Sweet VTA, ISNE and miscellany - 06/15/97

Sweet VTA

On the first day of the 1997 ISNE conference in Denver, Moray King, Ken Shoulders, Dan Nightwolf and several of us went to lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant. During the conversation, we got to talking about the Sweet VTA (vacuum triode amplifier) and how the magnets were programmed to contain the 60 hertz signal.

Don Watson had signed an agreement with ZENERGY which fell through although Don left me an email saying he had achieved a 3 Watt production of power. He is now somewhere up around Maryland. Reed and Mike of ZENERGY explained some of the circumstances surrounding this and I'll leave it to them to make it public.

Please understand that Sweet had signed many deals with investors, each being told one part of the Sweet secret, yet none knowing it all. Everyone who was allowed to view or work with Sweet had to sign non-disclosures making them subject to lawsuit if they discussed the topic in public.

Tom Bearden innocently mentioned something about Sweet in a public presentation and was promptly sued for nearly $30,000. So, no names of sources should ever be publicly associated with Sweet, EVEN TODAY. Don Watson did NOT sign any of these non-disclosures.

The point about this comment, a trusted source (no name) had informed me that Sweet used to heat the slab BaFe magnets in a toaster oven to force them to lose their magnetic polarization. While they were still without a magnetic field, they were subjected to the biasing field of the 60 cycle signal.

Moray said that Don Watson told him that the slab BaFe magnets were frozen using liquid nitrogen. In this frozen state, they could be programmed.

I do not understand this in the least since Don never mentioned this freezing technique to me.

In fact, Don said the magnet to be programmed was to be excited between two plates that were charged with at least 20KV (DC or AC). This would cause a 'ringing' in the barium which would last for upwards of 15 minutes.

During that time, the magnet could be subjected to a sharp pulse at roughly 260 degrees of a 60 cps sinewave. He said this was based on his own experiments and seemed to get the best results.

So, it is a known fact that magnet strength can be slightly increased or even restored by freezing magnets, I have done it as has James Hartman.

If you heat a magnet beyond its Curie temperature, it would be susceptible to a biasing influence, if you cool it, the field strength would increase making it less susceptible to any outside 'programming' influences.

About three years ago, I received a letter from a friend and business associate of the Sweet family, requesting that we not promote the Sweet device or otherwise release any information regarding it, despite the fact that we have never had contact with any of the principles.

This was out of respect for the Sweet family to allow them time to attempt to market or otherwise capitalize on the Sweet discoveries since Floyd Sweets recent death.

For that reason, nothing has been publicly posted about the Sweet device on KeelyNet beyond existing files. As far as I've been able to determine, nothing has happened beyond the claimed transfer of the only working Sweet machine to one of the big car companies.

I plan to ask Don about this magnet freezing next time we communicate, he does float around a lot and will no doubt show up again since his parents live in Lancaster, a suburb of Dallas.

Why would I believe Don Watson? Because he showed me two magnets, both 4" X 6" by 1/2" thick. One was 'programmed', the other was not.

Using a piece of magnetic field line viewing plastic to view the unprogrammed magnet, I could clearly see the south pole on one face and the north pole on the other face, separated at the middle of the 1/2" magnet width by the Bloch wall.

However, in the programmed magnet, the south pole did not stop at the midpoint, but wrapped up onto the face of the north pole section, extending inward from the edge by about 1/4". That is where the Bloch wall HAD MOVED.

It was like altering the duty cycle of a square wave, where a normal magnet would be analogous to a North/South relationship of 50:50, the programmed magnet was something like 30:70. Quite amazing!

Additionally, there was a bubble within the top North pole face, looking much like an air bubble in water covered by plastic. And when you put another magnet near this bubble, IT MOVED away, just like pressing on a sheet of plastic to move the captive air bubble.

Don said the programming did not always take, but that you could just do it again, using the same magnet until it did. Also that some magnets were imperfect, having internal fractures not visible without using the magnetic viewing plastic.

The slabs were also sensitive to shock or outside stimulus which would kill the programmed effect and necessitate the magnet being reprogrammed.

Although I've never seen any working models of the Sweet device, this observation of the magnets was the closest I'd come, so Don Watson has my vote of confidence at this point.

Fly Trap

Wes Crosiar once mentioned that you could take a clear plastic bag, fill it with water and hang it up outside. This would repel flies from the area. He said you should put a penny in the bag to get the best results. A lady in our Roundtable group who runs a horse breeding farm did this in her stable last summer and noticed a markedly reduced number of flies in the area.

Strangely enough, while in Egypt at the Temple of Dendera, we rested at a small outdoor cafe and I noticed one of these clear plastic bags, without a penny, hanging outside and there were no flies. I asked some of the locals what it was for and they said it was an old way to get rid of flies!

Even stranger, while Wes and I were talking Saturday night, I noticed an advertisement on the TV for something called RESCUE, which showed a clear plastic bag with a funnel nozzle. The claim was you hang this outside and the flies are attracted to the water where they are trapped and drown.

