Welcome 08:15AM - 08:30AM 15
Norman Wootan 08:30AM - 09:30AM 60 08:00AM - 09:00AM 60
break 09:30AM - 09:40AM 10 09:00AM - 09:10AM 10
Peter Lindeman 09:40AM - 10:40AM 60 09:10AM - 10:10AM 60
break 10:40AM - 10:50AM 10 10:10AM - 11:00AM (checkout) 50
Doug Konzen 10:50AM - 11:50AM 60 11:00AM - Noon 60
lunch 11:50AM - 01:00PM 70 Noon - 01:00PM 60
George Wiseman 01:00PM - 02:00PM 60 01:00PM - 01:50PM 50
break 02:00PM - 02:10PM 10 01:50PM - 01:55PM 5
Bill Beaty 02:10PM - 02:55PM 45 01:55PM - 02:40PM 45
break 02:55PM - 03:00PM 5 02:40PM - 02:45PM 5
Jerry Decker 03:00PM - 03:45PM 45
break 03:45PM - 03:50PM 5
Dan Davidson 03:50PM - 04:50PM 60 02:45PM - 03:45PM 60
break 04:50PM - 04:55PM 5 03:45PM - 03:50PM 5
Jim Cox 04:55PM - 05:40PM 45 03:50PM - 04:35PM 45
break 05:40PM - 05:45PM 5 04:35PM - 04:40PM 5
Lee Crock 05:45PM - 06:30PM 45 04:40PM - 05:25PM 45
Dinner 06:30PM - 08:00PM 90 05:25PM - ??:??PM (surprise demos) ??
Mixer 08:00PM - ??:?? ??? End of KeelyNet Convergence Conference

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