New Frontiers Newsletter is Defunct (01/17/97)

Dr. Walter Uphoff and Mary Jo Uphoff have stopped publishing their EVP (electro-voice 'spirit communication') newsletter because of failing health. I recently got a letter from Mary Jo Uphoff clarifying that a file on KeelyNet refers to them as researchers in the field when in fact, they do not do actual research (experiments). I checked out the file and as with other mischief makers who like to stir up things, it does not say they do research. From the file 'EVP1.ASC';

"Two other excellent workers in this field are our friends Walter and Mary Jo Uphoff with the New Frontiers Center. They have an excellent newsletter and travel widely to keep up on the latest research. Walter gave a presentation to the 1988 7th Int'l Psychotronics Association meeting in Georgia in which he showed videos of work done by the Fishbachs of Germany. These showed how they had actually received images on a TV screen from departed entities. In a private conversation with Walter, he graciously showed us a schematic of how the German video system is setup. He kindly gave us a copy of the diagram with German labels which he translated. Walter and Mary Jo Uphoff - New Frontiers Center Fellowship Farm - Rt. 1, - Oregon, WI 53575 (telephone is not provided here for privacy reasons). Ron (not affiliated with KeelyNet for a couple of years now as of 96') recently received a short letter from Mary Jo Uphoff informing us that Walter had taken ill. He was hospitalized at the time of the writing (June 90) and not doing too well. We hope Walter recovers as quickly and fully as possible. Mary Jo continues that the New Frontiers newsletter would be on hold for a short while until Walter gets better. Back issues are available however."

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