When the bag is full of flies, you seal it and discard. Wes commented that he had observed that the efficacy of the water bag was dependent on the ambient humidity.

Missed another opportunity for commercialization of weirdness!!!

ISNE 1997 shorts

Stan Meyers was at the conference and I asked him in the hallway if he had driven his water powered auto to the conference. He said no, that was still a couple of years away. Seems like the same response given for the past 10 years or so. Also asked about the spark plug that was being promoted a couple of years ago, which was claimed could be plugged directly into existing motors to allow them to use water. This was also 'still in development.' The plug uses the water arc principle researched by Peter Graneau, Richard Hull and others and I am told a patent on it was issued in 1996 but NOT to Meyers.

The surprise speaker was Dr. William Tiller who gave an amazing presentation on how geometry and mental energies could be used to produce phenomena.

He has a new book 'Science and Human Transformation', available for $24.95 + $5.00 Shipping from PAVIOR Publishing, 2910 Camino Diablo #100, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 or call (510) 295-0786. California residents should also add $2.06 sales tax.

It seemed that most of the conference was based on geometry and how nature uses it to build or create. Dr. Tiller showed some amazing slides of interference patterns created by projecting light through one or more holes which had specific relationships. The images so produced were quite astounding and are included in the aforementioned book.
Joe Newman also gave a workshop that nearly turned into a shouting melee when Mike Fisher of ZENERGY began asking questions about Newmans claims of overunity. Joe got very hot and upset with the questions, prompting several people attending the workshop to ask Mike to hold his questions or comments until after the workshop as he was disrupting the session.

Joe had a Minkota electric trolling motor which he claimed was built based on his stolen technology. He did a demonstration showing how to measure torque to determine efficiency. I thought his most interesting comment was that the number of windings is directly proportional to the efficiency.

Newman claims he told the Navy that if they built electric engines that were not WIDE and short in length, but LONG and narrow in width, extending through the length of the ship, they could run them on very small amounts of energy, yet get the full speeds and torque required to drive a battleship.
Moray King discussed the many correlations with annular rings, the use of toroidal shapes in the production of free energy. These rings can also be created in plasmas. I found his most interesting observation was that nature has a slew rate of about 1% from a perfect match.

Moray noted this with regard to Hoagland/Torun tetrahedral geometry and how many times the energy sites will not be a direct match, but be off by up to 1%.
Dale Pond showed his model of the Keely Dynasphere. The unit was not at a point of operation and some of us were puzzled why Dale would choose such a complex device to try to reproduce.

During Dale's presentation, the smoke detectors in the hotel kept going off, sometimes for up to 5 minutes or more, fully ruining his presentation. It was very strange, wonder who else was speaking at that time? Ya think it was intentional? Makes for a great conspiracy story either way...
I've never seen Tom Bearden looking so good. He was full of energy, drifting in and out of his Cajun patter and blazing away with ideas. In our brief discussion, Tom said he feels that the mistakes in physics have to be corrected before anything can be practically engineered.

I disagreed, being of the opinion that we need one simple prototype, freely shared, to ignite the spark that will bring free energy to reality. So Tom is working diligently to focus attention on the errors so they can be rectified while we still seek the Holy Grail, Hal Puthoffs one watt O/U prototype.
Dan Nightwolf also did a presentation on crop circles, showing several dozens of wildly varying and ever more complex patterns. Is it possible these are some kind of circuit design? There have been claims that ancient technology is presented in many pictographs and hieroglyphs and that is part of the reason I went to Egypt. If you've seen the pictures from Dendera and of the giant vacuum tubes, then you know what I'm getting at.
It is my opinion that the ancient priests used science to effect 'miracles' as a demonstration of the power of the deity being promoted. If military forces tried to coerce the priests to share the information for the purpose of waging war, and the priests refused, only to be killed, where best to record the information?

Books, papyrus and similar archival storage methods are subject to theft, burning, defacement or deterioration by aging. Etching in stone offered a much greater protection (sadly, we saw that most of the temples had been defaced), though the hieroglyphs with special information would best be hidden as found in the crypt under the temple at Dendera. This was only shown to us after we drew a picture of what we were looking for and the temple 'chiefs' discussed it, only then did they take us to the door leading to the crypt.

What else is hidden beneath these temples, possibly known to the locals yet not openly shown to tourists? If I ever go there again, I will make it a point to have someone who can understand what we seek, speaks the language and can request that of the 'chiefs', this way they might come up with new information or material that would help us comprehend some of these ancient technologies. The whole trip cost about $2000 each and you have to add in the bribes and grease to make things happen.

I still don't buy the claims that the immense rocks as used at Dashour and Unas were transported down the Nile by sheer manpower. When our pictures are developed and scanned in, you'll see why. Reduction of the mass gravity makes so much more sense.